Saturday, July 28, 2018

Jack Is Always Right There For Me!

We are here making our way and enjoying our guests. No time to write, but Jack was thinking of me and this morning, I found these in my inbox. He is always thinking about me. This thinking makes me feel so loved. So I am thinking about you. Although there is no time to write at the moment, there is always time to send a couple of things that will warm your heart. 


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Crossing the Line

A long time ago, one of our favorite bloggers advised me that this blog belonged to me. I would decide what was posted. So keeping that in mind, I am crossing the line, firmly and directly and then I will step back to the Meredith you all know.

I have not been sleeping well and then I sleep far too deeply. Both are signs of the issues swirling around me. I decided if I was to be honest with all of you, I would need to do one post about something far more important to me than spanking.

I am a Patriot and love my country deeply. I have voted as a  Republican and Democrat and believe an independent viewpoint leads to the best decisions when I face the ballot box. Right now, things are going out of control. We have a shameless President and a spineless Congress. We are a population not feeling secure or protected by the person who promised to do so and the same person who took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Our intelligence gathering agencies have been humiliated by a person who chooses to believe a tyrant.

The time for action in the form of protests is now at hand. The will of the people will be heard and this man at the top needs to go.

Feel free to respond but respectfully. Feel free to move on. You have a choice as well. Silence reflects acceptance of what is occurring. Silence now means you are not willing to acknowledge your own sense of privilege. Your privilege allows you to sit back and wish we would all shut up. I love my country too much to remain silent even here on this ttwd blog. I join bloggers Ronnie and Sunny. They needn't stand alone in this fight. 

In case you do not know who this wonder woman is, she is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and she is almost single-handed protecting the rights of women in this country. RBG believes our bodies and the decisions concerning those bodies belong individually to each of us. I hold her dear and respect her totally. 

So things are on ttwd/Jack and Meredith front are fine and moving right along. Jack and I welcome our ttwd friends here for a fun visit on Sunday. I am hoping I will sleep better. 

I ask you to think about privilege, the acceptance of the differences between one another and this "notorious" great American.

I love my country!


Thursday, July 12, 2018

Too Many Titles Swirling In My Head

I always begin a post with a title. I always think of the title first and the rest of the post falls into place. Not this time........... I have many titles swirling around in my head. This post will bounce from one continent to an island across the pond. Too many things to share and I cannot keep it all straight. So let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. 

There are many titles popping in and out of my brain. 

Possible titles: 

The Husbands Finally Meet!

Across The Pond And Back

Why Can't Re-entry Be Easier? 

When You Think It Is Not Working, It Actually Is

When Ttwd Implodes And Then Comes Roaring Back

We have been in England for two wonderful weeks and have just returned. The weather was heaven and the things we enjoyed were many. Rosie and I have been emailing for quite a while about our plans while visiting. At Christmas, we were sent large maps of the area we would visit. Then she and her sweet Harry made an offer we could not refuse. They would pick us up at Paddington station and take us to our destination. We would have lunch at a lovely inn on the way. What a grand offer! They picked us up and whisked us away. Our husbands really got along well and the discussion in the car was lively and interesting. We stopped for lunch and then they delivered us right to our little cottage door. The next evening we hosted a little dinner party at a nearby restaurant to thank them for the lovely things they did for us. 

We had a great time hiking, enjoying cider, pasties, scones and clotted cream. Then it was time to go home. No Rosie and Harry for the journey back to London. The AC on the train did not work and the ride back was brutal. The flight home was long, just plain long. Once home, I went straight to bed even though the sun was close to setting. Completely bushed! And just like clockwork, Jack and I both woke up for morning coffee.......... at 3:45 am still on English time! Ugh! The day promised to be a long one and no nap in sight. The home front was my responsibility while Jack did the shopping. We were both tired early and the edginess was palatable. The evening dragged on even though promises of a sweet RA and loving had been made. According to Jack, I was snappish and sullen. I said I was just plain tired. Finally, the quiet between us was deafening. I told Jack I was going to bed. I was close to sleep when Jack pulled me from the bed and put me over the bed with panties still in place. He spanked hard and fast, no talking. He brought me up sputtering and wanting to have my say. Back over I went for more. Then he put me to bed and climbed in the other side and we simply went to sleep, not touching, spooning or facing one another. I turned away from him and was close to tears. I knew he was as tired as I was. Finally, sleep came and we were in a horrible place. What had happened? Ttwd imploding! 

Once again, we woke promptly just before 4 am. Silently, still, quiet, not touching, not acknowledging one another. My head was spinning! I got up and went to make coffee. Once the coffee was brewing, I cried right there next to the coffee maker. Jack makes our coffee with frothy milk and we still had a little wait. I went upstairs and found my husband sitting on the side of the bed motioning me to stand between his legs. He had been upset too, he said and had not slept well either. He told me that he had never spanked me as hard as he had last night. He had not liked my attitude or the way I spoke to him. I felt him taking down my panties and he spanked me softly standing right there between his legs. I then cried again. Our ttwd was in place and it wasn't going anywhere. It was right here between us so we could each feel its wonder and strength. 

Have you ever had a time where your ttwd implodes only to come roaring back? 


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Spanking Everywhere!


Five years plus into blogging and I am finding many posts from the archives for throw-back-Thursday that have never seen the light of day. This is one such post written while our big renovation was being completely. We are still away, but home soon.

Our renovation is lovely and FINISHED. We are very pleased. We are not held hostage in our home as the workers did their handiwork. Wish I could share photos, but ..............! Our sun breaks were an ideal mix of sun, warm breezes, sand and fruity, frosty drinks. Things are smooth in the ttwd department........... for the most part. We do have our moments, but I am really doing well pleasing my guy and he tells me it is most appreciated. 

So what does this mean......... really? Does that mean there is no spanking going on????? Quite the contrary! My spanky man is spanking all the time. I do mean all the time! A sweet ttwd friend suggested a list of all the places that his hand had made contact with my bottom. I think that idea and so here goes. Right now our ttwd is secure and doing very well. However, Jack is sometimes spanky man extraordinaire. He likes me freshly spanked and I have written about that several times. These spanky times always make me laugh and I scold Jack that others would see and what would they think. His response is always the same ........... he doesn't care who sees and who hears and the laughing continues as he pulls me close.

On the beach on our sun break

At the grocery store 

On a walk in the park

On a marathon walk 

In the vineyards of California.  

In the mountains while in Colorado

Across the border in Canada

While driving in the car

In the two guest rooms of two ttwd friends under the covers

On a ferry in Europe

On a ferry near home

On a train coming into a big European city

This morning after we finished our scones and clotted cream

Waiting for our ttwd friend’s flight to arrive

Getting in the shower and then getting out!

So here is my challenge....... name three places where you have been spanked which are the most unusual.


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Baby Blues

We are away right now, but I did want to get a least one post up while we are across the pond. 

I love the question "Do your eyes light up when he walks in the room?".  Of course, my eyes do. My heart beats a little faster and I  get the flippy feeling in my tummy. Those body responses are all so typical of the young and in love. However, Jack and I are not young, but we are madly in love in a more deep and loving way. When we began ttwd, old feelings of first love came roaring back and those feelings settled in. I see him and my eyes light up and I smile and of course, my tummy flips. 

We have learned of another couple we know are separating. I feel awfully sad about that, but still am unable to share what we do to see if that might help. What do you do in a case like that? 

I see people married who are living quiet lives of desperation. The old side-by-side condo/brother-sister marriage is not for me. In a restaurant you can see it........ men and women eating at the same table, but not sharing a meal and conversation. How is that a marriage? 

I am not sure where this post is going. I just know that I am a very fortunate wife with a loving husband living in a marriage we have refreshed into something meaningful and important. 

What are the things you do to keep the light in one another's eyes?