Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Hot, Hot, Hot

No, I am not referring to good loving! I am talking about the annual blogger meet-up when the beach sisters all come together to talk, laugh and share. 

This year we used Uber to take up to many interesting places and restaurants. We viewed the Chihuly glass exhibit at the museum and shopped the big sales at a nearby mall. We ate in fabulous restaurants and enjoyed the beach. 

The beach has just been awarded the best beach award and this gorgeous place lived up to its reputation. This year the beach was just too hot. We spent a lot of time in the water.......... talking! We spent mornings there, but the thunder clouds gathered in the early afternoon and we would pack up and head back to the hotel to play cards. 

So let me give you a few snapshots of our "convention":

We begin the first night with a small gift exchange. Once the gifts were more of a ttwd nature, but we have stepped away from that giving small treasures to tuck away for home. 

One blogger was an Uber wizard and had us easily going to many different places in short order. Very impressive! 

One blogger's sweet husband treated us to a very sweet, delicious and expensive French champagne. What fun! 

One blogger brought her famous card game, but forgot the deck of cards needed to play. That was easily fixed. 

One blogger loved her ice cream more than the beach itself and a walk back from the beach meant a guaranteed stop at her favorite shop 

One blogger loved purchasing new clothes for her next vacation coming up soon. She went back to the cash wrap four times and her blogger friends patiently waited. 

Other bloggers were not present, but were welcomed to come. They were missed terribly as they each attended to other responsibilities. 

The late night talking was intimate, funny and oh, so very special. We were honest, truthful and sincere when we each took a turn at sharing. 

We are already dreaming of another "convention", but must wait until next year for now. 



  1. What a wonderful week, Mere. The weather was indeed hot, but it didn't stop the fun, the food, or the friends from enjoying themselves. One of the few times a year, I get to be the real Ella from sun up to sundown.

    The beach may get the best beach award, but I know a bunch of women who get the best beach sisters award.

    Hugs From Ella

  2. Meredith,
    I, too, would choose the ice cream over a beach any day of the week, too.
    Laughing out loud at the term "cash wrap."
    Glad you got to feed your soul with great friends!


  3. That sounds like a lovely girls trip. Sun, ice cream, friendship....it just doesn't get any better. What a treat to look forward to all year.

  4. Very happy all y'all had so much fun, Mere. Ice cream, pool and good conversation sound like a good combination. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  5. Everything, including ttwd, goes better with beach ... glad your gang had a great week reconnecting ... nj ... xx

  6. This sounds like a fun convention. May there be many more to read about!

  7. How fun and that beach does look amazing - too hot or not! Glad you are all continuing to meet up every year. Love hearing your stories.

  8. Hi Meredith,

    Sounds like a great trip, and the beach looks fab! Glad you all had such a wonderful time :)


  9. Happy you all had a wonderful trip. Sounds like fun.


  10. Sounds like a great reunion! May you have many many more!

  11. What idiot brings the idea of a card game with no cards?

  12. Sounds amazing! I'm with the ice cream eater! Just sayin' :)

  13. I am jealous. I wish I had this. Love reading you blog, living vicariously thru you.

  14. So glad you had such a wonderful time! I miss my beach sisters. :-) Hugs