Friday, June 1, 2018

Happy Anniversary To Us

I have been saving this photograph for ages and then when the anniversary rolls around, things happen. We are away or I don't remember that I wanted to share it. The anniversary passes and we move on. 

Happy Anniversary this month to the two of us!

Our wedding was so sweet and a long time ago. I remember one of the best moments. I had changed from my wedding dress into a baby blue dress and matching coat. I had shooed everyone out of the bride's changing room as I wanted a few minutes alone with my sweet Grandmother. She was teary and I held her hand. She commented on how happy she was for both of us. She adored Jack. She wished us much happiness and many babies. Then there was a knock at the door and the words "Is my wife in there?" came through the closed door. We looked at one another and started to giggle. Jack's voice inquiring about his wife was the first time I had been addressed as this new person I had just become. Grandmother and Granddaughter hugged and she opened the door for my good-looking husband wanting his new bride at his side. Out the door of the church, we went in a shower of rice, cheering and happiness on a lovely summer evening.

That little story was a favorite with my Grandmother. We often referred to that moment as "the knock" when family stories were told.

Do you have a memorable wedding day story to share? 

Thanks, L.



  1. Happy Anniversary Jack and Meredith! What a lovely, sweet story. Made me smile, thank you for sharing it with us :)


  2. Beautiful picture and a wonderful story Meredith. Congrats to both of you. I bet you still get goosebumps when Jack says, "my wife". Happy happy anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both!
    love Jan, xx

  4. What a sweet story, Meredith. My grandmother knew Harry was my Mr Right but, sadly, didn’t see us married. I don’t really remember my wedding, I had a terrible migraine and went through it in a haze of pain killers! I managed to smile for a few photos though!
    Happy Anniversary to you and Jack.
    Rosie xx

  5. Happy Anniversary, Meredith and Jack! ... is that the two of you in that picture. Even if it isn't it's a perfect representation of the two of you. Given what I know from all that you've shared about yourselves over the years in Blogland, Jack's 'is my wife in there?' reflects your dynamic perfectly, even if you didn't know it, in ttwd terms, those many years ago. ... big hugs! ... nj

  6. What a wonderful memory for you both. Happy Anniversary. May you celebrate it in a way that makes it just as special as ‘the knock’ was the very first time it happened. xo

  7. A lovely story, Meredith. Happy Anniversary to you both.


  8. Happy Anniversary. I believe I shared my story before AND ONCE WAS ENOUGH. LOL

  9. That's the prettiest story, Mere! I am sure your grandmother meant a lot to you. She must have been a very special person during those years.

    My grandmother was quite ill, but everyone worked hard so that she was able to be in the front row of the chapel. I handed her a white rose on my way to the altar.

    Happy Anniversary to a Special Couple,

  10. Happy Anniversary to you two lovebirds!

    Storm sang to me at our wedding. He has a beautiful voice. We wrote our own vows..... he got choked up first and then I was a mess the rest of the entire ceremony. lol

    Wishing you many more years of togetherness. You are an inspiring couple in all walks of life, not just ttwd. Much love to you both.

  11. Hi Meredith, :) Happy Anniversary to you and Jack! Sounds like a very special grandmother story to treasure always! Enjoy your celebration! Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

  12. Happy, happy anniversary! Love this story. I do remember the lovely shock at being called by my new name.

  13. Happy anniversary to you two! Wishes for many more happy years to come!

  14. Happy Anniversary! Such sweet memories and I hope you have many more sweet moments together.

  15. beautiful post hope you had a wonderful anniversary celebration

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  17. Oh what a sweet memory. And I can just hear that tone of pride inquiring about his wife. My grandparents were gone long before my wedding day. What a lucky bride to have your grandmother with you on that special day!