Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Important Things

I have had plenty to blog about, but am really working on doing other things right now. After over five years of blogging, I miss my reading and want to return to the days of doing just that. I am beginning watercolor classes as well. Plus I am taking an online class as well. I begin in the early afternoon and look up at the clock as Jack is returning from golf. Watercoloring for the whole afternoon........... oh, my! I have even posted some of my work on my Instagram and on the online class site. 

In the reading department, I have read Kristin Hannah's The Great Alone. Truly excellent! Each book she writes gets better than her previous book. She is young and I like that. I had thought she was a "fluff" writer. However, her writing has real depth and so do the characters she develops. I am impressed! 

Ttwd is alive and well here. Lots of laughter, lots of loving and the sexual fireworks continue. And so does a really sore bottom!

So I am asking what are the important activities in your life that really fulfill you and make your life worthwhile. Blogging is important, but as important as it is, the nurturing of what gives me joy is right now taking over.  

For me, I need to restart those artistic things I so enjoy. Hence, the watercolor painting. Let me hear from you. Seems to be a lull in blogland recently. So it is the perfect time to share what you are doing when the time belongs to you.

I must confess here. I have had some computer problems as well after the last update from Safari. Windy and her husband Storm have been of great help and fixed the problem. Thank you so much!  We actually had fun doing the fixing......... at least I thought so. We laughed as we tried many things that eventually worked!

What are the activities that bring you joy which you undertake alone for your own pleasure? 



  1. Hi Meredith, I'm struggling because the world seems to be stripping me from the things I love to do. Physically I am prevented from exercise, travel, and work is limited to half time. My girls are all living on their own. Hmmm. When am I motivated and happy? Lately, not often. I am taking a leadership class one night a week. I do enjoy that. I need to figure out how to stop missing the old days without being afraid of the future. My life seems to be on autopilot but I'm not the one who programmed the coordinates. Sigh. Amy

  2. Hi Meredith,

    I think I am with Amy on this one. I am at a weird transition point and dont know what to do. It seems that all I do is shut down and get real quiet....which then leads to trouble. Not the spanking kind (yet), but lectures that reduce me to tears with suggestions of what to do. So, my next thing will be back to swimming. And more reading (I love Kristin Hannah), and then who knows?

  3. This is a great and inspiring post Meredith. I find being creative truly feeds my soul, and I love doing many things, in fact there aren’t enough hours in the day for me. Right now it’s pottery, dancing, and a little water colour painting as well. It’s relaxing, enjoyable, and all very important to me.
    I also enjoy reading but still find it difficult to break free from all that is ttwd, although I try at times. I have read a Kristin Hannah novel and enjoyed it immensely, maybe I should try another.
    I’m glad to hear that you have so much going on that you love. Life should be full and it sounds like yours is! xo

  4. Meredith,
    How wonderful you are taking time for yourself and filling it with activities that make you happy.

    As for Safari, it now fits in the category of a four letter word for me even though it has 6. Amazing how many stupid things we had to test out only to discover the unchecking of settings here and there solves everything. However, you and Storm and I did our best to entertain one another through it all and lots of laughs were had and you discovered Storm was sadly only 2/3 genius.

    My alone activity would be fishing, but due to safety reasons, I cannot do it alone, ever. But, it still makes me happy and feel calm and those are 2 things that are in short supply for me right now. I hope Storm takes me again soon.

    Sweet post. Hugs, Windy

  5. Intentional time with my husband and children. Creative outlet time, whether it's writing or photography. Things that bring me joy and aren't measured by productivity.

    I have The Great Alone on my list of books to read - glad to hear it's good!

  6. Hi Meredith,

    Good on you taking time for the things you enjoy. I'm afraid I don't have a creative bone in my body lol. For me it's spending time with loved ones, reading, movies and going for walks.


  7. Of course I spend a lot of time writing - some for the blog, much for my books. That gives me joy. I've recently begun working on my art that I put away years ago. I enjoy spending time with Mollie and helping her with the pup and lastly we are slowly grinding our way toward redecorating. I want to keep blogging, even though I post less often, because I love the people it keeps me in contact with.

  8. I love to sew. All the curtains and soft furnishings in my home were made by my own fair hands. Those things are fading now and I’d love to start anew, but running a business and family commitments leave little time for such projects. I’d also like to bring the garden alive again. I’m hoping to retire at the end of next year, so maybe...
    In the meantime, I’m reading some of the neglected books on our bookshelves. I’ve not heard of Kristen Hannah but I very much enjoyed your gift of ‘The Alice Network’, Mere.
    Rosie xx

  9. I love to read, paint, play cards, am active in out little community. I must admit I don't miss blogging. It took time and I found the more time it took the less I wanted to do it. I usually check first thing in the am and then it's done til the next day. Maybe someday I'll get back to blogging and writing but I don't see it happening any time soon - there just isn't enough time.

  10. Love hearing that you are getting your "artsy" on! I'm absolutely awful at anything artsy, which makes me rather sad actually. In answer to your question, I spend a great deal of time caretaking (and doing lots of paperwork that comes with it). Still, I do find time to chat with friends, watch mindless tv, play Words with Friends and Boggle (I find them relaxing), and I do blog as well (just not about TTWD). I am also about to start a bit of guest speaking at colleges again. Oh! And how I could forget that hubby and I go to about 6 shows a year. Like I said, I admire all things artsy ;) Really? I mostly aim to make it through a day with everyone safe and happy.

  11. I’d love to see your water colors!
    Life is incredibly busy right now, but my art, family and friends feed my soul!

  12. I would love to see your watercolors. For me, :-) Enjoy your time... Hugs

  13. Hello Mere,
    It has been a long time. I am trying to crawl back to blogland slowly. First a fabulous vacation and then a house disaster, but I am just managing to keep my head above the water.

    I have always limited the time I will give to blogging and time on the computer in general. Otherwise it becomes a chain.

    I enjoy writing, my volunteer work, reading, baking, decorating, traveling, gardening, and had planned to start an art class this fall. That may have to wait a few months. It still feels good to have the time.


  14. I love time with family and friends, reading and playing all sorts of games- board, bar, and sport.

  15. Hi Meredith! :) I think that it is wonderful that you are spending time rediscovering/digging in to the things that you enjoy, as well as taking classes too. I like to think that creativity, as well as quiet time in the midst of a busy life, are good for the soul. Your water color exercises look super!

    Life is, to quote one of our daughters, a litte "cray-cray" at the moment! I somehow thought that things would settle down, but I was completely mistaken! Wedding planning for our older daughter, settling our youngest at university, some travel to go with both, have kept me busy as ever. In the midst of all of that is time spent with family & friends. Always fun. I was overjoyed to recently be able to spend time with four amazing ladies across the pond. Was fabulous after all these years!

    Weaving and knitting is where I spend every bit of time that I can find to myself. I've been working on in depth mastery of weaving structures recently. It is my great escape, as well as something that I am excited to get to from the minute that I wake in the morning. I really love it! Also enjoy the group of people that I have met through a local knitting group. I've got a few trying their hand at weaving too, which is fun. Life is good! Life is busy!

    Enjoy your creative endeavors! Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

  16. So great to hear you are back feeding your creative side, Meredith! ... years ago I took water colour classes which I thoroughly enjoyed, however I abandoned that avenue to follow my artistic passion which is ceramic arts. I do have a home studio to work out of but getting there these days, seems to take a back seat to all the other 'stuff' that goes on in our lives. I have a couple of students I teach once a week so that helps get me into the studio.

    I've added The Great Alone to my new TBR list. After a year and a half of reading every erotic romance I could get my hands on, I've decided it's time to exercise my brain in other ways so I'm collecting contemporary fiction titles I can read this winter, snuggled up beside the fireplace ... so thank you for the book suggestion.

    Enjoy your rediscovered loves. I too, would love a peek at your water colour paintings ;)) ... hugs ... nj