Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Pink Flannels and Bunny Slippers

I swear.......... every single time Amy of Eric51/Amy49 writes a comment on my blog, I laugh out loud as I read what she has got to say. This last time was no exception.  She congratulated me on coming out of my "slump", my short slump. Her question asks whether Jack has ever asked me to do something I did not want to do.......... did I negotiate, say no or do what he wished.

I know I said I would answer all questions all at once, but Amy's question begs for a post all its own. The question requires a night of sleep to answer. I fell asleep thinking about my answer.

We were so young, marrying when we both were just barely entering our twenties. The draft and Viet Nam were front and center and Jack joined the military reserves to serve. So young to handle so many hard things! Other things happened that will remain private. We turned toward one another and made our way. On a lighter note, we bought a brand new VW bug and Jack said he would teach me to drive it. After several gut-wrenching attempts, he tossed me the keys and told me to go for a solo ride coming back when I had mastered how to drive a shift stick car. I did not want to do this, but I swallowed, started the car and came back about three hours later. I mastered Jack's task even though initially I did not want to.

Amy, I went to answer your question from the sexual point of view and got all tongue-tied. We have made love on a deserted tropical beach. He wanted to; I did not. He said that it was safe and finally, we just did it. I was not comfortable and cannot think of that place without remembering Jack's request, and my unhappy giving in.

Sexually, we were both one another's first. Family members roll their eyes when we confess that our first kiss on his front porch was our first. We explored our bodies and learned what we each liked and tired me things. What fun exploration was and it is ttwd that provides a reliving of those lovely first times over and over again now. Jack did make requests of me. Some are most private. I will share this one. He wanted me to dress more sensually. For example, he wanted me to dress so that my lacy lingerie would show as in wearing sheer blouses when we went out. At first, I hesitated. Young and skittish, I did not like that request, but little by little, I gained confidence. I laugh now thinking about that skittish Meredith. We were green, real green and learned together and from one another. 

Deployments and a career choice of going from reserve to active duty occurred. I had to do many things that were his when he went away. Just before one big deployment, we purchased a big SUV. He told me to drive it at least twice a week while he was gone. I told him no. The car was way too big for me to handle and I refused. The week before he got home, I had a friend come drive it for me. 

Ours is a long marriage. The reason why that is noteworthy is because we work daily at getting things smooth. Negotiations are always ongoing ................... in bed, over the bed, in the car, on the phone..... but the basis of all talk is respect. Ttwd gave to me the dominance I crave and gave Jack leadership that he wisely uses.

Amy, I love how authentic your comments are, and wanted to celebrate you and your bunny slippers. You always make me laugh enjoying what you write.

So I will answers other questions soon. 

So here is to you and your cute slippers! 



  1. great question and wonderful thoughtful response Hugs

  2. This is so sweet. It’s a wonderful answer to a great question. I loved reading it! Love the bunny slipper pictures!

  3. Meredith, I popped on here just for a second and then I saw the title: "Pink Flannels and Bunny Slippers". Like an order from the Heavens, I literally put down the laptop, put the pink flannels, and bunny slippers on, and crawled into bed to read your post. You did not disappoint! Thank you for taking the time to truly answer my questions. I appreciate you sharing the fact that life is not always a smooth ride but with the right partner, the ride can be had together. Hmmm. Maybe if I put some lacy lingerie under these jammies, Eric will like me wearing them to bed! (He said no. The lace would just have him ripping them off that much faster. LOL)

  4. Amazed at the picture you painted of a young Meredith and Jack! I read it twice. It is easy to think of each other as we are now with ttwd in our lives. We forget that we are the culmination of everything that came before.

    The awkward sexual exploration is part of who we are today. Those memories are intrinsic to how we adopt ttwd to us as individuals.

    If I think back to when we were at the same stage of love, I recognize that the craving for Sam's domination was already present. Very lucky that we each found the courage to change our dynamic with the man we love.

    I always marvel at how we are inspired to share something new from the posts of another blogger.


  5. I loved walking down memory lane with you and Jack

  6. Oh what a nice post Meredith, how sweet
    love Jan, xx

  7. Very sweet description of your journey with Jack, Meredith.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  8. What a great question and wonderful answer Meredith. Loved reading about the early days of Jack and Meredith :)


  9. I find your answers very interesting. We go through a lot of stages in a long marriage. I'm asking everyone, what is a wish you have for yourself that could really come true?

  10. *sweet post* and those bunny slippers lol.

  11. You have a beautiful love story, thank you for sharing it with us. Yes, Amy does ask some mighty good questions.

  12. Relationships are so interesting aren't they? You two have grown so much as a couple and its always so evident in your posts. Love this.

  13. Loved this post, Meredith ... It's interesting that Jack had ways and means of getting you to see his way long before ttwd came along. I'm pretty sure his latent HoHiness was part of your attraction to him in the first place (I'm remembering the camping spanking story ;)) ... nj ... xx