Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Takeaways

What are the thoughts or ideas you would most like readers to take away from your blog? That question was posed by blogger PK on her first Throw Back Thursday. She listed thoughts she wished readers to take away from reading her blog. 

I loved this idea for my blog. I asked a dear ttwd friend for her thoughts and late that night, she sent these five takeaways. I gasped when I read just how she had pinpointed my thoughts about the reader takeaways I would want. She gave her permission to use them as she had sent them. Am I a lucky blogger! 

According to a long time ttwd reader, here are the takeaways for New Twist as told to Meredith:

1. Know that there are ups and downs in anything in life and ttwd will have its share. Keep the faith that you have an amazing tool that will help you turn things around at any point. Lean in and trust it.

2. Cut yourself some slack and know that your ttwd isn't going to be like anyone else's. You may read blogs of how others live and it all may sound wonderful, but know that in every house ttwd works differently. You both have to put the time and commitment into it for you both reap the rewards and it all to run smoothly.

3. I want readers to know that New Twist is a blog that has always strived to be inviting and welcoming. It was created to meet friends who were interested in ttwd or just interested in reading about it. I'm thrilled that so many have taken the plunge and emailed me for help, advice, friendship, or just with the odd question, and I'm grateful that our exchanges have always been positive and enriching. Thank you for this.

4. Know that ttwd works best when someone steps back and someone steps up. There can be only one leader in this type of relationship. I think it allows you to be who you naturally are.

5. New Twist has 400+ posts about my life and my marriage. All have been written from the heart, with sincerity and as openly as I possibly could write. My home was to reach others and offer an honest account of what sort of transformation a marriage could undertake when one partner says yes to the other when asked to spank. Who would have thought that spanking would make such a difference. Well it does, but honestly spanking is only part of what ttwd entails. It's like the gateway to an amazing level of communication, love, sex etc. Before living this way I would read the blogs and each one said the same thing about what spanking did for their marriage, it was almost hard to believe. We were both skeptical until we took the leap, and it's been life altering in the best way possible.

I guess what needs to be said here is that I could not have said it better myself. So I didn't even try. Thank you, dear friend.

Thank you, PK, for a great blog idea........ the takeaways!



  1. 1. "Lean in and trust it." Love it.... I'm working on it!

    2. "Cut yourself some slack" ... Thank you for the reminder. I am trying. LOL

    3. This one means the world to me as it does to so many others here. I wouldn't be here in blog land if it were not for you. Many others will say the same.

    4. Ohhhh.... I want to be naturally who I am. This one really just hit me in a good way. Wow. And Storm wants to lead....working on getting out of his way.

    5. We all feel your sincerity and openness through your sharing of your ttwd journey. You and Jack are authentic. This is why so many of us come to you. It's why I did.

    Please know that this reader-turned-blogger absolutely see "the takeaways" that you want us all to see. You did great and you're doing great. And I am grateful. Windy

    1. Windy,
      Thank you for your sincere compliments.

  2. Hi Meredith,

    I love PK's Throwback Thursday and this is a fantastic topic!

    Wow, what a wonderful and astute friend! What wonderful takeaways from your blog Meredith, and you definitely meet your intention in your posts :)


  3. These are great Meredith. It's almost like these perfectly sum up your blog. Just think of all the people that have read these words and used them. You know most we never hear from, but they still take good things away from our blogs.

  4. What wonderful insight from your friend, Meredith. It sums up your aims so well. A takeaway dish to savour, for sure.
    Rosie xx

  5. I would have to agree, this sums post sums up what I get from your blog regularly. Your friend did well. Love your blog.

  6. Ahhh, what a great read! I love that we all are different! It makes me so happy when I read others going through the journey and it’s different but perfect for them!

    1. Minelle,

      We are the same and yet different and I like that. Thank you.

  7. This is such an astute summing up of what you share in your blog, Mere. I think you have a gift for reaching inside yourself and speaking your heart. That is why so many readers have turned to you over your years of blogging. You recognize their potential for happiness and for their writing.

    You are always quite modest, so I am thrilled that someone else wrote this and you were able to see yourself from our eyes.

    Hugs From Ella

    1. Ella,
      Thank you for your special words. I appreciate it.