Wednesday, May 30, 2018

TBT~~ The Young Bride and All Those Wooden Spoons

PK has challenged bloggers to post an oldie, but goodie. This post was published on Monday, June 17, 2013. A lot has changed since then. It is a favorite of mine, but I had very few followers back then. So I do not think it was popular. However, because it was a true newlywed story of mine, I chose it for my first Throw-Back Thursday post. I am posting it late on a Wednesday evening. Enjoy! 

The young bride wanted everything to be brand spanking new. The crock in the kitchen held the shiny new utensils. She never used them She loved the way they looked, tall, thick and strong. One evening she came back a little on the late side from a fun time with girlfriends. She put her key in the lock and opened the door. Her husband Jack stood at the kitchen sink with his back to his wife standing in the doorway. One of those wooden spoons was in his back jean pocket. He was standing directly in her line of vision. 

No spanking was given to the young wife. The spoon was returned to the crock. She deserved a spanking, but it would be a long time until the sting of the spoon would be felt on her bottom. Sure, there were playful swats and playful spankings before lovemaking, but no paddling for her misbehaving or her sassy mouth. 

Life was busy for this young couple. Babies, careers, vacations, illnesses, military deployments and such happened quickly and then the couple discovered the nest was empty. 

Many decades slip by, and the couple is older and wiser now. Very much in love and willing to satisfy one another, they enter new territory. The wise husband says yes to beginning something new after he listens to "The Talk" presented by his very nervous wife. 

Before the couple can really begin this new way of living, the husband makes a purchase at Target. No crock will hold this utensil. The shiny new wooden spoon will be placed in his dresser, ready and handy for use. All is well; his wife is ready and the wait will not be long.



  1. Hi Meredith,

    I love this idea, it's great looking back at early posts and reflecting. Love this post!


  2. I remember reading this long before there were any introductions or first hellos. Whenever there is a reason to go back and read an old post or a long ago love letter, it's like browsing through a scrapbook or photo album. A vignette of who you were at that moment in time. Lovely.


  3. Meredith,
    As I was doing some deep cleaning under-the-bed type thing yesterday, (Search Destroy Recycle and Rearrange), I picked up a piece of clothing off the floor next to Storm's side of the bed. Underneath it, I found a wooden spoon. LOL! We have not used one in such a long time so it threw me.... and made me laugh. Those suckers HURT!

    I remember reading this post just a handful of weeks ago for the first time. As I read this post, I am reminded of the "sharing but private" Meredith. I love and appreciate the sweet, tentative, yet let's-get-the-show-on-the-road feeling you're expressing here. It's a beautiful thing. Windy

  4. I love that this is written in third person, Meredith. It adds to the wistful and longing feeling you portray. I also find it interesting that Jack seemed to be a bit of a closet spanko as well, way back when ... showing off his weapon of butt destruction in his back pocket ... loved it! ... nj ... xx

  5. Love this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It would seem to me that these ttwd things came very naturally to your Jack. I loved this post the first couple of times I read it, and I still do. It speaks of love and sweetness, and anticipation of an adventure that was well within arms reach. It is nothing short of great. Thanks for posting this one!

  7. I loved reading this! There is something so special abut our men finding and buying an implement. What a great start.

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