Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What My Jack Sees

No, this isn't me. However, in Jack's eyes, he still sees his wife in that sexy way. Yes, he has had his eyes examined. Nonetheless, that is how he says he sees me. Let me go on!

Windy is like a breath of fresh air here in blogland. She keeps giving us excellent topics to explore. Once again, Windy's post must surely bring discussions to many a ttwd home. She imagines being inside Storm's head and shares what she thinks he is thinking about his wife. I am using that idea, but putting my own twist on it. I went right to the source. I asked Jack what he sees in his wife. How does he see her? He even said he sees still the young girl he fell in love with and when I rolled my eyes. he promptly smacked my bottom twice. 

So how does he see me? He does like that I have begun to wear jeans again. He likes to see my tush and pop it as we make dinner. He likes me dressed commando best. I told him that summer is a long time away and to that, he said I will turn up the thermostat if you will wear only your apron while we work in the kitchen. We will see about that! And then we did just that...... cooking pies with only our aprons on. He likes my soft places and the touching we do all day long. He loves watching me enjoy my new hobby. He watches my total concentration and attention. He really enjoys watching me in the aftermath of a ttwd talking-to whispered in my ear. He sees me responding to his words and changing behavior. He has always told me that he likes very much the results of a spanking.

We are older now. Seventeen seems like a long time ago and yet, it could be yesterday as we approach one another sexually and sensually. 

How does he see me? He is my best fashion guide, but what goes on in his head is really a mystery! I use my imagination, watch his eyes and wonder. Are his eyes twinkling? Are the eyebrows going up? Are his palms itchy? I do know that when I upset him, I go to him and wrap my arms around him and he does the same. Are we all right, I ask. We will be by bedtime, he announces. All ttwd wives know the meaning of those words.

So I feel like I tried to get inside his head. I like keeping my thoughts private as well. I do know that Windy thinks she is inside Storm's mind, but really, she is just plain speculating. I say....... let's keep the mystery alive in our marriages. What fun!

Can you determine what is going on in your husband's head? Try to answer Windy's post question! It is tough to do.



  1. Hi Meredith, this is a very sweet and I wager accurate reflection of how Jack sees you. What an awesome reflection on the benefits of ttwd also.

    Cooking together with only aprons on...I love it!


  2. Loved Windy's post, too. I always see the love in Sam's eyes. Sometimes when our feelings are so big that our hearts don't seem big enough to hold it all, we don't even have to speak. The eyes tell the tale. They are the window for me.

    Also, I remember a post by Nora Jean that talked about "rose-colored glasses." It's so nice to be inspired by someone else's post, isn't it?


  3. Oh wow. This made me cry. (The one before did too, but those tears were from laughing! :) ) But this one, really did.

    MJ always says he wishes I could see what he sees. He seems to be even more attentive, watchful since becoming a ttwd couple. I find him watching me, even at the most goofiest times. (sweeping, typing, watching telly) He always looks like he's literally looking into my soul. I will never understand it. He'll often sweep my hair away and say "You are sooooo beautiful." I used to laugh tell him that one day he was going to wake up and realise what he was stuck with and resent me for life. It really bothered him how I reacted. He doesn't like when I criticise or degrade myself, so now I'm careful to graciously accept his compliment. If I ever do put myself down and I'm within arms reach, I can rest assured I will get popped a couple times.

    But truly there are times ---- when I really wish I could see what he sees too.

    ~~ Shelly

  4. Sometimes - body language tells me a lot.

  5. I know how he sees you - and you're a lucky woman.

  6. He sees the love of his life...and that pretty much covers it all. You are indeed a very fortunate woman.

  7. Meredith,
    I should have stated Rule #1 in my post: When you ask your husband how he sees you, do not roll your eyes in response! I love how you put your own spin on things here and I am sure none of us are surprised at how Jack sees you -- all good stuff and true, steadfast love. Sweet post! Hugs! Windy

    P.S. I was surmising, yes, which is why I called it What I Think He Thinks instead of What I Know He Thinks. LOL!

  8. I think I could have told you how Jack sees you without reading this post ... his love for you and yours for him, have shone throughout your blog over the years, Meredith ... he adores all of you ... and the peace in the valley his spanky hand and ttwd brings to you both ;>)) ... hugs! ... nj

  9. I have a pretty good idea of how Harry sees me but I only let him inside my head on a need to know basis!
    Rosie xx

  10. What a beautiful post, I love your spin on this topic. It’s so lovely to read how Jack sees you and none of it surprises me at all. I feel privileged to have witnessed it all first hand myself and it is truly special.

    With my guy I know well what he sees, he is generous with telling me and I find that reading those signs have become easy with time. Noticing those looks, or the smile as I go by simply warm and fill my heart each and every time.

  11. Hi Meredith, :) I enjoyed reading your post. I am guessing that your description of how Jack sees you is right on the money! I've seen you both in action- not just at a time when one would expect to see more signs of outward love, such as a night out, but also during the everyday, mundane interactions that we all experience.

    We are the lucky ones, as I have a feeling that most people do not have a window on how their partners/spouses feel, as much as those of us practicing/living in the ttwd realm. We have learned to communicate better. With that comes the loving compliments, dialogue, that not only is received by us, but also given to the ones that we love. Sweet stuff! Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

  12. Beautiful words. It’s obvious in how you share here that you are adored! He definitely sees you as you are, beautiful!