Saturday, April 7, 2018

Let's Get It Over With

I wrote this in early March and found it in my drafts. No idea how that happened, but here it is. Two spanking posts in a row .......... this incident did not go well with Jack either! He wants his wife submissive and I really blew it.

Darn it! I do so well at home. Take me on vacation and so much goes wrong. We were enjoying a sun break and I stumbled........ many times! I asked for the check several times ignoring Jack's glare even with his hand on my leg. I went around Jack and asked the restaurant receptionist to hail a cab back to our hotel. Again, Jack was dumbfounded that I would do that. I talked over him many times. Even after all this time, he will not spank in a hotel. Instead, he whispers in my ear many times that he was keeping a scorecard that was getting mighty full. I said that I was sorry many times and he held me each time saying that I would indeed be sorry with a mighty sore bottom once home.

We had a great time and like all vacations, ours soon came to an end. Once home, we were putting the final touches on the renovation. As we did all this, the waiting game began. He had mentioned only once the scorecard since arriving home and he would soon be ready to clear it. Then nothing. The wait continued. We went to bed and the next day, I exercised, shopped and worked on other things. Jack did the same. No spanking. No scorecard clearing. I have learned it is far better not to push or ask when it is going to happen. However, can't we just get it over with?

Now two days home and things are humming right along. We have friends over to see the almost completed renovation. We play cards and enjoy dessert. They leave and I tidy up and telling Jack I was ready for bed. Jack came up to tuck me in and instead of helping me snuggle in, he whipped back those covers and firmly helped me from our high bed. Over the bed, I was placed, bared and thoroughly spanked as each offense was named. He told me to hold still or he would get that darn paddle. Finally, I stood up and now leaned against the cool sheets on our bed. My bottom was aflame and the scorecard was cleared. "Are you ever going to hail a cab when you are with your husband?",  he asked as I rubbed my burning bottom. I shook my head quickly, real quickly!

So just like that, we are back to harmony and smoothness. The wonders of ttwd!



  1. Hi Meredith, maintenance ttwd while away can be hard, and waiting for a spanking is awful. Glad all was resolved and peace restored :)


  2. I'm with you! Let's get it over with and move on. Sometimes Eric will wait it out when he knows I'm being very introspective about whatever I've just done. Believe me, the spanking eventually comes. That man has a mind like a steal trap!

  3. I do bet that is one thing you won't do in the future. I do love Jack. He does things in his own time and it usually seems to be the right time.

  4. Hmmm, maybe Eric needs to recommend the cap cream to Jack as he did to Hoss. Just teasing! 😉

    Glad things are back to rights for you all. It always feels better once that scorecard is cleared, doesn't it?


  5. Being away often puts me in that very same position! Funny how that works. Truly there is nothing like getting back to the routine so that things can hum along as they should. Your Jack is crazy about you, and it’s nice to read even at the expense of a heated seat!

  6. OUCH! Vacations seem to be tricky at times, Meredith. Sounds like Jack had a good handle on it all. Glad that you were back to smooth, post score-card emptying. So very worth it, right? Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

  7. Seems like everyone today has had this happen. Surely has happened to us. Home is our comfortable and happy routine. I am much more sure of myself and my words.

    Away from home is a different story. Sometimes, I think I am bossy on trips because I do a lot of the planning before we go. It is so easy to start giving directions like Sam needs a tour guide. His eyebrows sometimes tip me off that I am stepping on his toes.

    At least he and Mr. Paddle rarely make me wait.

    Ella Says Misery Loves Company

  8. Oh boy. Glad the air is cleared. We have some "air clearing" to do around here but I'm not sure it will happen. Instead, I'm kind of on tiptoes and I don't like that feeling. First time in a very long time I feel this way. Maybe I'll just show him your post ;)

  9. Hailing a cab with Jack standing there? Oh My! Glad the air is cleared and there was no paddle retrieving going on.

  10. Every once in a while that 'take charge' woman can sit back - her inner goddess appears. Good thing her Knight in Shining Armor has her back and reminds her of her place.

  11. Holidays are lovely but there’s so much room for slip ups! Airports are usually my downfall. Glad it got sorted out but waiting... ugh!
    Rosie xx

  12. I think Meredith on vacation subconsciously knows she can get away with things non vacationing Meredith can't. I don't know about you, but for me, if a reckoning is off in the distance it's much easier to ignore :)))
    Your man is a golfer, Mere. Those scorecards are important to him. Something to remember on your next vacation ... hugs! ... nj

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  14. ooh waiting has GOT to suck. glad that's all done and over with and the slate is wiped!

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