Sunday, August 18, 2019

An Intimate Peek Into Two Ttwd Bedrooms

You are about to take a peek into two different ttwd bedrooms. These bedrooms are a continent apart, but so much that happens in these bedrooms is very similar. I think you will find a lot of similarities.

Ttwd is a very private, closed-door activity between two loving people. Laurel and I both fully agree on that. Once that bedroom door closes, the intimacy takes over. Jack had told me I was "micro-managing and he handled my bossiness is a tried and true Hoh way which did include some of the paddle. After it was over, I thought a lot about the atmosphere of a spanking: the environment of our bedroom and what exactly had happened. When the spanking was over, I was very turned on. Yes, my bottom was sore and I was in Jack's arms and the "micro-managing" was over, but my mind was swirling. I thought about the wonderful secret we share and I thought about the atmosphere of our ttwd bedroom. 

Peek inside our bedroom. I am very quiet and calm when I meet Jack at the side of the bed. He is gentle, touching me and soft-spoken. This man loves me and I am never frightened. He undresses me and he is very much in control. There is definite electricity in the air. I am never scared. My tummy flips and flops. I know how this ends and I am full of trust and love of this guy. We continue to talk right there at the side of the bed......... but talk is now quiet and purposeful as he explains why he is unhappy with me. Sometimes he talks holding the paddle.  I look at him with real and honest admiration for taking the lead in our family and for taking care of us. Then talk is over and over I go. This atmosphere is one of love and keeping us on track. It works and it works so well. We can easily start over and do so facing forward........... without any micro-managing. 

I asked my good friend Laurel about the atmosphere of spanking in her bedroom. She sent me her answer that I found so poignant and eloquent I asked her if I might share her response on the blog. She said yes and here is what she wrote. 

I am thinking about our "atmosphere" and I think in one word, it's respect- especially at that time. I look at that guy as I'm between his legs or at the side of the bed with nothing but admiration and appreciation. I may not want what's about to come my way, but in the moment, he's attentive and considerate, thoughtful of me and my need, or our needs, and he delivers. He speaks firmly, but calmly even when he means business. I am grateful, always grateful to him for taking on this responsibility of us. It's a really big one, and maybe that is why it's so hard for some guys. My guy also loves how we are able to move on afterward, the feelings of closure, love and closeness that lets us start again. 

These two peeks are very real and telling. I thank Laurel for sharing and allowing me to post their take of the atmosphere in their home. It really makes me just smile because ttwd is that special secret that is shared behind closed doors and then with a good friend afterward. 


Monday, August 5, 2019

Following Rosie's Snippet Post

These little snippets are happening all day long at our house.

M: I think you just look for things to spank me for.
J: I do not have to look very far.

J: I have a few remedies for that kind of talk.
M: (taking off my bathrobe)
J: Glad you know when to get ready!

M: Jack, are we good now?
J: We will be by bedtime.

J: Mere, you do not have enough backside skin to take care of all this.
M: (round-eyed surprised look! I say nothing)

M: My ankle hurts and I am putting ice on it. 
J: Yesterday it was your knee. 
M: Tomorrow is will be something else. 
J: Let's just put you over the bed and spank all of that hurting out of you right now. 

My sweet ttwd friend wanted in on this sharing too. She is not a blogger, but she is an excellent writer. She and her husband practice ttwd and the two of us are in close contact. So even though she is on vacation, she emailed some of the snippets that have occurred while enjoying time away. Here they are................ while on vacation!

Walking hand in hand........
B: Oh, darn it!
L: What's wrong? 
B: I forgot to pack the paddle. 
L: What! Are you kidding me? 
B: No, I was going to bring everything with us on our getaway. 
L: Huh?!
B: Maybe there is something we can use in the kitchen ....... don't worry.
L: (Worry? I'd be worried if that paddle made the suitcase)

Just as they pulled into the hotel resort.........
B: (comes around and opens the passenger door)
L: Thank you, but I am to wait here.
B: No, you are not: you are coming in with me. 
L: Why....... we are only checking in. 
B: I want your ass within hands' reach. Let's go. 

Looking for a parking place near the restaurant.......
B: Just sit back and relax. 
L: I'm just helping you look for a parking spot. 
B: There is no need to. I've got it under control.
L: I'll just look. 
B: took her hand and squeezed.
L: Be careful. That's my swollen finger. 
B: Is your ass sore as well because it's going to be. 

L: Do you ever look around and wonder if others do what we do?
B: (Laughing at what I said, he puts his book down) No, I do not. 
L: Really? Never?
B: NEVER, should I be looking for red bottoms while poolside? 
L: No, I just wondered. 
B: Your red bottom is the only one I'm interested in, honey, and I think it needs some color soon. 

So it seems that Jack is not the only one who is quick with those ttwd snippets. How about your house? So in the comment section, write your own snippet of the give and take in your ttwd relationship.