Saturday, October 13, 2018

Breakfast Menu: Scrambled Me and Hot-Crossed Buns

Posts are becoming less frequent, but rest assured, ttwd is alive and well at our house. That said, I thought perhaps I would post about our morning here as I was spanked before breakfast........ all because of eggs........ or the lack of eggs. Scrambled over the bed and later walking with hot crossed buns! (Thanks, Windy!)

Let's begin with yesterday's grocery list. I made the list and took it to the store. I even checked the list and then added a few things that were not on the list. I talked to a friend who was shopping and enjoyed the quiet at our usually really busy store. I even did the self-checkout because I enjoy talking to the person assigned to help in the event there is a need. I put the list in my pocket after checking it and drove home with groceries secured in the car. I had made a Martha Stewart lasagna featured in her current magazine and life was good. Jack was golfing, the sun was out and the afternoon was mine as the lasagna awaited its turn in the oven. 

The trouble began this morning. We had a wonderful wake-up time and Jack served me coffee as we looked at our laptops. Then he headed for the kitchen to make us scrambled eggs for breakfast. I was getting into my walking clothes when I heard him come up the stairs and now he was in the doorway with hands on hips. I knew instantly what was wrong. The grocery list flashed before my eyes. Even though I started talking very quickly, I also started laughing. Just where were those eggs? he asked. Maybe if I had taken all this more seriously, I thought a little later. He took my hand and I was bared and put over the bed. The spanking began and the laughing stopped. I said that we do not spank for things like this. Jack said that we do now. Attention to task, thinking about what I was doing all were named as he spanked. Finally, I was up in his arms, and not laughing anymore. He told me my bowl of cereal was ready and I could bring my sore bottom on downstairs to enjoy it. 

After my walk, I made sure I bought two dozen eggs! I bought an egg ceramic holder too. Focus on the eggs! This is the perfect and appropriate color of egg holder...... bright red! Now no more grouchy husband and eggs are in full view! 

So how was your morning?