Thursday, August 30, 2018

Crossing The Line ~~~~~ Part Two For An American Hero

I am crossing the line again in tribute to a man who is truly a great American hero. I am an independent voter who values this American's sense of country over party.

For the next two days, I will be glued to the TV. I am not watching sports and streaming Netflix. I am respecting a great America hero. Call it attending his memorial services........ today in Arizona and Saturday at the National Cathedral.

To me, he represents a true American hero in just about every way. He often put country before party. He was brave and honest. He admitted mistakes. He was generous to others. 

He has asked two of his former political rivals, George W. Bush and Barak Obama to give eulogies at his memorial service at the National Cathedral on Saturday. His Senate buddy, Vice President Joe Biden speaks at Friday's service.

I am just in awe at this bringing together of all these different people to celebrate the life of this great American. Political parties are put aside in favor of love for this American. Beautiful! 

Caroline Kennedy in her anthology A Patriot's Handbook includes the story of Mike Christian written by Senator John McCain. This story from the time the Senator was in the Hanoi Hilton as a prisoner of war in Viet Nam really speaks to the heart of the flag and patriotism. I cry every single time I read this story because of its love of country, its truth and a man's love for his country.  Here is the story for you. It is impossible to read without respecting this American and shedding some tears in awe of him. I treasure this book and this contribution by John McCain.

In these greatly divided times, I am stepping over the line asking all of you to think about the man who asked his political rivals to speak at this memorials. He is the same man who told his captors he would not leave the Hanoi Hilton early due to his father's military position. He would leave the prison when all Americans were sent home. He was an amazing man indeed and he will be missed by me. 

Thank you, Senator McCain, for your service and love of country. I value what you did. 

Thank you for allowing me to cross the line again.


Hoh-ing Is Now A Verb

We all know the eight parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, interjections, conjunctions and prepositions. So it was unsettling to have my Jack coin a new verb...... hoh-ing.

Once these husbands see how ttwd works and works so well to maintain peace and add sexual magic, they begin to wear their status proudly and confidently. At least that is just what my guy does. 

In the olden days, five years ago when our ttwd was new, my Jack was a bit tentative. He was very much aware of the benefits of a spanking. He saw my attitude change, tempers eased and the peace that followed. He was always consistent in defining what he liked and wanted, but always, perhaps, holding back a little. A perfect example of this is that although he purchased implements, he seldom used them. His hand spankings were hard and to the point. 

As he has continued to excel in his hoh role, I have found that paddle on the bed more times than I can count. The paddle had become the summer metaphor around here. Spanked wife, happy life! Out doing errands on Friday, I was questioning something, who knows what, and his hand came down on my leg in a sharp slap. He said, " I am hoh-ing here concerning that decision of yours and I want you to know that right now". I blinked and nodded which is a safe response when he is in lecture mode about the things he holds dear. 

There was a spanking once we were home as I had continued to go on about that decision while on our errand. I came upstairs ready to state my side of things and saw the paddle out on the bed. Darn! He had made up his mind to spank way earlier and nothing changes his mind. He bared me and over I went. That paddle entered quite early in this spanking and I could not and would not hold still. He stopped spanking and started talking.  He told me I was to be more submissive during a spanking. I told him that the paddle hurt. Back over for more. Up into his arms, and close to tears, I told him I would do better at accepting his decisions. 

So we were in bed and I brought up ttwd and submission while we spooned in that time before sleep. That time is always a good opportunity to talk in hushed voices about important things. I said that I thought I was submissive when I was bared and over the bed. He said that he is dominant when he does the baring and bends me over the bed. Submissive would be baring myself and bending over the bed. To me, it all leads to the same place...... one hoh, one paddle, one bared wife and one bed! It is all just different interpretations of the same ttwd thing. What do you think? 

All I know is that my guy is feeling his glory in being an hoh. I sit here thinking about our ttwd journey and love where we are and know this is a very good place to be. 

Will you share Jack's newly coined verb with your sweetie? 


Friday, August 24, 2018

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

A comment and a reply on the blogs are the way we begin communicating with our ttwd friends. At this time, these readers are strangers. Gently, we begin getting to know one another right there on the blog. Then the blogger or the reader make the jump...... emails begin between the two people. Emails are exchanged,  many or just a few. We begin to share our lives with one another. Then we take the next big step ............. an arranged phone call at an appointed time and day. When that phone rings, there is no hesitation. The call is answered and the friendship deepens. During these phone calls, both laughter and serious conversation occur. The phone calls continue and plans are made to meet in the near future. It happens slowly and deliberately. The friendship actually takes on a life of its own as secrets are shared and the foundation for a solid, lifelong presence in one another's lives grows. 

Windy and I had an initial phone call this morning. Time flew as we talked jumping from one topic to another. We listened to one another, laughed at what we learned and enjoyed that initial taste of deepening a real friendship. We will one day meet and bring our husbands to the occasion. 

When I began blogging, I really thought about what I wanted the goal to be. I did not want help from other bloggers or readers. Jack and I have been married a long time and ttwd returned the magic, fun and the relinquishing of control that I so wanted not to argue about. My personal goal was the making of real ttwd friends. To do that, I knew I had to build a safe blog environment which would encourage people to come together, talk and eventually meet. It took time and after five years, I have those lifelong friends securely in my life. 

When Windy entered my life, I initially sensed several things: she was an excellent writer; she was trustworthy so I felt comfortable sharing my ttwd life; she listened to my advice and my warnings about the ins and outs of starting a blog. She was an easy read if you listened carefully. Educated and eager to learn the give and take in blogging, her blog is now well-established as a favorite of many. 

When bloggers and readers become friends, the bonds are hard and fast and forever strong. In the sharing, we all help one another, protect one another and keep one another's secrets. 

So who are we? A group of women, bloggers and readers, who found one another because we are all spankos who fortunately have husbands who listened to us and knew us well. We are wired differently. We are women who have led and controlled things until we wanted out of the control, but not the marriage. And we all found one another here on the blogs.

Have you connected with a blogger?  The invitation is always right there. Can you keep a secret? We promise not to tell. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I found this in my inbox this morning. Jack sent it to me. 

So let's take a little poll. How many of my readers/and fellow bloggers are lefties? Yes, we are wired differently for sure. I love being left-handed.


Thursday, August 9, 2018

First Impressions Are So Important!

There is something about that little icon.  I just had to get its owner to be my friend.  Please enjoy my first impressions. Windy has added her first impressions as well. Windy and her wonderful blog can be found right here. She writes in aqua and I write in orange.

Oh, where do I begin? When I read another blogger’s comment section, I do pay attention to who is there, who is commenting, what they have to say! And there it was……… a new icon!

You must have seen it as well……… an eager fisher, a big fish on the line, bright green vest and a cute little hat to boot. Who was this fisher? So I read her comments and really, the laughing started and has yet to stop. This was one fisher that was not getting away. I wrote a comment when she wrote a comment on my blog. I asked that she email me and then she did.

As a new reader, I had a distinct advantage over a seasoned blogger like Meredith. It was that I knew many personal and ideological things about her, but she knew next to nothing about me. I thought she was classy, intelligent, on the serious side, independent, and had fully earned the respect of blog land over the past 5 years. Her sincere efforts to grow and the evidence of that growth in her marriage with Jack in their own New Twist way made me feel that I HAD to talk to this woman.

I learned she had a name. Windy it was. She began by telling me a little about herself. I thought that she was an amazing writer from the beginning and boy, could that woman write! She wrote the longest emails on God’s green earth. Those first emails made me laugh out loud every single day.

Did I mention that I can often read Meredith’s mind to the point where it spooks her? I’m exaggerating, but she and I do have opposite techniques -- She thinks I write way too many words and I think she doesn’t use enough words. So, I have taken it upon myself to play Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent now and then.

Now a delicate dance began as I was trying to corral her right on into blogland and a blog of her own. She claims I spun a web, but really, she got hoisted in her own petard, to quote Mr. Shakespeare. A side benefit of having Meredith in my life is that my vocabulary is expanding. She immediately told me she wasn’t ready. I said hogwash, you are. She danced some more with other excuses and I kept gently pushing until she finally said yes. I was 100% sure she was going to get me to blog.

I held my breath, waiting and wondering if she would make the jump to blog.

The emails flew and I learned what a real trooper she was. She began at the beginning of New Twist and plowed through all of it….. All 400+ posts. Good grief, woman! We began cautiously and every time she emailed, I found myself spilling the coffee I was enjoying because she was so funny. We neared that point when I say that it was time to exchange photographs. Once a significant number of emails are exchanged, the photo exchange shows trust and honesty. I did have a minor panic attack when she asked for photos, but I soon lept from the readership bridge into the ttwd internet relationship waters. She did hesitate and then we did it. She and her husband are adorable for sure.

Yes, she really is a fisher and she does share that in her posts. I told her I have never held a pole or baited a hook, but that I loved eating fish. Meredith takes interest in what my passions are and it is no secret that fishing is one of them. She so hopes for me that I get to go as often as possible as she knows it brings me great joy and it relaxes me as well. I would teach her to bait a hook and cast off the pier any day of the week.

She was gutsy and most patient with my schedule. She asked questions and we shared more and more. Her emails were so long and detailed that one email took two cups of coffee to make it to the end. I drink 4 cups just writing every single one. How does one write that much? One types like Kermit the Frog on crack/caffeine. She commented on my use of the method when I use many periods in a row to separate thoughts……… like this. I told her I loved doing that as emails were casual, not formal. She enjoys the way I use figures of speech……. spill the beans, stop the music to name a few. The spill the beans cracked me up as I knew her like 3 days at the time and she was telling me this!

From the beginning, I sensed that I was safe in Meredith’s hands. I never asked what she thought of my writing because I didn’t have to -- she was generous with me. In my 2nd email to her, I correctly identified a tenacious yet gentle way about her when she told me to keep sharing. I wrote, “All right, I will get to it since there is no point in putting up a fuss as I imagine you usually get your way except for when you go too far with Jack.” Actually, I know a good writer when I see one and I knew this woman was excellent. Our conversations got to the heart of all that is behind the practicing of ttwd almost immediately. But, we sure did do a lot of laughing along the way. Amazingly, she never said anything about the length of my emails until much later and I really wasn’t aware that they were that long and that she was all caffeinated up and ready for a 5-mile walk after reading them every day. She walked. I wrote. She read, she drank (coffee), we laughed. Repeat.

No truer paragraph has ever been written. That is exactly what happened. Windy trusted; I gently pushed and knew in my heart that she had a great story to tell. She said yes and then came the hard part. Naming a blog is not easy. I think I told her I do not like the name of even my own blog. She said she conferred with Storm and they began to hash it out. Naming the blog and one another can be dicey. (Windy, Rainy, Storm, Thunder, Lightning, oh my!) A long time ago, when I was first starting, I remember a blogger having a little contest to name her Hoh. Readers placed their votes in the comment section. HA!

This Windy is a worrier. She worries too much about things that are not a concern at all. Finally, I got her to just be calm and things would happen and work out. However, she is most gracious never scolding me when time gets away from me and I cannot email till the next day.

I do struggle with anxiety and it can seep out of its lid sometimes even though I try so very hard to prevent it. But, let me tell you, Meredith, is not having it. Not on her watch. As soon as she detects it, she types just a word or two in ALL CAPS, which is her way of emphasizing that she wants me to engage in better self-care. I think. I am not sure whether to tell my doctor that I have taken a “magic Meredith pill” voluntarily or that she force feeds it to me when she thinks I need one!!

Also, time doesn’t just simply drift away from Meredith, it sprints the heck away from her because once she gets a hold of it, as she does every morning after her coffee, she will wrangle it to the ground and ring every second out of its stingy, scrawny neck. She impressively dons many hats in life. Meredith doesn’t know this, but sometimes I take a nap on her behalf. Knowing what she is up to on most days entertains me, but then it exhausts me. Just as we gals schedule our posts to release in the secret of the night, if I had a time machine, I would program an extra hour for Meredith’s own personal quiet time every day. But, twenty bucks says she would put it toward another philanthropic mission or rearrange the furniture (if Jack is out golfing.)

Windy has a way about her that I find endearing. She asked my favorite book …….. That is a meme question I avoid as I shout that title far and wide to all I know. So I hold it dear not putting it on the blog. I never asked. I purposely waited MONTHS for her to reveal it to me on her own because I knew it was top secret. I did tell Windy and lo’ and behold, she bought the book and was reading it when she gave me clues as to what she was reading. I knew instantly it was my favorite book. How could I be her friend and not wonder what captivates her? I got a huge kick out of her discovery that I am currently reading it. I look forward to discussing it with her when she is finished and soon.

I almost forgot to tell you! Storm and Windy make a darling couple. Plus I have seen photos of her fishing and she knows her stuff. Her technique and style reflect great skill and ability. 

Let us know what you think of our joint post, friends. 

Windy and Meredith

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Oh, For Crying In The Sink!

A ttwd friend is so important and two weeks is a long time to be absent from blogland unless travel is involved.  No travel for us as we have been hosting ttwd friends. What fun we have had! Our husbands enjoyed golf, fine dining and getting to know one another. Laural and I have been doing many things and now time is drawing to a close.

Late night talks, long serious, funny lunches over good food, poking into shops and stopping for coffee are the real souvenirs. Laurel's husband returned home and Laurel stayed another week. Now that second week is almost over and we are becoming quite melancholy about it all. We know that one day we will be together again, but not for awhile. I even told her last night that I so miss her emails as she sat at the other end of the couch.

Commenting on blogs is something that took a backseat these last two weeks, and now it is time to read and see what I have missed. Thank you for your patience.

In closing, "for crying in the sink", is an expression my dear friend says at times when she is happy, annoyed or surprised with me. It tells me I am being the kind of host she was for me when I visited her last summer. Such a treat for both of us and our men too! We began our dear friendship when she decided to share her ttwd story and here we are three and a half years later. I would definitely cry in the sink if she wasn't in my life! 

The power of friendship is the theme of this post. I have had the pleasure of meeting several ttwd wives and now several of their husbands. Each time I am forever grateful for the friendships extended. Talking intimately with another spanked wives is the most precious of conversations and I savor them each and every time.

I encourage readers to reach out to one another. Bloggers are people who can help. Finding someone like you, a real spanko and building a ttwd friendship is heaven. I know! A visit with a ttwd friend is pure gold.