Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Important Things

I have had plenty to blog about, but am really working on doing other things right now. After over five years of blogging, I miss my reading and want to return to the days of doing just that. I am beginning watercolor classes as well. Plus I am taking an online class as well. I begin in the early afternoon and look up at the clock as Jack is returning from golf. Watercoloring for the whole afternoon........... oh, my! I have even posted some of my work on my Instagram and on the online class site. 

In the reading department, I have read Kristin Hannah's The Great Alone. Truly excellent! Each book she writes gets better than her previous book. She is young and I like that. I had thought she was a "fluff" writer. However, her writing has real depth and so do the characters she develops. I am impressed! 

Ttwd is alive and well here. Lots of laughter, lots of loving and the sexual fireworks continue. And so does a really sore bottom!

So I am asking what are the important activities in your life that really fulfill you and make your life worthwhile. Blogging is important, but as important as it is, the nurturing of what gives me joy is right now taking over.  

For me, I need to restart those artistic things I so enjoy. Hence, the watercolor painting. Let me hear from you. Seems to be a lull in blogland recently. So it is the perfect time to share what you are doing when the time belongs to you.

I must confess here. I have had some computer problems as well after the last update from Safari. Windy and her husband Storm have been of great help and fixed the problem. Thank you so much!  We actually had fun doing the fixing......... at least I thought so. We laughed as we tried many things that eventually worked!

What are the activities that bring you joy which you undertake alone for your own pleasure? 


Friday, September 28, 2018

Saving Grace!

The title of my post has no religious connection. I am defining saving grace as a redeeming quality which compensates for one's shortcomings. I will even put it in a different way .......... a good quality that makes something unpleasant more acceptable. 

Now let's use some real life examples to illustrate this definition a bit more. Let's say you in trouble for whatever, but you do something that brings a huge smile to your guy's face. That can bring real sunshine to a dicey situation. That something is your saving grace. 

Sometimes I scamble looking for that saving grace as I know I have overstepped the line of respect. Sassy remarks! So I do scramble and quickly! The other day I told Jack just how I felt about something when a simple "yes, dear" would have done nicely. I felt I had to get my two cents in and could tell the two cents had turned into a full dollar! 

That day I did the housewifey thing and made special things for dinner. He appreciated all the fuss and pulled me close and whispered a thanks, but said that score card was getting mighty full.  

Saving grace is a wondferful gift, but my Hoh has a steel trap mind. He loves to spank and he loves to clear the slate. 

What about your saving graces? Do tell. 


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Saving My Own Bacon!

If I am honest, I would declare that bacon is the most perfect food. Yes, it has problems..... lots of fat, those televised hog lagoons in flooded North Carolina! Nonetheless, a little bacon goes a long way. Delicious! 

Saving your bacon is a great figure of speech. Think skin of your teeth! Let me explain. I saved my very own bacon for sure. 

September has been a dicey month. Many things going on........ people visiting, going places and finishing a few big home projects, workers all over the place and new furniture arriving all took time. In fact, I developed a small back injury that needs time to heal. Ugh! Ttwd...... the spanking part was put on hold as I heal. My submission sometimes was nowhere to be seen.  I am on the mend, but have been told by both my husband and my doctor that patience is needed. Patience is not something I have. Consequently, we have had a few problems. We have had a few big flare-ups and yesterday comes quickly to mind. Jack is keeping his darn scorecard, but moments like yesterday are becoming more frequent. 

We were at a giant store doing errands with guests arriving at our home for lunch within the hour. Jack took care of groceries and went to the right when we walked in. I went to the left to look for travel luggage tags for our new luggage. I asked a clerk and was told that the travel section was at the very far end of the store. I called Jack telling him I was at the very back of the store and all the way to the outside garden section. I decided on what I wanted and was starting my walk back to check-out. Jack called telling me to hurry as I was keeping the check-out line waiting. I asked why was that. He said he started through the check-out without me. What??? 
He said I was holding up the line. "Why did you start without me", I ask. The image I will always remember is my Jack waiting in the empty check-out line area with his hand on his hip, and his toe tapping. He said he saw the scowl on my face and my hand on my hip. Not a good combo here. 

The people waiting parted and I handed what I wanted to buy to the cashier who made the sale. The walk to the car was dicey and very quiet. In the car, his hand slapped my leg and he said that I came close to getting spanked right there near aisle 3. He said that the only reason I was not being spanked once home was because of my lower back (not that lower back) situation. I fumed saying that he should not have started checking out without me. He said enough. The reason he was upset was my scowl and my attitude. I apologized and was quiet. 

We must have made the pair........ my scowl and attitude and his tapping toe and hand on hip! We must have made quite a pair! Once home, we decided it was all over, but he did gather me in his arms and gave me a few big wallops for good measure careful making his aim far away from my right side. We are both getting grouchy having to keep things in check. 

When spanking is not possible, the playful and the disciplinary, things get twisted around quickly. It is such a part of our lives that once in bed last night, Jack carefully pulled me close saying he was so ready to spank the daylights right out of me and the scorecard was overflowing. A kiss and some brief caresses, and we were in dreamland. 

Have you ever saved your own bacon? 


Sunday, September 2, 2018

A Summer to Treasure

To me, when those school bells threaten the last days of summer and the back-to-school ads continue to bombard my every sense, summer is fading fast. Even though the calendar still holds summer, we all know what is coming. Those golden twilight evenings I so treasure are fading, not lingering for long now.

The summer has been magical in the way ttwd keeps things so vibrant. I kid you not! During those pre-ttwd years, I would have not believed this loving environment we find ourselves living was possible.

Now, I say a fond goodbye to one of the best summers of my life. Ttwd guests, our travel to faraway places, and the enjoyment of our home all made for many wonderful memories.  

I invite you to share a summer memory that will help you brave the long winter until we welcome the next summer. Now bring on the autumn, its crisp days and spectacular foilage........... Let's hear a summer memory you hold dear.