Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Internet And Geography

The internet brought us together, but geography keeps us apart!

I am a walker, a long distance walker. I did about five miles this morning and that is on the low side.  I love keeping track of all the places I have walked and recording those miles. Listing all those places is too revealing. Walking is a centerpiece of my life. When I was younger, I was a runner. I did half marathons and loved that. As I got older, I took some huge falls and one even resulted in surgery. Time to begin some long distance walking.

My iphone is always my friendly device as I walk. I listen to audiobooks, music and podcasts on my phone as I walk. Many great books have been enjoyed. However, I use the walking time to talk to my friends. The best talks are with my ttwd friends. The miles click off as we talk. The time zones give us fits, but we find a way to make it happen. Walking and talking are ways of life for me. Bloggers and readers alike, are great talkers and that is just what we do. 

Texting is right there too. We all text one another too. However, we are very careful to make sure to keep ttwd matters out of our texts. Sending a ttwd-wise text to a vanilla person by accident would not be good. Right?

Multi-tasking......... exercising and conversation solve the geography situation. It works and it works well. Yet we do find ways to meet up and that makes all the difference. Yes, the internet brought us together, but geography drives us nuts. 



  1. I so agree - but those connections survive the miles and makes the meet-ups all the sweeter. I'm having a connect with a friend now - we're trying to stuff a year into four days.

  2. Nice to fill those long walks with chat!
    love Jan, xx

  3. So nice you can chat and walk! Just have to say, half marathons are mighty impressive ;)

  4. Hi Meredith,

    I love this. Walking and talking, very nice :)


  5. Walk and talk - we used to do that during rainy days in elementary school. My new goal when Eric begins traveling again will be to walk and talk to him rather than lounge on the couch. I'm supposed to exercise the knee so a slow trip around the block while we reconnect each day might just be the way to go!

  6. When I walk, and that's not often I usually write in my head. I'm usually too winded to talk.

  7. There should be a holiday to celebrate the friends we have made on the Internet. They are a gift, for sure.

    Used to do a "walk and talk" with my kids on the track that surrounded our playground at school. Especially at this time of year, when the poor things had to sit through achievement testing! Lots of walks and granola bars.

    Hugs From Ella

  8. Hi Meredith, :) Glad that you enjoy your long walks, with chatting and audio books! Whiles away the time, for sure!

    When I used to run, I would always run to music. Something about zoning out during that time... Now when I walk, I often walk with Rob, and we chat. When the weather warms up, and I head off on my own, I will go back to music listening. Puts a little bounce in my steps. LOL! Enjoy your walks! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie xoxo

  9. I am envious of anyone who can walk such long distances, as I used to be able to. Sadly now it is beyond me. Would be a fun way to walk whilst talking to friends, especially TTWD ones.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  10. very fun
    walks have been far and few here lately but when I do they are short and sweet and I love to just enjoy the natural peaceful sounds and daydream. Though walking with a friend and chatting is a nice treat too. :-)