Friday, January 25, 2019

Way Too Difficult!

I am finding life outside my safe, secure home just too darn hard right now. So I asked sweet Jack to just send me some photos that he knows will make me smile. The internet is a great place for news, blogs and all, but it can also rile you up to a point of frustration and .................? Fill in the blank as you wish. The convergence of so many things is a long time coming, but nonetheless, difficult.

Jack did make me smile and I hope in these hard days we endure, these will make you smile as well. After all, it is Elephant Friday.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

After All This Time...... I Still Do It!

So there we were last night getting ready for bed. The new mattress is way too hard and we are going back to the showroom to choose again. Jack was most insistent that I sleep another night on the new mattress. I agreed, but, honestly, it seems like was are sleeping on the floor. Hard as a brick! So I am already in bed, the duvet keeping
me warm and Jack is brushing his teeth at the sink closest to the bathroom door. 

For some unknown reason, I begin to give my husband a thousand and one instructions and directions and reminders and ....... From the bathroom where he is brushing his teeth, he turns to stare at me. His mouth is all foamy with toothpaste making communicating with me impossible. His eyes are staring in disbelief at my stream of consciousness that I keep going ....... telling him things to do, critiquing things, giving my opinion........ a steady stream of talk coming from me under the covers.  I reached up turning off the light. Now facing Jack's side of the bed, I waited for him to join me under the covers. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder as my toasty duvet was pulled right off my body. He took my hand saying he would help me off this high bed. He didn't need to say where we were going. I knew where I was going! 

Around to his side of the bed, he swiftly put me over and bared me.  He spanked as he addressed my bossiness and instruction-giving, my unwanted opinions on matters that were his, and my butting into things that were his to decide. He spanked and I yelped. His hand is as hard at the new mattress and the duration seemed like the continuation of a mattress warranty.  Eventually, the spanking was over and the rubbing began. He tucked me in and climbed in next to me. He said that I do well at remembering my role and then I stumble big time. What had happened? I answered that I have no idea. Old habits are always right below the surface and occasionally things bubble up. Jack is holding me now saying that old habits are going to be painful for your backside. It might be best to think things through. As I snuggled into him, I agreed with all my heart and my sore backside. 

How do you stop those old habits from coming back? I thought I had this down. The only thing down are my lacy panties. 


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Oh, The Life Of A Ttwd Wife

Mattresses can and do get old, coils spring and they just simply wear out. Our mattress had been purchased when we lived on the other side of the country. It had successfully survived a cross-country move in a moving van and we thought we were all set. We have had this mattress since taking our early retirement. All good! This was the mattress on which we began ttwd. We are sentimental. However, we have each complained about feeling something sticking up into our sides when we are in bed............ like coils springing and decided sleep, our sleep, was just too important to not replace the mattress. 

So it was off to the mattress showroom. We tested by "napping" on many mattresses and Jack was getting somewhat frisky. He pulled me close whispering that he wanted to test a couple of these mattresses. He wanted me to bend over several that he was eyeing. I laughed and told him no way. I was not bending over any of the showroom beds. And I said he needed to think about sleep and firmness and he responded that beds were made for lots of other things as well as he whispered in my ear. Finally, we chose a mattress. We learned that our new bed would be delivered in two days. We liked hearing that and walked hand and hand to the car. 

On the way home, Jack talked about this old mattress of ours. We used this mattress when we were in that horrible brother/sister time. We brought that mattress home from the east coast and then discovered ttwd. Our marriage changed big time and sweet fireworks happened on that bed. The first spanking happened right there when Jack took me to the side of the bed, bared me and spanked. Since then, we continue to use that mattress for sleep and lovemaking........ and spanking. 

So Jack said we will say goodbye to this mattress in the way a good ttwd couple does............ with a spanking for sure. And when the new mattress arrives, we will christen the new mattress in the best way a ttwd couple can.............. with a spanking! Jack is so excited and I am thinking let's make this out with the old and in with the new quickly.  

Wish me luck as the old mattress leaves and the "spanking new" one arrives. Sweet dreams! 


Friday, January 4, 2019

This Wedding Cake Topper

Love is in the air for sure. Big anniversaries of the zero-behind-the first-number-kind and weddings of the young or young at heart abound. This will be a big year for many. So imagine my delight when Jack comes across this wonderful little cake topper photo. 

Would you have put this cake topper on your wedding cake? I know you will smile when you see the photo below. I am still smiling. 


This is from the blog archive........ I love this photo too.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Introducing A Brand New Blogger..............

Exciting.......... no other word for it. During our LOL Days, one person stepped up writing to me. Our emails went back and forth. I gently suggested that she begin her own blog. She and her husband have practiced ttwd for several years and she is ready to share her story. I must say that it did take some convincing. I told her that she would find ttwd women like herself, but she needed to first step into our blog circle. 

Shell and I have been writing since early November. I love the way it takes some people longer to decide that blogging might help in so many ways. Ttwd friendships sprout and are nurtured growing into life-long relationships. 

I know Shell will want to meet all of you. I know you will like her as much as I do. Please stop by and get acquainted. She is so welcoming and interested. Her blog is titled My Heart, His Hand and here is her first post up and ready for you to enjoy. Add this blog to your reading list. Just follow this link and do say hello.