Thursday, April 12, 2018

How Leaning In Works

Funny,  how things work out! We are having a very windy day here while on vacation......... although we have plenty of blue sky and sunshine. This wind can alter how the day goes. So Jack is headed for a massage and I am here with you. The hiking we had planned will wait. The strong winds provide the perfect backdrop for my leaning-in story. What happened reflected the change in both of us like no other. 

At the end of a very long day of driving, when the jelly beans had lost their wonder and we really wanted a good place for dinner, Jack said that this long travel day was about two hours too long. He recognized that I was not myself, grouchy and frustrated. On this particular road trip, one day must be a really long one and this was  that day. 

Jack suggested I use my phone to search for a favorite restaurant chain in a town where we were headed. Hot dog! There was a restaurant to our liking. We knew what we would order and we were getting closer. So I used Siri to get us right to the restaurant. For the first time ever, Siri was most obstinate and the directions were not accurate. I was getting frustrated, hungry and upset. Jack said to call the restaurant. I did and asked the receptionist for directions. She gave us directions, but told us to go north when in fact, we needed to go south. We drive and drive realizing finally that we had the wrong information. Jack asks me to call again as Siri is still not helping. This time we get another person on the phone who says we needed to turn south. I lost it and became totally silent and upset. To turn around, we had to drive miles out of the way in the wrong direction. 

Then it happened. Jack's hand came firmly down on my now bare thigh and he started talking. I was not to shut down. I was to put the information back into Siri and I was to change my attitude. His hand was firmly on my leg. He said the drive was a long one and he was sorry about that, but we had a wonderful dinner awaiting us even though we had blown right through our reservation time. I could feel myself calming as I listened. He told me that he was doing the deciding, the driving and the talking here. I began to breathe calmly and realized the sweet sensation of not being in charge. I leaned right in and felt that strong sense of security.

When we approached the restaurant, there must have been 30 people outside. Jack took my hand and we excused ourselves around the people waiting. Jack was in full Hoh mode. He told the receptionist that we did not know it was their opening day. That explained the Siri problem maybe and the large number of people. He asked directions to the bar. Once there, he got us two seats, ordered beers and asked for menus.

We sat at the bar that night eating a delicious dinner, watching a baseball game not our own and enjoyed one another's company. My guy had taken matters into his own hands and his wife had leaned in big time. I could literally feel submission take over and our evening dinner was wonderful. 

After dinner, we had another 45 minutes to drive to our hotel, and Jack did both the talking and the driving. He complimented me on my leaning in. He recognized that exact moment in the car when I stopped fighting the situation and gave my submission to him. He said this ttwd works so well. In the olden days, my shutting down would have resulted in an argument, an awful fast food alternative and silence. Ttwd turns that all around and no backside was spanked until we were in the big hotel bed for a sweet gg. 

When it all works so well......... leaning in is the best!


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Perfect Road Trip...... Letting The Rest Of The World Go By

We are on our annual spring road trip. In this photo, the sun is shining and here we are seeking the sun. In fact, the cat-and-dog rain was occurring as we left town and it was a full five hours before we saw the sun. 

We will see friends and family, our favorite places and then return home hoping that the sun has decided to shine in our neck of the woods. While away, I hope to write not one, but two posts about road trips. I am leaving out the usual delicious restaurants, the meeting of friends and family, the shopping and such and instead focus on two things: how can Jack and I spend so much time in the car together and how ttwd plays such an important part of our road trip. How about that??

So I am sharing our definition of the perfect road trip first. In my next post, I will share that ttwd is always right along with us.

What makes a perfect road trip for us? How can we spend so much time together in the car for hours on end motoring to our favorite places? I even began to make notes and Jack joined in as we searched to explain the ingredients for that perfect time of hours and hours in the car!

Organization is key. Jack gets the car ready, but I am the one responsible for the rest. I pack a car bag which sits right next to me every inch of the way. I keep this bag high on my closet shelf taking it down for this kind of trip. Packing this bag is lots of fun. When road trips were with little ones, the same packing happened only with lots of different things. Many things go into this bag: iPhone, iPad, cords galore, eyeglasses, sunglasses, tissue, Jack's jelly beans, our gift cards for our beloved In and Out Burger stops, magazines, and the list goes on. I can see at a glance what I need. 

So great.......... okay, we are organized, but what are we doing inside that car? Snippets work best here:

Pandora is playing our favorite songs

Discussion of important issues in the news and these days that can take awhile

Discussion of nature...... flora and fauna....... the sweet lambs we see in the fields along the way

Discussion of how ttwd is working so well and why, but that is for my next post

Discussion of our favorite stop aside from In and Out ......... Dairy Queen. I love the small kiddie cones.

The funny stuff.......... Jack looking for appropriate little roads to stop to spank his wife; I wore new soft long pants and Jack said he wanted my legs bare. I told him I would honor his request once the weather warmed up. I told him my new pants were spank-proof. I had read that on the tag. He said I needed my reading glasses because the tag really said "Spank right here".

Learning about the powerful engines needed to pull trains...... a train having more than one engine doing the work; the identification of just what a "bobtail rig" is even though sweet Allen Jackson sings about them when we listen to his music; reciting my favorite Robert Frost poem about nature's first green is gold. 

Along with the jelly beans, a healthy supply of whoppers and root beer barrels. 

My offers to take a turn driving are continually turned down....... he is such a careful driver. 

I am usually wide awake as we drive. I help by map reading using a real map. I love it spread across my lap as we make our way. 

These road trips have been a part of our lives forever. During his deployments, I missed him and the road trips terribly. Close and often touching as we make our way, it is a time just for us and we let the rest of the world simply go by as we enjoy one another. 

Tell us about a special road trip you and your sweetie have enjoyed and why it is so special. 


Saturday, April 7, 2018

Let's Get It Over With

I wrote this in early March and found it in my drafts. No idea how that happened, but here it is. Two spanking posts in a row .......... this incident did not go well with Jack either! He wants his wife submissive and I really blew it.

Darn it! I do so well at home. Take me on vacation and so much goes wrong. We were enjoying a sun break and I stumbled........ many times! I asked for the check several times ignoring Jack's glare even with his hand on my leg. I went around Jack and asked the restaurant receptionist to hail a cab back to our hotel. Again, Jack was dumbfounded that I would do that. I talked over him many times. Even after all this time, he will not spank in a hotel. Instead, he whispers in my ear many times that he was keeping a scorecard that was getting mighty full. I said that I was sorry many times and he held me each time saying that I would indeed be sorry with a mighty sore bottom once home.

We had a great time and like all vacations, ours soon came to an end. Once home, we were putting the final touches on the renovation. As we did all this, the waiting game began. He had mentioned only once the scorecard since arriving home and he would soon be ready to clear it. Then nothing. The wait continued. We went to bed and the next day, I exercised, shopped and worked on other things. Jack did the same. No spanking. No scorecard clearing. I have learned it is far better not to push or ask when it is going to happen. However, can't we just get it over with?

Now two days home and things are humming right along. We have friends over to see the almost completed renovation. We play cards and enjoy dessert. They leave and I tidy up and telling Jack I was ready for bed. Jack came up to tuck me in and instead of helping me snuggle in, he whipped back those covers and firmly helped me from our high bed. Over the bed, I was placed, bared and thoroughly spanked as each offense was named. He told me to hold still or he would get that darn paddle. Finally, I stood up and now leaned against the cool sheets on our bed. My bottom was aflame and the scorecard was cleared. "Are you ever going to hail a cab when you are with your husband?",  he asked as I rubbed my burning bottom. I shook my head quickly, real quickly!

So just like that, we are back to harmony and smoothness. The wonders of ttwd!


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Yes, It Still Happens Here

Two rough days here and one huge spanking! I could not sleep last night. I borrowed Nora Jean's illustration depicting my restless night. I knew I needed a way to share what happened. The longer I blog, the harder it is for me to do that. However, I feel a real responsibility to share what happens even though those real spanking times are more infrequent. They still do happen............ yesterday, in fact. 

We had had words concerning a situation the day before. I had yelled and stormed out the door. It felt like old times and I calmed down before driving away. Once home, I immediately apologized and Jack told me that it had better not happen again.

We are doing many banking activities involving our bank accounts and investments. Important, but not a whole lot of fun. We were at the bank in one of those glassed-in, open offices. We were joined by not one, but two bankers. We learned that we would have to collapse all of our accounts and reopen them with new account numbers. I became really upset knowing that although Jack would help, the bulk of the work setting things up would fall to me. Readers, upon hearing that, I flipped out. I turned to Jack and yelled at him. I cannot remember exactly what I said, but I do remember the look on my poor husband's face. The two bankers tried blending into the woodwork and Jack firmly put his hand on my leg. I stepped way out of my submission and continued to talk way too loudly and disrespectfully. Jack told me that that was enough. I quieted and we told the two bankers that we would follow their advice another time. Quickly accepting their business cards, we walked back across the bank lobby and I was still agitated and upset. So was my husband!  

We headed home not saying much. We had two more stops and at both places, Jack told me to stay in the car and get myself together. When he left the car, I did a lot of thinking. What had I done? Flipping out, yelling at my husband, rude and disrespect behavior in front of others! I thought that maybe this is a situation way too big for ttwd! What a crazy, wild thought! 

Once home, I apologized several times for my obnoxious behavior. He said little and we had lunch. Then we went to our hot tub and I thought maybe this incident was way outside the realm of ttwd. We enjoyed the hot water and did a little talking about an upcoming road trip. I got out first and headed to our bedroom to dress. He was right behind me. He took me by the wrist and I was over that bed in no time. Damp and tender, my bottom was simply blistered to a bright red as he talked about the last two days and what had happened at the bank. He was determined to spank it all right out of me, but no implement was used. I was grateful and was very teary when he brought me up and held me. Still talking about his expectations, I listened and leaned in. 

This morning I asked him why no implement was used. He pulled me close and told me he was too angry and upset to use his paddle. I nodded and leaned in more.  

Things have calmed down. We have talked about the bankers' advice. I have leaned in and it is a smooth day here. When something like this happens, I think about it a lot. It does not happen often. I cannot remember the last time! This time I am grateful more than ever for ttwd. We have a framework for handling situations like the one that happened yesterday. When disrespect occurs, we have a way of getting things back on track. We communicate and love one another, but that ttwd is always there, as a big umbrella keeping us safe, loving and moving forward. We are sheltered by that umbrella communicating, listening and respecting one another. When I stumble, he is right there to set us straight.

So I had a really sore bottom yesterday, but I had, too, a husband who put us right back on track and who really did know just what to do. Ttwd is really always right there under that umbrella.