Wednesday, January 16, 2019

After All This Time...... I Still Do It!

So there we were last night getting ready for bed. The new mattress is way too hard and we are going back to the showroom to choose again. Jack was most insistent that I sleep another night on the new mattress. I agreed, but, honestly, it seems like was are sleeping on the floor. Hard as a brick! So I am already in bed, the duvet keeping
me warm and Jack is brushing his teeth at the sink closest to the bathroom door. 

For some unknown reason, I begin to give my husband a thousand and one instructions and directions and reminders and ....... From the bathroom where he is brushing his teeth, he turns to stare at me. His mouth is all foamy with toothpaste making communicating with me impossible. His eyes are staring in disbelief at my stream of consciousness that I keep going ....... telling him things to do, critiquing things, giving my opinion........ a steady stream of talk coming from me under the covers.  I reached up turning off the light. Now facing Jack's side of the bed, I waited for him to join me under the covers. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder as my toasty duvet was pulled right off my body. He took my hand saying he would help me off this high bed. He didn't need to say where we were going. I knew where I was going! 

Around to his side of the bed, he swiftly put me over and bared me.  He spanked as he addressed my bossiness and instruction-giving, my unwanted opinions on matters that were his, and my butting into things that were his to decide. He spanked and I yelped. His hand is as hard at the new mattress and the duration seemed like the continuation of a mattress warranty.  Eventually, the spanking was over and the rubbing began. He tucked me in and climbed in next to me. He said that I do well at remembering my role and then I stumble big time. What had happened? I answered that I have no idea. Old habits are always right below the surface and occasionally things bubble up. Jack is holding me now saying that old habits are going to be painful for your backside. It might be best to think things through. As I snuggled into him, I agreed with all my heart and my sore backside. 

How do you stop those old habits from coming back? I thought I had this down. The only thing down are my lacy panties. 



  1. Ah Meredith!

    Is it awful to say thank you for telling us of that stumble? It makes me feel better knowing that you stumbled. It makes me feel like I will make it through my struggle for submission (which has been MIA the last couple of days).

    Thank you

  2. I have more bad habits than you can shake a stick at, but this isn't one of them. I don't have the desire or the energy to straighten out the world. I'm very content to let it pass on by with Nick doing whatever is needed. It's almost like my days of directing, instructing and demanding stopped when the kids were out on their own. (Well, I still do a bit with Mollie) I guess I just never got started with Nick. I have to say this way of living is very relaxing. But it may also be why I don't get spanked too often.

  3. Meredith,
    Five names went through my head until I finally remembered whose blog I was on and that I wasn't emailing anyone! Gah!

    I love the way you wrote this post. I smiled all the way through, even the spanking part (sorry!). Misery loves company because I have already been spanked today and I haven't been awake for very long in the first place! Many of my bad habits are still very active, so Storm is still in "break that habit" mode, which is why I have a sore butt as I sit here and type.

    You swim in dangerous waters when you are already IN BED for the night and your mouth is still yapping at Jack. I love his tap on your shoulder and I am laughing at what must have gone through your mind at that very second. This is my new favorite post of yours! Hugs, Windy

  4. I don't think we really change, I think we just tamp things down to suit. The problem is they just keep bubbling up because as the old saying goes "a leopard doesn't change his spots.

  5. Oh Mere ... I was LOL at the picture you painted ... Jack unable to speak and you just motoring on. I think old habits are the reason we're in this life to start with. If they disappeared life would boring. Let there be Peace in the Valley ... until the next new bed arrives ... wink, wink .... nj ... xx

  6. I wish I knew what worked. It seems like every once in a great while, the old habits appear. Luckily the consequences are swift and there is no more anger. You and Jack are a good example.

  7. What happens here is I talk my way through solving things while Eric thinks through things in his head. As a result, he thinks I'm all over the board - spouting out idea after idea and sending him running in a thousand directions while I figure out what I really want. He, on the other hand, comes off as uninterested because he says nothing until he's got the one answer we need and then, it's perfect. So, what we are both learning is, "Amy, shut off the girl brain!" which seems to be appropriate in either situation. When I'm spouting, it makes me stop. When I'm questioning his silence, it makes me stop. Too bad that's all I get these days. Would much rather a trip over his knee!

  8. That must have been one long spanking if you’re comparing it to a mattress warranty! Lol! Too funny!
    I have no idea how to keep these old habits at bay, they still pop up here as well and usually end in the same way. Please let me know when you figure it out. :)

  9. Ah, those old habits do seem to come back to bite us on the bum from time to time...literally lol. I wish I knew the answer.


  10. Mere, perhaps the answer to your question truly is;


    Be sure to let us know.


  11. I know all about those bad habits! And two nights ago, I was lead from warm covers to a side of the bed, too! You're singing my song. ~ Jennifer

  12. Oh it happens to all of us! My bad habits shock me out of nowhere, especially if we've had a steady stretch of good habits.

  13. We might change our ways but we can’t change who we are - and would we really want to? We want our guys to lead but, sometimes, the bossiness comes out and we pay the price, that’s how it goes. I don’t think we should feel bad about that. Harry, for one, doesn’t want a Stepford wife.
    Rosie xx

  14. we all have habits...I know I do...two steps forward one step back in an endless cycle of growing... :-) Hugs

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  16. There's no hope for me then. Just saying. Hugs.