Saturday, March 10, 2018

Answering Your Questions!

I always wait thinking that one more person will ask a question before I answer! So now I am ready to answer............

Jan asked if there was a place we have not visited that we wanted to. Plus she asked if we packed implements and were there any implements we wanted to try.

Jan, we have visited most of the places we have yearned to see. We know Europe well and enjoy your neck of the woods too. However, to date, we have not visited any Pacific Rim countries. Maybe that is where we will go. 

We do not travel with implements, but we have. I dropped the wooden paddle on the floor while talking to our host. I immediately dropped the clothes in my arms to the floor and vowed silently no more travel with implements. A thin wooden paddle in those days, clattering to the tiled floor! Not good!

Jack does the choosing, not his wife. He LOVES his leather paddle and sees no use for any other implements. Lucky me!

Great questions, Jan. Thank you!

Lea asks what opinion do I have that is unimportant in the large scheme of things? 

Lea, your question gave me pause. And then I smiled. When we travel, I must have the side of the bed nearest the window. I sleep nearest the window at home. I love looking out at the view we have. In hotel rooms, window placement should not matter, but I always must be by the window. 

Thank you for the interesting question.

Roz asks what is our favorite place and what is our favorite movie? 

We love the sun of Mexico. We love the food of Italy. We love the French countryside. We love all of England and Jack adores Scotland. Yes, he did play golf at St. Andrews. 

Movies are easy. I love Fried Green Tomatoes and Shawshank Redemption. At Christmas, I adore Love Actually. 

Great questions, Roz. Thank you. 

Lindy asks what do we always pack when we travel. She also asks where we want to live when we retire. 

Lindy, we always pack plenty of good things to read. Audiobooks, magazines, real books and books on my iPad all come along. We are lifelong readers. 

We made the decision to stay right where we are and are just now finishing a big renovation. We love our area of the world except for the gray winter which is why we take sun breaks. 

Thank you for your questions, Lindy.

Ronnie's question to both Jack and me created quite a stir. Jack and I have had some interesting talks. Ronnie asked what six month period of time would we each like to relive. 

Ronnie, Jack and I both zeroed in on the exact same six months which really stretched into more than six years without comparing notes until we had each made our decision. After all these years, we each chose the same period of time.

After September 11, 2001, Jack and I lived apart for two years. He was needed in California. Then he was assigned to headquarters in Washington, DC. The first six months and spilling into the next six years were so very exciting. We enjoyed all there was to do including dinner at the big house on Pennsylvania Avenue: up and down the east coast visiting all things historic; all museums; Arlington Cemetery; plays at the Kennedy Center and Ford's Theater; etc.

In the beginning, I would get lost driving. I began to listen carefully to the traffic reports learning the lingo like beltway, " the mixing bowl", parkways galore. By the end of our time on the east coast, I gave visitors directions! 

Ronnie, thanks for the great question. 

Ella wants to know if and when Jack might write another post. 

Ella, I have asked. He says when all the other hohs write a post, he most certainly will. What can I say to that? 

Thank you, Ella. Will Sam write a post?

Deena asks who was my mentor and how did it come about?

Like everyone else, I found the blogs quite by accident and then tunneled into my laptop for days thankful Jack was playing golf. I was drawn to one blog in particular. That blog is long gone. Written by Calimom, the blog was about a lovely woman who wanted to be spanked and her sweet husband who agreed, but only for fun. The post that pulled me in was one she wrote about standing in the figurative foyer as the rest of blogland waltzed on by. She wanted to dance too, and since Jack and I were just beginning, I told her I was standing right there in the "foyer" with her wanting the same thing. We met and our husbands enjoyed one another's company too. In fact, we met twice and had a great time. Then quite suddenly, she decided to take her blog down and we said goodbye. 
We write to one another occasionally. 

Deena, thank you for your great question.

Baker asks what traits I see in those people that write to me that make me feel that they will make great bloggers?

To date, I have announced seven bloggers. Four bloggers are here to stay and you all know them well. Three bloggers tried blogging, but for various reasons have left blogland. 

When someone approaches me interested in blogging, we begin a conversation of email exchanges. I ask the questions and determine the truth of the person doing the emailing. I look for sincerity, sense of humor, a willingness to listen and good writing skills. Good manners extended are important as I am one of the self- appointed, so called "gatekeepers" announcing the newbie if that newbie came to me. These potential bloggers chose me. Demanding people have approached me and that is something not appreciated. Rudeness is not appreciated here.

People may certainly blog on their own, but if bloggers want mentors, sincerity, kindness and good manners are essential. Trust is so important. Bloggers do circle the wagons when someone is felt to be not who they say they are. It does happen. 

So seven were launched on my blog and of those seven, only four remain. I did not announce the potential blogger who asked if I would proofread her posts and I did not launch another blogger who was very demanding and rude. Also, some of the newbies come back asking me to suggest topics. I answer that I have my own posts to write. If you are not creative, blogging is not for you. I think long and hard about those who are rude to me when they are asking for my help. It has happened. Newbies need to remember that it is not what is said, but the way it is said even when "talking" involves only emailing. 

I am no expert here and not the blogger who has been around the longest. I have no idea why people come to me for help, but they do. It is fun to watch their blogs flourish. 

Good question!

PK asked me our final question. She asks what I wish for myself that could come true. What an interesting question! 

I will write my answer, but I want her to answer her own question in my comment section. How 'bout it, PK?

I believe that luck and really hard work go hand in hand. When a friend said to me that we were so lucky because we travel, I told her that luck had nothing to do with it. We worked very hard and lived on less than what we made. We invested and spent our money carefully. 

We head for a big anniversary in a very few years and our goal is to return to our very favorite place in the world. This wish I believe will come true. 

Your turn, PK.

Thank you for your questions. It was a great list! 



  1. I very much enjoyed your responses, M. Thanks for answering mine.

  2. Loved reading the answers to some very thoughtful questions.

  3. Great answers Meredith, but let me help you with the reason people come to you about becoming bloggers - YOU ARE A GREAT READ! Your topics are interesting, your experiences educational and thought provoking, and you are very good at including your reader by asking questions at the end. You'll always have people asking you for the "how to" because you set the bar our here in Blogland. :)

  4. I love question month, gives me so much more insight about my blogging friends..hugs abby

  5. Great questions and fantastic responses. Your time in DC must have been amazing.

  6. Hi Meredith, thank you for answering my question, I love your movie pics! I enjoyed reading all of your answers and learning a little more about you.


  7. Thank you for answering my questions Meredith. I enjoyed reading this and all the other answers.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  8. Super post Meredith, I feel the same way as you on some of those things too. You two are definitely better travelled than me!
    love Jan, xx

  9. Very interesting questions and some great answers. Never thought about a window view in a hotel. I just need to be beside the bed side table to have somewhere for my phone, book, glasses and fan.

    My wish? I guess I have many but one I'd really like is for a stranger to say, "You're PK Corey, the writer? I've read your books!"

  10. I enjoyed reading your interesting answers to all of these great questions, Meredith! :) So glad to hear that your "wish" will come true!

    Your time in DC sounded very special. I can see why you and Jack would pick that period of time. Wonderful!

    Loved Jack's answer in regard to his writing another post! I don't see Rob doing anything like that, but one never knows... Sometimes I can get answers out of him when I "interview him". LOL!

    You've wrapped up your questions. If you get motivated... Has blogging taught you things about yourself that you weren't aware of before? What kinds of posts do you enjoy writing about the most?
    Many hugs,

    <3 Katie xoxo

  11. You’ve done a wonderful job answering these questions, it’s all so interesting to read.
    I love that you’ve set the standards high when it comes to a potential blogger that you plan to announce, and I believe that is why so many have approached you for help. Your blog speaks to that, kindness, honesty, and trust. As a reader of many ttwd blogs, I hope that what I’m reading is truthful and sincere which is why I find myself at the blogs in the first place. It’s a great place to find those kindred souls in this ttwd.
    Thank you Meredith.

  12. Whenever I think of what drew me to you and New Twist..., I remember that you are that classy pair of black pumps. Just my kind of beautiful shoes.

    Sam remembers reading Jack's 2 posts. He did write one himself, and I loved it, too. Maybe someday. I think it helps other men understand just a little bit what goes on in their wives' heads. TTWD can be so mysterious to them in the beginning.

    Wishing you sun and happy days,

  13. Great answers, Meredith! First, thank-you for your encouragement and kindness .. it is special for me to know that my blog is one of only seven you (and Ella, in my case), have announced, I hope I continue to meet the mark :)

    Your time in the capital city must have been amazing! There is a hum in some cities that makes life vibrant and exciting. I am sure Washington is one of them.

    Hope you're getting the sun you need. It has been sunny here the last few days with temps in the teens (Celsius) .... I can't wait for Spring! ... nj ... xx

  14. Great answers, Meredith. I always look forward to reading your posts.

  15. I enjoyed reading your answers. Great questions. I can see why you and Jack picked the same period. What an exciting and special time. Thanks for answering.