Saturday, May 19, 2018

Changes in Me

By now, you have made your way over to the new blog on the block. Even before new blogger Windy began to email me, she began reading this blog from its beginning. I haven't even done that! She made notes on what she read (!) and began to see a change in me as the blog evolved. She charted the change. Then she to make herself known in blogland by commenting on many blogs. Next, she emailed me and we began that exchange that led to her new blog. As we both celebrated the launch of her blog, she told me about how she had studied the posts I had written over this five year period. She noticed and recorded big changes she saw in me. What???

Now I was really interested! You mean someone has read the posts, all 440+ and has made note of the changes in the blog's main character.... ME! I was dying to know what she had discovered and now, she has given me a list of the changes she noted when reading through the posts. 

I am sharing her observations with you. I do not remember ever hearing of this kind of evaluating here in our corner of the net. I found Windy's assessment fascinating. Let me know what you think. 

Here is her list of the things she noted:

Then and Now.......... What Windy sees in Meredith

You talked; he listened; he warned; you pushed; he spanked; you began to listen. 
You hear him better. You sometimes talk too much. He talks, spanks and then you fully listen. 

Hair on fire, bottom on fire
Hair mostly extinguished; bottom on a low simmer, but sometimes still on fire

Needing to be right
Wanting to be right, but more respectful

Brave, scared
Brave, self-assured

Questioning, questioning
Providing answers; still inquisitive


Needing to belong
Needing to include

A beloved book on the shelf
Considering shelf life

Sharing, but private
Private, but sharing

Walls up, pants down
Walls down, pants down

Becoming community
Building community


Why not?

Accepting, but having a fine-tuned ttwd b.s. detector


"War and Peace"
"Peace in our home"


There are parts of this analysis that literally make me cry. Building community has always been central to me. Finding the other ttwd wives and nurturing their friendships have always been central here and Windy caught that in reading my posts. Thank you!

Tell me what you think of Windy's analysis? I am amazed by her analysis. I want to know what you think. 

Thank you, Windy for the time it required to read this blog and make this analysis about our ttwd. You were most kind and funny, truthful and precise.



  1. When changes are gradual, we often don’t notice them. Having read all your posts in a short time Windy has been able to chart your growth. I’d say she’s pretty well got you taped, Meredith! Many of us are grateful for your community building skills; there would be fewer bloggers in this corner of Blogland without your encouragement.
    Rosie xx

  2. Hi Meredith, what a nice post. How well you have been studied!
    love Jan, xx

  3. Wow! So neat to get an objective perspective on your ttwd journey. Windy's done an amazing job with all of this, 440+ posts to go through takes some serious time! Thanks to you both for a very interesting read!

  4. Wow, Meredith! ... I'd agree Windy has done a great job in finding and recognizing key points in your ttwd journey, especially your sense of community. Hugs to you both ... nj

  5. Hi Meredith, wow, I agree, Windy has done a fantastic job in noting and recording the changes she has seen in you reading your posts. It's not always easy to see ourselves. How awesome to bd able to get the perspective of someone else.


  6. Hi Meredith, As with everything in life, even this dynamic is a journey. It's very interesting to see how Windy summed it all up but even without reading all 440+ posts, I knew this about you. How? You are very introspective in your writing and as a result, we all benefit from lessons learned, changes, and growth in you as well as your relationship. Thank you for all you share and continue asking the questions and pushing us to explore our own internal battles.

  7. Wow! Windy has been a keen observer. It is a tribute to you, Mere, that she was able to recognize these changes. She did so with the fresh enthusiasm that comes with being a new blogger. Here's hoping your honesty as a mentor inspires many more.

    Hugs From Ella

  8. This is a wonderful insight into you. What a great gift and she is pretty much spot on in your evaluation. The changes are subtle but I would agree, they are definitely there. Thank you for sharing your life and also for encouraging Windy, and others like her on their journey

  9. It's beautiful and how nice to have somebody care so much. Looks like a hard and fast friendship has been made.

  10. WHOA Meredith! :) How interesting that Windy was able to come up with this cool analysis of you! She did a great job, and has a way with words as well! Super interesting and fun to read too! Seems as though she nailed it! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    We've had some very special new bloggers find their start here in Blogland. Thank you! Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

  11. It was an honor to write this and then to have Meredith want to share it here with you all. It's inspiring and humbling, the positive influence that one woman has brought to so many lives.... and as I continue to get to know her better, today, the word that speaks to me the loudest in this poem is "Brave." You are that and more, Meredith. -Windy