Saturday, September 7, 2019

New Twist Under The Microscope

If you have read this blog from the beginning, you deserve a medal of honor and I thank you. If you want to know how and why I began blogging, you can read for yourself the reasons in those early posts. 

I do love science. In fact, I met Jack in the science lab in high school. The mysteries of science are so darn interesting. One day, and perhaps soon, the cure for cancer will be discovered once and for all. In a round-about way, ttwd is a scientific breakthrough. After years of playing tug-of-war for control in our marriage, ttwd "scientifically" solved the leadership question, the sexual renewal atmosphere and the happiness quotient in a long marriage. How about that for science! A spanking after giving consent is scientific proof of what happens when behavior is stopped and a new atmosphere is established.  Who needs a laboratory when a Hoh has the side of the bed and a paddle! 

I thought of this blog analysis over the summer when my new interests took me in different directions.  My happiness quotient continued to soar. Our sexual renewal was an active part of our lives and the ability to lean in and follow was now the way we lived. The glitches were taken care of by a loving, attentive husband and my happiness and contentedness were constant in my life. I put all this squarely on ttwd and the way we viewed all of it. 

So I then began thinking about the things I have learned right here. The reasons I began blogging, the wonderful friends I have made, and going from nervous new blogger to guiding others into blogland. I thought about the people who are faithful to commenting, both the readers and bloggers. I thought about the people who email "behind the blog". Never in my wildest dreams did I ever consider that I would vacation with bloggers and ttwd friends, visit their homes and welcome them into mine. I learned that it is women of a certain age that search for the same things I do. Sexual renewal with the same guy I walked down the aisle with and the friction undercurrent felt in our marriage before ttwd were front and center. I wanted what I felt was gone. I wanted that just married chemistry. We did find it with Jack leading and me over the bed!

My blog began with a simple goal of finding other women just like me. We certainly could do ttwd without blogging. However, blogging put me in communication with other women.  My personal goal was to rekindle what Jack and I had as young married people, AND this is a big one, I wanted lasting, close friendships made right here in blogland. I wanted those friends to turn into real-life experiences and be lasting. A tall order to be sure! I began thinking that meeting and loving other women just like me was pie in the sky. Wishful thinking to be sure!

The first thing I did to make those goals become true was to encourage women interested in ttwd to write to me behind the blog. Guess what happened? Lots of readers did just that and I have the stories to prove it. 

Once a blogger told me that comments to a post are the lifeblood of a blogger. I have received wonderful, heartfelt comments and emails. Some were very bold, audacious. Some people writing forgot how very important good manners are as they demanded to know things that were not their concern. I will keep those names to myself. I thought I would share a few of the things that have happened. Readers wrote emails and that was wonderful except for the few who were demanding, rude and disrespectful.

     * One sweet reader is a Facebook friend, too and she posted on FB that her community experienced horrible flooding. The teachers in her flooded area needed help. I sent out the word to fellow bloggers and readers asking for donations for teachers needing school supplies. We raised money and we were glad we could help. 

    * There were many who wrote to me and then simply vanished. There were bloggers I introduced and then they left with a brief word to me or no word at all. Blogging requires fresh ideas. You need to have something to say. You need to develop trust in those who read your blog. Security is essential. 
    *  I worry to this day about the safety of one blogger and still do. She does not blog anymore, but I think about her safety. So I have kept her as a FB friend. I worry.

    *  I had lunch with a reader and her husband. She was bossy and demanding of what was to be ordered and I kept my eyes lowered as she instructed her husband what to order. She was the Hoh in every sense of the word and completely unaware of what she was doing. He was a nice man, but I had no problem telling who was in charge.

   *  Google plus scared me to death. It was a chat room of sorts. Men kept joining and I was spooked. Jack said to get out of Google plus or take the blog down. Good-bye, Google plus. Now we have bloggers advertising for doms, for heaven's sake! What a dangerous thing to do!

   *  With many emailing to me, I began a rule that I have used for a long time. After five email exchanges, the emailer needed to send a photo of herself and her husband or there is no more email. I sent a photo of Jack and me. He is dressed in his dress blue uniform. Only one emailer refused and threw a hissy fit before vanishing. We had exchanged way more than five emails. One needs to be cautionary when online and I was. One reader sent me her photo after we had exchanged emails, but refused to tell her first name. She left long ago. Finding doms online is the new trend. How very dangerous is that! Good grief! 

   *  You might have noticed that I have no blogroll. I did for a while, but my blog was hacked big time. The gamers on the other side of the world added their name/site to my blogroll. To do that, they had to be all the way into the blog. A real behind-the-blog-moment and I could not fix it. I simply took down the whole blogroll and continued once I had changed my password. 

   *  Just a couple of times I have used my blog as a platform for social and political incidents and situations that caused me to say something. I remember well Cat's words early on that my blog belongs to me. So I have used the blog a few times in that way and it was the right thing to do. Remaining silent is all about being complicit. 

   * I had been blogging a little over a year when all hell broke loose.  Two bloggers exposed Red Booty Woman who claimed to be a wife and mother of seven. She was neither. Blondie's blog served as our platform as all bloggers weighed in on the deceit and dishonesty of a blogger we had all trusted. 

   * Then a husband and wife team were exposed for the way in which they used blogland as a way to make money leaving many stunned. They cultivated sympathy for health problems. Not sure those health problems were even real. They sponsored meet-ups of ttwd couples around the world which required a big fee on your credit card for the access and meeting time. Once the credit card was given, the actual place of the meetup was shared. It was one of those times to stand way, way back. I think a lot of money changed hands and they made a tidy profit. Unsure of the fallout here as they simply disappeared and fast probably taking their money with them. 

   *  I speak on the phone with blogger friends often. We help and support one another and it always feels good. 

   *  I almost forgot. One reader told me that she thought I was a good writer. She asked if I would please teach her how to write so she could become a blogger too. Really!!


New Twist by the numbers:

The number of published posts: 518

The number of drafts:  79 (!)

Total page views: approaching 469,000+

The number of mentors at the beginning: 2

The number of bloggers launched: 11

The number of those bloggers still active: 5

The number of guest bloggers on this blog: 2

The number of Beach Sister vacations: 3

The number of ttwd couples visiting our home for extended 
stays: 5

Number of bloggers/readers who have become good friends: 7

The bloggers I would most like to meet: Stormy and Minelle and her Scotsman. I probably will never meet Stormy, but I will meet Minelle and her Scotsman one day! Ami, Jan and Ronnie are right there on my list too.

My blogging days are less frequent now as I have many other things going. Some of those interests are new and some are favorites. I am so pleased that I have achieved my goals here in blogland. 

So how about that pie in the sky? I do have that pie in the sky. She found my blog in 2015 and wrote to me behind the blog as Jack and I were leaving on a big adventure. I asked her to trust me. I would be away for almost three weeks, but when I returned, I would write. We have never looked back since. She is not a blogger as she is one very busy lady. We email one another often. Sometimes the emails are long and sometimes not. She and her husband practice ttwd the same way we do. How about that? We have been in one another homes and have vacationed together. 

So I am ending with some advice: If you are a reader of ttwd blogs, write to the blogger and get to know her. Exchange stories, ask questions and perhaps, you will develop a ttwd friendship that is so satisfying and true. Just saying...........

We do not do ttwd......... we are ttwd! When we began, I kept waiting for ttwd to start not realizing that such a big change would take time as we each grew into our roles. We have lived through an amazing marriage evolution for sure. 

And just so you know, spanking is happening here at our house and we are happy. Ttwd is front and center here and will remain so. 


Thursday, September 5, 2019

Rosie and Harry Come To Visit

Everything is ready. Lemon cake and the tart, lemon sauce are made. The bed linens are crisp and lightly scented. The pantry and fridge are bulging with good things to eat. Everything is polished and in order. Tomorrow Rosie and her Harry arrive and the fun begins. We have things to show and stories to tell, but Rosie and I just really want to sit in the garden and talk, talk, talk. 


We are now approaching the final days of Harry and Rosie's visit. Oh, what a good time we have had. The weather remains gorgeous and now much cooler. We have taken them to see the sites of our neck of the woods and their response is always enthusiastic. Good car conversations, lots of laughing and enjoying of Rosie's fun gift to delicious jelly baby candies. 

Because Rosie and I are Beach Sisters, we do know one another well. We have eaten breakfast together many times. However, I did learn something new. This girl loves bacon, crisp bacon. Jack always cooks center cut bacon and Rosie is pleased when he places the bacon right next to her plate. Even from our Beach Sister days, I never knew her fondness for crisp bacon! 


Sunday, August 18, 2019

An Intimate Peek Into Two Ttwd Bedrooms

You are about to take a peek into two different ttwd bedrooms. These bedrooms are a continent apart, but so much that happens in these bedrooms is very similar. I think you will find a lot of similarities.

Ttwd is a very private, closed-door activity between two loving people. Laurel and I both fully agree on that. Once that bedroom door closes, the intimacy takes over. Jack had told me I was "micro-managing and he handled my bossiness is a tried and true Hoh way which did include some of the paddle. After it was over, I thought a lot about the atmosphere of a spanking: the environment of our bedroom and what exactly had happened. When the spanking was over, I was very turned on. Yes, my bottom was sore and I was in Jack's arms and the "micro-managing" was over, but my mind was swirling. I thought about the wonderful secret we share and I thought about the atmosphere of our ttwd bedroom. 

Peek inside our bedroom. I am very quiet and calm when I meet Jack at the side of the bed. He is gentle, touching me and soft-spoken. This man loves me and I am never frightened. He undresses me and he is very much in control. There is definite electricity in the air. I am never scared. My tummy flips and flops. I know how this ends and I am full of trust and love of this guy. We continue to talk right there at the side of the bed......... but talk is now quiet and purposeful as he explains why he is unhappy with me. Sometimes he talks holding the paddle.  I look at him with real and honest admiration for taking the lead in our family and for taking care of us. Then talk is over and over I go. This atmosphere is one of love and keeping us on track. It works and it works so well. We can easily start over and do so facing forward........... without any micro-managing. 

I asked my good friend Laurel about the atmosphere of spanking in her bedroom. She sent me her answer that I found so poignant and eloquent I asked her if I might share her response on the blog. She said yes and here is what she wrote. 

I am thinking about our "atmosphere" and I think in one word, it's respect- especially at that time. I look at that guy as I'm between his legs or at the side of the bed with nothing but admiration and appreciation. I may not want what's about to come my way, but in the moment, he's attentive and considerate, thoughtful of me and my need, or our needs, and he delivers. He speaks firmly, but calmly even when he means business. I am grateful, always grateful to him for taking on this responsibility of us. It's a really big one, and maybe that is why it's so hard for some guys. My guy also loves how we are able to move on afterward, the feelings of closure, love and closeness that lets us start again. 

These two peeks are very real and telling. I thank Laurel for sharing and allowing me to post their take of the atmosphere in their home. It really makes me just smile because ttwd is that special secret that is shared behind closed doors and then with a good friend afterward. 


Monday, August 5, 2019

Following Rosie's Snippet Post

These little snippets are happening all day long at our house.

M: I think you just look for things to spank me for.
J: I do not have to look very far.

J: I have a few remedies for that kind of talk.
M: (taking off my bathrobe)
J: Glad you know when to get ready!

M: Jack, are we good now?
J: We will be by bedtime.

J: Mere, you do not have enough backside skin to take care of all this.
M: (round-eyed surprised look! I say nothing)

M: My ankle hurts and I am putting ice on it. 
J: Yesterday it was your knee. 
M: Tomorrow is will be something else. 
J: Let's just put you over the bed and spank all of that hurting out of you right now. 

My sweet ttwd friend wanted in on this sharing too. She is not a blogger, but she is an excellent writer. She and her husband practice ttwd and the two of us are in close contact. So even though she is on vacation, she emailed some of the snippets that have occurred while enjoying time away. Here they are................ while on vacation!

Walking hand in hand........
B: Oh, darn it!
L: What's wrong? 
B: I forgot to pack the paddle. 
L: What! Are you kidding me? 
B: No, I was going to bring everything with us on our getaway. 
L: Huh?!
B: Maybe there is something we can use in the kitchen ....... don't worry.
L: (Worry? I'd be worried if that paddle made the suitcase)

Just as they pulled into the hotel resort.........
B: (comes around and opens the passenger door)
L: Thank you, but I am to wait here.
B: No, you are not: you are coming in with me. 
L: Why....... we are only checking in. 
B: I want your ass within hands' reach. Let's go. 

Looking for a parking place near the restaurant.......
B: Just sit back and relax. 
L: I'm just helping you look for a parking spot. 
B: There is no need to. I've got it under control.
L: I'll just look. 
B: took her hand and squeezed.
L: Be careful. That's my swollen finger. 
B: Is your ass sore as well because it's going to be. 

L: Do you ever look around and wonder if others do what we do?
B: (Laughing at what I said, he puts his book down) No, I do not. 
L: Really? Never?
B: NEVER, should I be looking for red bottoms while poolside? 
L: No, I just wondered. 
B: Your red bottom is the only one I'm interested in, honey, and I think it needs some color soon. 

So it seems that Jack is not the only one who is quick with those ttwd snippets. How about your house? So in the comment section, write your own snippet of the give and take in your ttwd relationship. 


Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Song Remembers When

True confession time and why not! When we took early retirement, Jack gifted me with the car of my dreams. After a lifetime of driving the tried and true cars, I chose a beautiful blue hardtop convertible and just love driving on top-down days. Yesterday was a top-down day. Well, most summer days are! When friends come to visit, we enjoy that car and our talks away from the men!

I was returning from seeing an elderly friend cheering her up with fresh strawberries, angel food cake and a little whipped cream. We chatted just a little while. Then I was on my way home.

The sun was out and the temperature was about 80 degrees with a gentle breeze and, of course, the music was playing. Easy drive, no traffic and I was humming right along. Then the music on the radio stopped me cold as I drove home. I was listening to an oldie playlist and the song coming from the radio was a "just married" song of ours and I was in heaven. Driving in the sunshine, temp so easy and the breeze through my hair, I felt like a young woman in my head. I thought of my Jack and my tummy did a big flip flop just the way it used to in those falling in love days. 

Every since I was 17, and knew this was my guy, I wait for these moments that bring that feeling right back.......... it is the song on the radio, through the fancy speakers in the car. The song remembers when. So you know that Trisha Yearwood song? One of the lines in the song is "it was like a lighted match had been tossed into my soul". Exactly! Precisely! My Jack turns me on and he knows exactly how to do it. It always keeps me coming back for more and I was all of a sudden really looking forward to getting home to my guy. 

When I got home and we were preparing dinner, I asked him if he had those moments...... the song remembers when and we are once again in those early years. His answer was to take me in his arms and dance me around the kitchen and then to give me a sensual good girl right there as dinner simmered on the stove. 

 I put full responsibility on ttwd which gives us the framework to return to the way of those just married people we once were. 

Do you remember back to when you fell in love hearing the song remembers when? Does the music take you back? Music is such a strong language. Tell us! 


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Cheeky, Saucy Or Sassy?

Those big thick reference books simply cannot solve this situation. We had a situation here and Jack gave a tutorial right there at the side of the bed spanking away. He thought it very important to discuss three important words ....... cheeky, saucy, and sassy! He wanted to clarify and review those definitions while his sweet wife was right there over the bed. No, I did not take notes during that spanking, but the minute is was possible, I was up rubbing with one hand and writing with the other exactly the finer points of Jack's discussion. Now that is a most interesting chain of events as well as a funny visual picturing all of that. 

Jack explained his definitions of those three words and the consequences of each as well. Meanwhile, the spanking kept going.   First up along with my bottom was the word cheeky.  Jack defined this word as unasked for comments, unnecessary comments that come from his wife. I have no idea the definition in the dictionary or the thesaurus. I was only concerned with Jack's point of view at the moment. Saucy was the next word up for discussion as the spanking continued. His definition was sexy as in he liked it and thought it worked well for us. Wow......... so I needed to remember that definition. However, we were right at the heart of the spanking. now. The definition of sassy was front and center. Sassy is hands-on-hips, finger-pointing, talking above a conversational tone, big time attitude and rudeness.   My husband says that sassy means a spanking, no if and or buts, except mine. 

There you have Jack's definitions.  

Please share your definitions or you can interview your Hoh and share your answers. 


Thursday, July 4, 2019

Soundtrack of Our Lives

We used to go to movies all the time. We loved the movies. Good and Plenty candy mixed in with our popcorn and we were all set to hold hands and watch the big screen. However, movies began to change and we did too. We go to less and less movies each year, but are faithful subscribers to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Acorn TV. 

Then we heard about the movie Yesterday. I will not spoil the movie, but this film literally plays the soundtrack of our lives and it is a cute, sweet story. No one dies. In fact, you might see someone from the dead right there on the screen. 

What is best about the movie is listening to one great Beatle song right after another during the whole movie. It is a hand holding movie if ever there was one. Grab your sweetie and go. 


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Erma Bombeck and The Fourth

Are you gathering with friends and family to celebrate our nation's birthday? We are home this Fourth and Jack will serve his delicious ribs to those who gather at our table. The grandkids do not arrive until August so we will enjoy an adult evening. 

I am a very knowledgeable person concerning our country's history.  I know our Founding Fathers would agree with Erma Bombeck. She was a funny columnist,  and although she has passed away, her thoughts on Independence Day are most poignant and true. 

“You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.”

― Erma Bombeck

We are a military veteran family and agree with the attitude of the Founding Fathers who believed that Independence Day was for celebrating America and enjoying food, family and fireworks........... not showing off our might and muscle. The strong and mighty do not need to show off especially at this time of border crisis. 

Happy Independence Day! 

Jack and Meredith 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sweet Windy and Amazing Storm

That is some title for this post! We have had a wonderful time with
Windy and Storm. A week is just not long enough. Windy and I had plenty of time to talk ttwd not to mention chatting about a thousand other things. Jack and Storm were instant friends and they golfed away three afternoons. 

I will not steal Windy's thunder as she wants to share their visit here with you. I will say that we did hear unusual thunder during their visit and I just thought how very appropriate. 

I found Windy to be just as I predicted: funny, sweet, caring. We already were good blog friends and now we became true friends. I always find it wonderful when ttwd friends meet and right away share a level of intimacy. I love when new friends from blogland share their meeting experiences online.  You can see us as real people. She talked about her fishing and eyed local rivers for fishing inspiration. She enjoyed our local beaches and walked one of my morning exercise routes. She loves her baseball caps and purchased a bright yellow one as a visit souvenir. 

I have met many Hohs who join their wives. Each couple is unique and inspirational. Windy and Storm came into our home for a week's stay with great ease and comfort. I love Windy. I also love Storm. They are a sweet couple, easy and relaxed. I could write a great deal about Windy, but I have promised that she would do a lot of the telling. 

Right in the middle of our time together, I had computer problems that I did not know how to fix. Storm graciously offered to spend his vacation time fixing my laptop. The fix took some time. Storm kindly kept working and eventually, after setting up three computers to compare settings, he did fix my laptop. It was not quick and I made sure the homemade cookies were close at hand. He liked that and I liked his company very much around our kitchen table as we both worked at this problem. Storm did the work and I asked the questions. 

What really impressed me was the true kindness he gave the situation. He did not know all the ins and outs of Apple laptops, but he knew how to eventually solve what was happening on my device. We talked quietly. I watched him go from one device to another comparing different settings. He is a quiet man, quick to use very funny one-liners and quick to roll up his sleeves to tackle a hard job. 

Storm is also a deep tenor singer and he entertained us several times. Windy was on the sideline beaming, so proud of her Storm. 
Windy is a funny, loving person. When we met, it was as if we had known one another forever. Think lots of laughing, good food and great talks about everything. A real friendship is now firmly ours. Oh, and I cannot forget to tell you all that he irons his own shirts right there with my ironing board and iron. 

The week flew by and I loved how Windy knew me so well. She seems to remember every word I have ever written, text or spoke. I am not kidding! She loves Storm and it is so evident the great care they give one another. Our glass cookie jars are now empty and there is no cake on the glass dome-lidded stand. All is a sweet memory now. 

Our week is soon over, and our houseguests are home. We had a wonderful visit. Now it is Windy's turn to share. We thought it would be fun to post together.


Saturday, June 1, 2019

A Little Visit

Look who is coming for a little visit! She just might decide to tell you about it. We'll see! 


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Freedom Is Not Free

If you go to Washington, DC and respectfully visit the national monuments, you give pause at each memorial, but especially when at the site of the Korean War Memorial. The statues of the soldiers in point formation are so real especially at night when lighting reflects on their faces. As you reach the tip of the soldier point formation, there is a surrounding wall embedded with important, worthy sayings. There is one in particular that makes you stop and think twice about our freedoms. 

Freedom Is Not Free

Indeed, freedom is not free. There is a price to pay for our freedom.  Military families pay all the time. We are a military family knowing the heartache and danger of deployments and the wonder and amazement of living in our nation's capital during Jack's last billet at headquarters. This Korean Memorial was always a stop on our monument tour as we guided friends and family on their visits to us. 

This national day of remembering centers on those who did not come home, those who paid the ultimate price for keeping us safe and serving our country. Many veterans come home to live full lives or deal with injuries from the battlefield. We remember them when death comes. We honor those who served on this day. 

I am posting this early as we are traveling to meet family for this long first weekend of summer. We will pause and give tribute to all who have fallen. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Advice From A Respected Blogger

Have you read Windy's Part One post? She and Storm ran right into a big roadblock and then needed to work things out. Windy gave us Part One. Then an interesting thing happened. The two of us talk on the phone a couple of times a week. Before she posted Part One, we talked. I reassured her that we had been right where she and Storm were. Over the six years of our ttwd, we have had such a situation and needed to regroup, reassess and even renegotiate. I worried and fretted just as she did. I did write about it, but I do not have the luxury of time to comb through 508 posts in search of our ttwd mess that I did write about. We shared our thinking with one another and I listened to Windy knowing she was right. Yes, I have said all this before, but Windy encouraged me to say it again. 

Blogging is on the back burner now as I enjoy many other things, but I did want to tell Windy that the biggest tool of ttwd is right there for her and her husband to use. The tool is not a paddle, but communication between the two of them. Talking, talking and some more talking was my recommendation. Throw in some listening and discussion and the situation is fixed. 

In return, Windy gave me some worthy advice. Yes, I may have written about our ttwd one-time fiasco, but I need to revisit how things are working for Jack and me. She said that I need to share what is working, what has changed, what will never change. Saying that once Jack saw how well a spanking worked, he knew ttwd was here to stay, and then never blogging about it again is not helpful to people still reading this blog. What is happening right here is still important for blogland to read about............ so says Windy! When I told her that I had already written about all that, she said that I needed to write once again. People want to hear that our ttwd is still going strong.

What has happened in six years of ttwd is amazing. We have changed our marriage.  I am still feisty, but I have really checked how I speak to my husband and he acknowledges that. He does not ever want me to change. He has complimented me on the way I accept his leadership instead of fighting it.  I have stopped needing the last word. I never say no regarding sex and the sex is firework-worthy. Married a long time, I thought those firework times were over, but spanking and intimacy have fueled things in completely another direction. That pleases both of us big time. Jack said he was completely unprepared for the reaction of his wife after a big spanking........ my emotions were under control, my willingness to turn to him physically and emotionally was very obvious. Things began to smooth out for us. Jack likes to joke that he found the secret to "peace in his valley". He loved the results of a spanking and we were never giving that up. My guy was really a natural at being an Hoh and even more so at spanking his wife enough to "sting her bottom and turn things around". A spanking has the power to stop things cold. Although there is nothing cold about it. 

All this to say that ttwd is a part of who we are as if it were in our very DNA. We live it........ No more roadblocks, but checkups when needed. 

I see that there is Part Two waiting for me to read. 


Friday, May 3, 2019

Spanking and Baseball

Hi, everyone! We are just fine. Even though I am not blogging as frequently, ttwd is alive and well right here. I am busy with a new pastime which I love. Jack is golfing and we continue to travel a lot. So now that it is a new month, I need to post. Spanking happens all the time here in a playful way and once in a while, a serious way. Sometimes playful even turns into serious in the blink of an eye.

Jack was running late for his tee time and went to the end of the bed placing the pillow just the way he likes it for a spanking. I watch him from my side still tucked under the duvet. His pantomime begins. He motions for me to come to his side of the bed and I laugh shaking my head. He begins the spanking swatting away at an imaginary bottom as I laugh from afar. Then he motions for me to come over and now. I shake my head and he begins to move toward the infamous sweater drawer where the leather paddle lives. Talk about moving fast, I jump out of bed, scurry to his side as my cami and panty hit the floor. Over I go and the real spanking begins as he tells me his expectations for the day. I remind him that the window is open and he just smiles and continues spanking. 

Finally, he stops and begins some serious loving pulling my backside to his front side. What a sweet way to assure a great round of golf. 

He did say that this spanking was a lot like baseball. I asked him what it meant. He told me that as I waited in bed to be called to his side that it was like I was in the on-deck circle waiting for my turn in the batter's box. He said he fancied himself the pitcher. I told him to be on his way to the shower as his tee time was near. He kissed my forehead, spanked one last time and was on his way loving the peace in his valley. 

How are those spring sports faring at your house?


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

So Very Poignant

Maybe you have been there too. This is the time of day we loved the most. Twilight, the river, the sky all come together over that beautiful Cathedral. When you are in Paris, you walk and walk until your feet ache. Then if you are lucky, you go to one of the many sidewalk cafes, open-air and inviting, and have a glass of wine and people watch. Always the Cathedral is in the background, huge and elegant reminding you always of just where you are. People of France, the world shares your loss and hope for a renovation like no other.


Sunday, April 14, 2019

Your Sunday Treat

This little commercial is so much fun, I just had to share it. It speaks to every last one of us here in blogland and you will laugh and smile when it is complete. 


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Eye Of The Beholder

Blogland is unusually quiet. When that happens, it is as though my Jack senses he needs to step in and spice things up. 

In my inbox this morning, I found an email from my sweet guy. Jack had sent me a photo that he said reminded him of ME! 

I asked him if he thought I looked like this woman all aproned and oh, so young and cute. He said he had thought immediately of me and ................ then he remembered............... that I never wear curlers anymore. 

We looked at one another and then we started to laugh. He said, "To me, Meredith, that is you....... without the rollers." 

I love my man and have encouraged him to make a second eye appointment. 

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder and with that, Jack gave me two sharp spanks and headed to the shower leaving me smiling remembering when we were that young. 

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Vacationing With TTWD Friends

A week told in snippets...........

A week with ttwd couple.......... She is not a blogger, but a faithful reader and now a close friend. Just think of that!

Spring vacation  and they arrived first.

They drove with plenty of sightseeing on the way; we flew across the country. 

They picked us up at the airport and we were on our way to the shore.

The guys had worked together to find the perfect place: beach, golf, good restaurants, a little shopping and sightseeing.

What was not programmed was the sexual, sensual energy that surrounded all four of us! You could not see it. You could not hear it. Nothing was said when all four of us were together, but it was there........ in the air. There was a sensual tension, lots of laughing and playing........ no getting around that! We played cards, watched a little tv, explored the area. The mood could not be held in your hand or captured. It was nebulous and hard to describe. I asked Jack if he felt what I felt. He said he did.

I felt the sensual energy when the four of us gathered at meal time, beach time, card playing time when we were together.

We remained very private in our respective bedrooms, but knew what might be going on in the other's room. I found it sensual. 

My friend and I walked the beach and sat on our veranda. Our talks centered on ttwd as always. The four of us set alarms to catch the sunrise. We enjoyed a carriage ride through the historic district and had wonderful drinks atop one of the restaurants. We enjoyed delicious meals at well-known restaurants and loved the warm weather that went where ever we did.

The week went way too fast and we bemoaned at how much we had looked forward to this week only to have the time slip by far too easily. 

That vague sensual feeling never left me. There was an undercurrent, a hum just below the surface. My sweet friend said she did feel that same feeling too. At the end of the week, we headed for the airport and they began the long drive home. 

Have I captured what we both felt? I think it is one of those times that being there was necessary. Words do not seem to do it here. However, that undercurrent was real and definitely there all week humming its mood setting tone. 


Friday, March 22, 2019

A #501 Roasting!

We are enjoying an early summer right here in early spring. Jack is thrilled as his days fill with golf after a hard winter here. He wakes up one happy guy and builds my agenda before I even take my head from the pillow. Errands, tasks and such are now mine due to golf, and I grow silent and grumpy as Jack gets happier and more excited about his golf day. My day has now been taken hostage. I know that I will get to my activities, but my day has been chopped in small segments. I get out of bed grumpy and quick to bite back. Jack warns me to stop making the snide remarks and then I become silent. Ugh!

In short order, that man of mine had me over the bed and he spanked long and hard as I  hope that the paddle was not coming out. Following the spanking, he cuddled up close to my backside and said he could feel the heat radiating from my bottom. The spanking turned into a wonderful lovemaking delight complete with Jack's declaration: "That just might make a great #501".  As I rubbed my bottom, he grinned at me and I knew his golf game would go quite well. Heading for the shower, he did say that my bottom was "roasting marshmallows" worthy. My bottom was toasted and smoldering. He loved the heat from his handiwork. Best of all, there was peace in his valley again. 

We enjoyed breakfast and we both talked about the way a spanking could bring about a change in attitude and some great loving. I slipped back into my role and life seems really good. 


Thursday, March 7, 2019

That Paddle And Our Journey

We have reached a place in our journey that both of us acknowledge as a big change. I crave the discipline. He likes the results and takes good care of me. It is a sweet time indeed. I am not sure why it is so difficult for me to write about spanking. After all, this is a ttwd blog. 

That leather paddle resides in Jack's sweater drawer nestled in with all that wool. It has seldom made an appearance in over a year. Now for two mornings in a row, this paddle has become the centerpiece of two big spankings. Ouch! I find it funny, not the two paddlings, mind you, but the fact that we are still learning our sixth year into ttwd. 

For quite a while, Jack has spanked with his hand...... a strong, powerful hand that can sting like fire. That paddle just remained in the drawer. 

I have not stopped thinking about both those spankings. Why? The paddle coming out is what really did it. Jack spanks and takes me to a place a little more than I can handle and then brings me up to his arms. This is not gg time, but discipline that in my heart, I do crave.  No, I am not crying when Jack brings me up, but my eyes are misty and close to tears. I feel his love on my backside. I lean into him and sigh relief that he has me and has stopped whatever has caused this paddling. 

Trying to explain this is hard. I love the gg playing, the playful swats, his hand firmly on my leg in the car, our meetups in the closet........ all of it. However, there are times I need something more and so does he. We have talked a great deal lately. I shared my thoughts with him and now with you. I simply crave the discipline, his strength and my leaning in. 

What I find impressive is that our ttwd is always changing. How about you? 


BTW, this is post # 500. How did that happen?

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A Quote To Get You Thinking!

When a man truly loves a woman she becomes his weakness. When a woman truly loves a man he becomes her strength. This is called Exchange of Power.

The weakness referred in the quote speaks to a man's love for his woman; his giving nature to make his woman happy grows as his woman leans into his strength. So for us, he is my strength and I am his weakness........... he gives me the world! 

I began a quote collection before the internet made it so darn easy. Quotes can be delivered to your inbox daily; you can follow sites that are full of quotes. You can choose quotes about a particular theme. You can select quotes said by the famous. However, every once in a while, a quote jumps off my screen and I tuck it into my collection. I am particular as my collection is big now after a lifetime of collecting. 

When I saw this quote this morning, I thought I would share and ask for your opinion on how it sits with you. 

Do you like it? Do you agree? Is this how you define power exchange?  

Please let me know!


When a man truly loves a woman she becomes his weakness. When a woman truly loves a man he becomes her strength. This is called Exchange of Power.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

My Beloved Ironing

Even though my sister doesn't even own an iron, I have three. What can I say! I need to tell you about my love of ironing and then I want to know which homekeeping task melts your butter. 

The weather here is gorgeous........... sunny, blue skies, but oh, so cold. So I am ironing as I watch a movie on Amazon Prime. Entertained, but getting things accomplished is just my style. My history with ironing goes way back to my childhood. Walk with me here down memory lane. 

My mother loved to iron. Our clothes required such attention as it was a time before permanent press and dryers that took away those wrinkles. She ironed in the dining room stacking the pressed clothes in stacks for each of her daughters. She taught me how to iron pillowcases and my father's handkerchiefs. We even had a mangle down in the basement that was not used, but nonetheless, we had one! The mangle could be used to iron sheets, tablecloths and such. 

The memories flood back as I write. First of all, I was always drawn to the scent of freshly ironed clothes. Ah! My mother would stack the clothes and just walking by would give me a wonderful scent. When we were going on a family vacation road trip, I could count on spending time in the dining room taking in that scent. Today when I iron, I use an Egyptian linen spray when ironing in an attempt to capture my mother, her ironing and just being close to her again. 

One summer while in middle school, I was reading Daphne DuMaurier's Rebecca. As the story reached the climax, I left my bed where I had been reading and went to sit in the dining room as my mother ironed. She asked if I was okay and I replied that the story was a little frightening and I wanted to be with other people. She smiled and continued ironing. 

Once married, my ironing stories continued. I could not iron Jack's military shirts as they had to have a "military press" requiring special creases at definite points. In those early days, we pinched pennies to have them laundered and pressed. By that time, I rivaled my mother in my ironing ability. I was good. 

I used my ironing board when toddlers were little. Securely anchored, the board held things I was working on and safe from the reach of little ones. Ingenious! Ironing and my love of long Sunday afternoons of baseball went hand in hand. I listened to many a game as I ironed. Entertained and stacking crisp, clean clothes were wonderful. 

I do have one horrid story about ironing. I did iron Jack's collared shirts and enjoyed that. One rainy Sunday, I was watching Ken Burns' Civil War and become a little too involved. Hence a scorch mark on a favorite shirt of his! 

When we lived on the other side of the country at the top of a high rise, I found great glee when I had the luxury of putting not one, but two irons down the laundry chute 24 stories up. I listened to those irons fall all the way to the dumpster. Broken and useless, the irons had to go. The management told me to go ahead and dispose of them using the chute. I did not argue. After that episode, I decided to upgrade my choice of irons.

When I have written about our laundry disagreements and Jack's trying to take over that job until golf really takes his time, ironing is one thing he leaves completely alone. Now that makes my day.

I have been bent over that ironing board in a fun gg and once seriously spanked for my sassy talk as the steam came off that iron and soon, my bottom!

So now it is time for us to listen to your favorite homekeeping task and the memories brought back. The comment box is waiting and so am I.


Friday, February 22, 2019

The Brightening of My Day

Yes, I am still here. Things are always happening around here. Nearing now post # 500, I am pulling away from blogland. After almost six years of blogging, I feel the pull of so many other things.  New bloggers might be in the forecast. Stay tuned! 

This morning we enjoyed coffee in bed. Our beautiful vista was engulfed in angry clouds and the wind made the wind chimes dance. Then the sleet pelted the windows and I pulled the covers up tight continuing to enjoy my coffee a little more. 

I am living with a golfer who is not on the golf course. Winter is still going strong here and the next sun break is not until the second week in March. We have discussed this before. The man of mine doesn't have enough to keep him busy until he can turn his attention to the garden and the golf course. So he turns that blue-eyed attention to me. He got out of bed and put one of his pillows on the side of the bed patting it several times. He came around to my side and he has my attention. He helps me from bed and takes me around to his side. Over I go as he bares my bottom and a big spanking begins. He is telling me that he hears no sass or bossiness and that is a good thing. I am yelping and doing a little laughing, but only a little. He tells me he wants all of that peace to continue.   He continues to spank scooting me back into position. He says that beginning the day this way is so healthy and good. A spanking sets the tone for the day and he can tell it will be a great day even without the golf. He says he wants to begin each day this way. He feels great and his wife is sweet and calm, but very sore. 

My Jack heads to the shower and I stand looking out the window to the continuing storm feeling loved and determined to keep that smile on my face all day long as I rub my backside. Just a little glimpse inside our home today! Blogging may be sluggish, but spanking is going strong!


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Bare Bottom State Park

A new blogger literally breathes new life into blogland and our newest blogger Shell has written a wonderful story about her castle spanking. When I finished reading and commenting on her post, I began to think about our own outdoor spankings. Another thing I became very much aware of is that my Jack was always a spanko............

The more I thought about it, the more incidents came flooding back. I began to keep a big list and then actually began a spanking timeline. Why hadn't I done this before? We were like any other young couple in love......... teasing, playing and testing one another! The timeline of spankings way before we knew anything about ttwd began to be quite impressive. Yes, I have always been a spanko, but in fact, so has my Jack. The more I walked down memory lane, the more spankings I could list. Most were the fun kind, but only most! Wow!

So come with me as we make this walk. We were newly engaged and very much in love. We were in our early college years and we loved to ski. Jack was a beautiful skier, graceful and smooth. I was the "stem-christy" girl that just could not bear to go straight downhill, preferring to traverse my way down. Jack would encourage me to point those skis down the hill, but I would shake my head and continue traversing. Regardless, we did have fun and night skiing was our favorite. We had a day with no afternoon classes and could leave before noon. Dinner all packed, skis on the back of our little VW bug and away we would go. First stop was our favorite hamburger place and then we headed east to the mountains. The ski areas were about an hour and a half away and we made that little bug fly. 

Just about three miles from the ski area, Jack did something completely unexpected. He pulled into a deserted, snowy state park and parked the car. I asked what he was doing. He said to get out and come with him. I put my snow pants on, as well as my ski jacket, wooly hat and warm gloves. Jack took my hand and off we went. The snow was a little deep, but we were soon under the limbs of big evergreen trees protected from snow accumulation and prying eyes of others. However, there were no others........... just the two of us and a little red bug with skis on the back. 

Once under the cover of the trees, Jack told me that forever more this park would be called Bare Bottom State Park. He unbuttoned my ski pants pulling them and my panties down to my knees. I started to laugh and then he started to spank. My bottom was cold and bright pink bordering on red. The sound seemed to echo throughout the park, but it was still just the two of us and maybe a worried squirrel, raccoon or deer or two. When he stopped spanking, he helped me get dressed and we hurried to the car. We skied late that night and honked the horn as we hurried past the park on our way down the mountain late that night. 

He did say that from this point forward, we would call this park "Bare Bottom State Park". 

Many years later we were headed to ski with our family and Jack winked at me as we quickly drove past that park on the interstate just before reaching the ski areas at the summit. I appreciate the wink and smile from my man as he too remembered a stop so long ago. 

Have you walked down memory lane lately? Do share. 


Friday, January 25, 2019

Way Too Difficult!

I am finding life outside my safe, secure home just too darn hard right now. So I asked sweet Jack to just send me some photos that he knows will make me smile. The internet is a great place for news, blogs and all, but it can also rile you up to a point of frustration and .................? Fill in the blank as you wish. The convergence of so many things is a long time coming, but nonetheless, difficult.

Jack did make me smile and I hope in these hard days we endure, these will make you smile as well. After all, it is Elephant Friday.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

After All This Time...... I Still Do It!

So there we were last night getting ready for bed. The new mattress is way too hard and we are going back to the showroom to choose again. Jack was most insistent that I sleep another night on the new mattress. I agreed, but, honestly, it seems like was are sleeping on the floor. Hard as a brick! So I am already in bed, the duvet keeping
me warm and Jack is brushing his teeth at the sink closest to the bathroom door. 

For some unknown reason, I begin to give my husband a thousand and one instructions and directions and reminders and ....... From the bathroom where he is brushing his teeth, he turns to stare at me. His mouth is all foamy with toothpaste making communicating with me impossible. His eyes are staring in disbelief at my stream of consciousness that I keep going ....... telling him things to do, critiquing things, giving my opinion........ a steady stream of talk coming from me under the covers.  I reached up turning off the light. Now facing Jack's side of the bed, I waited for him to join me under the covers. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder as my toasty duvet was pulled right off my body. He took my hand saying he would help me off this high bed. He didn't need to say where we were going. I knew where I was going! 

Around to his side of the bed, he swiftly put me over and bared me.  He spanked as he addressed my bossiness and instruction-giving, my unwanted opinions on matters that were his, and my butting into things that were his to decide. He spanked and I yelped. His hand is as hard at the new mattress and the duration seemed like the continuation of a mattress warranty.  Eventually, the spanking was over and the rubbing began. He tucked me in and climbed in next to me. He said that I do well at remembering my role and then I stumble big time. What had happened? I answered that I have no idea. Old habits are always right below the surface and occasionally things bubble up. Jack is holding me now saying that old habits are going to be painful for your backside. It might be best to think things through. As I snuggled into him, I agreed with all my heart and my sore backside. 

How do you stop those old habits from coming back? I thought I had this down. The only thing down are my lacy panties. 


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Oh, The Life Of A Ttwd Wife

Mattresses can and do get old, coils spring and they just simply wear out. Our mattress had been purchased when we lived on the other side of the country. It had successfully survived a cross-country move in a moving van and we thought we were all set. We have had this mattress since taking our early retirement. All good! This was the mattress on which we began ttwd. We are sentimental. However, we have each complained about feeling something sticking up into our sides when we are in bed............ like coils springing and decided sleep, our sleep, was just too important to not replace the mattress. 

So it was off to the mattress showroom. We tested by "napping" on many mattresses and Jack was getting somewhat frisky. He pulled me close whispering that he wanted to test a couple of these mattresses. He wanted me to bend over several that he was eyeing. I laughed and told him no way. I was not bending over any of the showroom beds. And I said he needed to think about sleep and firmness and he responded that beds were made for lots of other things as well as he whispered in my ear. Finally, we chose a mattress. We learned that our new bed would be delivered in two days. We liked hearing that and walked hand and hand to the car. 

On the way home, Jack talked about this old mattress of ours. We used this mattress when we were in that horrible brother/sister time. We brought that mattress home from the east coast and then discovered ttwd. Our marriage changed big time and sweet fireworks happened on that bed. The first spanking happened right there when Jack took me to the side of the bed, bared me and spanked. Since then, we continue to use that mattress for sleep and lovemaking........ and spanking. 

So Jack said we will say goodbye to this mattress in the way a good ttwd couple does............ with a spanking for sure. And when the new mattress arrives, we will christen the new mattress in the best way a ttwd couple can.............. with a spanking! Jack is so excited and I am thinking let's make this out with the old and in with the new quickly.  

Wish me luck as the old mattress leaves and the "spanking new" one arrives. Sweet dreams!