Saturday, March 23, 2019

Vacationing With TTWD Friends

A week told in snippets...........

A week with ttwd couple.......... She is not a blogger, but a faithful reader and now a close friend. Just think of that!

Spring vacation  and they arrived first.

They drove with plenty of sightseeing on the way; we flew across the country. 

They picked us up at the airport and we were on our way to the shore.

The guys had worked together to find the perfect place: beach, golf, good restaurants, a little shopping and sightseeing.

What was not programmed was the sexual, sensual energy that surrounded all four of us! You could not see it. You could not hear it. Nothing was said when all four of us were together, but it was there........ in the air. There was a sensual tension, lots of laughing and playing........ no getting around that! We played cards, watched a little tv, explored the area. The mood could not be held in your hand or captured. It was nebulous and hard to describe. I asked Jack if he felt what I felt. He said he did.

I felt the sensual energy when the four of us gathered at meal time, beach time, card playing time when we were together.

We remained very private in our respective bedrooms, but knew what might be going on in the other's room. I found it sensual. 

My friend and I walked the beach and sat on our veranda. Our talks centered on ttwd as always. The four of us set alarms to catch the sunrise. We enjoyed a carriage ride through the historic district and had wonderful drinks atop one of the restaurants. We enjoyed delicious meals at well-known restaurants and loved the warm weather that went where ever we did.

The week went way too fast and we bemoaned at how much we had looked forward to this week only to have the time slip by far too easily. 

That vague sensual feeling never left me. There was an undercurrent, a hum just below the surface. My sweet friend said she did feel that same feeling too. At the end of the week, we headed for the airport and they began the long drive home. 

Have I captured what we both felt? I think it is one of those times that being there was necessary. Words do not seem to do it here. However, that undercurrent was real and definitely there all week humming its mood setting tone. 



  1. This is perfect Meredith. It was a wonderful week of many times to treasure and we were thrilled to be able to share it with you.
    The energy you write about was very much alive and well, being us with you and Jack always proves to be enlightening, not to mention very fun. Knowing that we share this wonderful little secret and all that it offers, and not having to worry about ‘watching things’ makes our time together very special.
    There was definitely ‘something in the air’ during this time, and I think a couple of times we even heard it from the bedroom! Might have had something to do with all that fresh sea air! Lol!
    Thank you for being you, and for writing this wonderful piece. Xoxoxox

  2. Wow Meredith, sounds like there was a wonderful connection between the four of you. No doubt driven by knowing each other's 'secret' and being able to truly be yourselves. I'm glad you had such a wonderful vacation together :)


  3. Meredith,
    Well look at you two sweet, sexy couples! What a real special piece of writing you have shared here made extra special because it was with your very close TTWD friends. Sounds like a wonderful week! Hugs, Windy

  4. Wow!, Meredith ... a special time for two special couples ... to be able to freely be yourselves and not have to watch what you say or what you do. I can well imagine how the hum in the air was hard to put in words … one of those ‘you had to be there’ experiences. Thanks for sharing! ... nj ... xx

  5. I liked what Laurel said in her comment about "having a secret." That is so true. Even when Sam and I are with friends or family, it is our secret that makes us both smile and touch each other lovingly. People do notice that sort of connection.

    Glad you had a good time.


  6. Awe wow Meredith! That sounds like so much fun. I love how you decribed it -- just below the surface. I've not yet met a ttwwd friend in real life -- one day maybe. So glad you had a chance to enjoy the time. TTWD friends and the beach...what's not to love?!?! :)

  7. Sounds like a lovely time and how nice to be able to chat openly. Here's to many more ttwd couple time!

  8. How fun. I think I get what you are saying about the sensual energy.

  9. I'm so envious of these trips and times you get with others of like mind. Eric is extremely clear that until we stop working, I can't meet anyone. That day will come and then I'm giving you a holler.... MEREDITH!!!! I wanna have fun too! :)