Friday, September 28, 2018

Saving Grace!

The title of my post has no religious connection. I am defining saving grace as a redeeming quality which compensates for one's shortcomings. I will even put it in a different way .......... a good quality that makes something unpleasant more acceptable. 

Now let's use some real life examples to illustrate this definition a bit more. Let's say you in trouble for whatever, but you do something that brings a huge smile to your guy's face. That can bring real sunshine to a dicey situation. That something is your saving grace. 

Sometimes I scamble looking for that saving grace as I know I have overstepped the line of respect. Sassy remarks! So I do scramble and quickly! The other day I told Jack just how I felt about something when a simple "yes, dear" would have done nicely. I felt I had to get my two cents in and could tell the two cents had turned into a full dollar! 

That day I did the housewifey thing and made special things for dinner. He appreciated all the fuss and pulled me close and whispered a thanks, but said that score card was getting mighty full.  

Saving grace is a wondferful gift, but my Hoh has a steel trap mind. He loves to spank and he loves to clear the slate. 

What about your saving graces? Do tell. 



  1. Meredith,
    Again, you make me laugh. I love hearing about all your sweet little ways to try to influence Jack's decisions as to what will occur spanking-wise after you have blown it earlier in the day. I can relate to this very much as after Storm has informed me that the "tally" has been added to, I often try to do a kind thing or two that I would normally do anyway, but I point them out and ask him if he will subtract from the tally. The answers is ALWAYS "No." Sometimes, when HE does something wrong, I point out that he should subtract from the total for his actions. That doesn't fly either around here. Let us know if you find something that works at your house! Fun post! Hugs, Windy

  2. Meredith,
    You make me laugh! You also make me feel better about myself. Unfortunately, I still din't have a saving grace. Lucky for me, we haven't reached spanking yet (although I think it is closer now!). Hopefully, before that occurs I will have learned something! Thanks fir the laugh and the think!

  3. These days my saving grace is a house that’s not always empty. It sometimes gives me time to do the sweet things that I think may make a difference. It’s always appreciated but it doesn’t always work in my favour. As my guy says...things still need addressing!
    This was a cute one Meredith, thanks for sharing it!

  4. Hi Meredith,

    I think most of our guys have a steel trap mind, and love to spank lol. I'm sure they appreciate our efforts after we have blown it though lol.


  5. Hey you,
    Last week I was due a rather necessary spanking but Eric got distracted by a new bra and panties that he discovered when getting me into position. He totally lost his train of thought and we went straight to playtime. He remembered later but by then, he was too tired. LOL Yes, even lingerie can be a saving grace!