Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pie Baking Was Never So Much Fun!

We were away for Thanksgiving. We enjoyed time with both ttwd friends and family. Once home, my guy let it be known that although the Thanksgiving dinner was enjoyed at that fancy inn with family, he still wanted his own Thanksgiving dinner once we were home. 

This Sunday we entertain both friends and family for a small Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings including pie........ apple and pumpkin. Jack offered to pie bake with me and we decided to get busy early Saturday morning. My guy........... he came into our kitchen ready to go wearing his long apron and only the long apron! I stared as he went to the thermostat kicking up the heat. He told me to get my apron on and only my apron. I did just that and we began a very sexy pie making session. The flour was everywhere! We each had handprints on our bottoms! Oh, how I wish I could share the photos. The whole house has the aroma of good pies, but the cleanup took a little longer as bakers make quite a mess when they are having this much fun. 

I personally place full responsibility for all this fun squarely on ttwd. We have found the joy in one another, our bodies and the changing climate of our marriage. The pies will taste wonderful, but the real blue ribbon pie baking award really goes to the two of us........ enjoying one another and when we give our acceptance speech, we will credit ttwd for the loving change in our long marriage.

Pie, anyone?



  1. Oh my ... I can just see your secret winks and smiles as you share your yummy pies at dinner tomorrow ... what a delicious secret! ;)) ... nj ... xx

  2. Storm would like a piece of apple pie and a scoop of ice cream unless the pâtissière and her feisty assistant dipped anything into that carton during the making of said pie.

    You two are brave. I'm dangerous enough in the kitchen with my clothes on, Lord knows what would get scorched if I was mostly nekkid.

    There's just something about our bare buns that turn us ttwd folks on! Hugs! Windy

  3. YES to pie! I Love this post! This is truly what it’s all about, playing, having fun, and enjoying each other even while baking pie! I love Jacks ‘aprons only’ directive. Your time sounds absolutely wonderful and I love that you attribute this playfulness to ttwd. It truly is life changing in such an amazing way! Good for you and Jack, enjoy those pies!

  4. Oh my,I so love this Meredith, what fun!


  5. Hi Meredith! :) Baking in the buff!! Now that is letting the good times roll! Sounds like a merry time was had by all! How in the world did you both keep your eye on the pies in the oven after that??? Lol!! The playfulness that comes with Ttwd can’t be beat! (Pun. HA!) Fun post. Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

  6. This is wonderful! A session like this could almost make me want to cook.

  7. HA! I bet your guests would never guess how much fun the preparation was for this get together! Enjoy!

  8. You are making me laugh and smile. Bet there were a few secret smiles, winks and quite possibly uncontrollable giggles when you served those pies!

  9. I was definitely smiling as I read this post. I imagined the outcome.

  10. What a fun way to share the pie making, Meredith. I bet you had trouble keeping a straight face as you served the pies to your guests.
    Rosie xx

  11. Meredith,
    Jack should get some sort of award for this idea! I laughed so hard as I read here this morning. Perhaps this could become a new challenge on the Food Network. And I like Katie's "Baking in the Buff." Just perfect!

    You are both as sweet as pie!

  12. Sounds like a wonderful way to bake together...thanks for the smile :-) Hugs