Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Oh, The Life Of A Ttwd Wife

Mattresses can and do get old, coils spring and they just simply wear out. Our mattress had been purchased when we lived on the other side of the country. It had successfully survived a cross-country move in a moving van and we thought we were all set. We have had this mattress since taking our early retirement. All good! This was the mattress on which we began ttwd. We are sentimental. However, we have each complained about feeling something sticking up into our sides when we are in bed............ like coils springing and decided sleep, our sleep, was just too important to not replace the mattress. 

So it was off to the mattress showroom. We tested by "napping" on many mattresses and Jack was getting somewhat frisky. He pulled me close whispering that he wanted to test a couple of these mattresses. He wanted me to bend over several that he was eyeing. I laughed and told him no way. I was not bending over any of the showroom beds. And I said he needed to think about sleep and firmness and he responded that beds were made for lots of other things as well as he whispered in my ear. Finally, we chose a mattress. We learned that our new bed would be delivered in two days. We liked hearing that and walked hand and hand to the car. 

On the way home, Jack talked about this old mattress of ours. We used this mattress when we were in that horrible brother/sister time. We brought that mattress home from the east coast and then discovered ttwd. Our marriage changed big time and sweet fireworks happened on that bed. The first spanking happened right there when Jack took me to the side of the bed, bared me and spanked. Since then, we continue to use that mattress for sleep and lovemaking........ and spanking. 

So Jack said we will say goodbye to this mattress in the way a good ttwd couple does............ with a spanking for sure. And when the new mattress arrives, we will christen the new mattress in the best way a ttwd couple can.............. with a spanking! Jack is so excited and I am thinking let's make this out with the old and in with the new quickly.  

Wish me luck as the old mattress leaves and the "spanking new" one arrives. Sweet dreams! 



  1. LoL Meredith, I can just picture the two of you in the store. I wonder what the reaction would have been if you had tested the beds lol.

    I love the in with the new/out with the old spankings :) so many memories associated with a bed.


  2. Lol! Oh gosh, how fun! I hope you enjoy your "spanking" new mattress!


  3. We're nearly there with you. A new Mattress is a must here soon. And all the first you mentioned goes for ours too. I hope your new purchase is everything you dream of.

  4. Nothing like a brand spanking new mattress to ring in the new year! Good for you both- the mattress and the play! If only a mattress could talk. Oh the tales it could tell! Enjoy the spanky fun, and the comfy sleep too! Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

  5. LOL!! Oh Meredith - this literally made me laugh out loud. I'm picturing a couple going from mattress to mattress -- He points, you bend, one smack and then you move on - critiquing it's comfort and height! :) :) :)

    Hilarious! Needed that laugh today - thanks!

  6. Meredith,
    Imagine the run down motel that will eventually inherit your old mattress. The guests in the room will claim there are ghosts because when they lie down on the bed, it whispers things like "Bend over, Meredith," and "Look at my pretty new panties, Jack!"
    Such stories will become known as the Sisterhood of the Traveling Mattress, but only those here in blog land will ever know what it is all truly about. As the True Sisterhood of TTWD, we will all take the secret to our graves!

    Loved hearing of your funny, flirty, mattress shopping day with Jack! Fun post! Hugs, Windy

  7. Mere,
    The comments on this post are almost as good as your story! Silly and sentimental. Who could ask for more? I was thinking of a new mattress perhaps next year. They say every 8 years is about right. We will be careful shoppers.

    I hope you read the tags carefully as you shopped. Do memory form mattresses really have a memory? There also might have been a Spank Rating number somewhere. Enjoy your new one, and we will wait to hear about the first spanking.

    Hugs From Ella

  8. Sounds like fun! We want details of course. :)


  9. This is funny! I can see the two of you in the store testing them out one by one.
    As they say - change is good, and there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll have this new mattress worked in in no time! Enjoy making those new memories! :)

  10. Harry and I need a new mattress too. I hope we have as much fun choosing as you did. I’m late here, so I imagine you’ve already spanked out the old and spanked in the new...
    Rosie xx

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