Monday, March 19, 2018

Where, Oh, Where Is Spring?

I truly believe I have written this post each and every year I have blogged. The older I get, the more I detest winter. It is the darkness and the cold that get to me. I kind of hibernate. I go to bed early. At one point, I think it was January, I told Jack I was so sleepy. He politely informed me that 7:20 pm was way too early to go to bed. I simply crave the sunshine, the warmer temps and the long twilight evenings of our late springs, summers and early autumns. 

I am posting this on the eve of our road trip to California. We leave the first week of April. That state really knows how to do spring well. The fields and vineyards are waking up. The sun is always shining. It is warm and lovely temperature-wise. 

We will head into wine country to see how things are recovering from the fires. I have no idea if Jack will make his traditional stop on state route 128. That is a special stop for us. 

We have a busy spring and summer planned. Two wonderful sets of ttwd friends are coming to visit and are we excited. Family and our littles are coming deep into summer.  Now if all the little lambies would just warm up the weather, I would be so much happier. 

Share your feelings about leaving winter behind. 


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Internet And Geography

The internet brought us together, but geography keeps us apart!

I am a walker, a long distance walker. I did about five miles this morning and that is on the low side.  I love keeping track of all the places I have walked and recording those miles. Listing all those places is too revealing. Walking is a centerpiece of my life. When I was younger, I was a runner. I did half marathons and loved that. As I got older, I took some huge falls and one even resulted in surgery. Time to begin some long distance walking.

My iphone is always my friendly device as I walk. I listen to audiobooks, music and podcasts on my phone as I walk. Many great books have been enjoyed. However, I use the walking time to talk to my friends. The best talks are with my ttwd friends. The miles click off as we talk. The time zones give us fits, but we find a way to make it happen. Walking and talking are ways of life for me. Bloggers and readers alike, are great talkers and that is just what we do. 

Texting is right there too. We all text one another too. However, we are very careful to make sure to keep ttwd matters out of our texts. Sending a ttwd-wise text to a vanilla person by accident would not be good. Right?

Multi-tasking......... exercising and conversation solve the geography situation. It works and it works well. Yet we do find ways to meet up and that makes all the difference. Yes, the internet brought us together, but geography drives us nuts. 


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Answering Your Questions!

I always wait thinking that one more person will ask a question before I answer! So now I am ready to answer............

Jan asked if there was a place we have not visited that we wanted to. Plus she asked if we packed implements and were there any implements we wanted to try.

Jan, we have visited most of the places we have yearned to see. We know Europe well and enjoy your neck of the woods too. However, to date, we have not visited any Pacific Rim countries. Maybe that is where we will go. 

We do not travel with implements, but we have. I dropped the wooden paddle on the floor while talking to our host. I immediately dropped the clothes in my arms to the floor and vowed silently no more travel with implements. A thin wooden paddle in those days, clattering to the tiled floor! Not good!

Jack does the choosing, not his wife. He LOVES his leather paddle and sees no use for any other implements. Lucky me!

Great questions, Jan. Thank you!

Lea asks what opinion do I have that is unimportant in the large scheme of things? 

Lea, your question gave me pause. And then I smiled. When we travel, I must have the side of the bed nearest the window. I sleep nearest the window at home. I love looking out at the view we have. In hotel rooms, window placement should not matter, but I always must be by the window. 

Thank you for the interesting question.

Roz asks what is our favorite place and what is our favorite movie? 

We love the sun of Mexico. We love the food of Italy. We love the French countryside. We love all of England and Jack adores Scotland. Yes, he did play golf at St. Andrews. 

Movies are easy. I love Fried Green Tomatoes and Shawshank Redemption. At Christmas, I adore Love Actually. 

Great questions, Roz. Thank you. 

Lindy asks what do we always pack when we travel. She also asks where we want to live when we retire. 

Lindy, we always pack plenty of good things to read. Audiobooks, magazines, real books and books on my iPad all come along. We are lifelong readers. 

We made the decision to stay right where we are and are just now finishing a big renovation. We love our area of the world except for the gray winter which is why we take sun breaks. 

Thank you for your questions, Lindy.

Ronnie's question to both Jack and me created quite a stir. Jack and I have had some interesting talks. Ronnie asked what six month period of time would we each like to relive. 

Ronnie, Jack and I both zeroed in on the exact same six months which really stretched into more than six years without comparing notes until we had each made our decision. After all these years, we each chose the same period of time.

After September 11, 2001, Jack and I lived apart for two years. He was needed in California. Then he was assigned to headquarters in Washington, DC. The first six months and spilling into the next six years were so very exciting. We enjoyed all there was to do including dinner at the big house on Pennsylvania Avenue: up and down the east coast visiting all things historic; all museums; Arlington Cemetery; plays at the Kennedy Center and Ford's Theater; etc.

In the beginning, I would get lost driving. I began to listen carefully to the traffic reports learning the lingo like beltway, " the mixing bowl", parkways galore. By the end of our time on the east coast, I gave visitors directions! 

Ronnie, thanks for the great question. 

Ella wants to know if and when Jack might write another post. 

Ella, I have asked. He says when all the other hohs write a post, he most certainly will. What can I say to that? 

Thank you, Ella. Will Sam write a post?

Deena asks who was my mentor and how did it come about?

Like everyone else, I found the blogs quite by accident and then tunneled into my laptop for days thankful Jack was playing golf. I was drawn to one blog in particular. That blog is long gone. Written by Calimom, the blog was about a lovely woman who wanted to be spanked and her sweet husband who agreed, but only for fun. The post that pulled me in was one she wrote about standing in the figurative foyer as the rest of blogland waltzed on by. She wanted to dance too, and since Jack and I were just beginning, I told her I was standing right there in the "foyer" with her wanting the same thing. We met and our husbands enjoyed one another's company too. In fact, we met twice and had a great time. Then quite suddenly, she decided to take her blog down and we said goodbye. 
We write to one another occasionally. 

Deena, thank you for your great question.

Baker asks what traits I see in those people that write to me that make me feel that they will make great bloggers?

To date, I have announced seven bloggers. Four bloggers are here to stay and you all know them well. Three bloggers tried blogging, but for various reasons have left blogland. 

When someone approaches me interested in blogging, we begin a conversation of email exchanges. I ask the questions and determine the truth of the person doing the emailing. I look for sincerity, sense of humor, a willingness to listen and good writing skills. Good manners extended are important as I am one of the self- appointed, so called "gatekeepers" announcing the newbie if that newbie came to me. These potential bloggers chose me. Demanding people have approached me and that is something not appreciated. Rudeness is not appreciated here.

People may certainly blog on their own, but if bloggers want mentors, sincerity, kindness and good manners are essential. Trust is so important. Bloggers do circle the wagons when someone is felt to be not who they say they are. It does happen. 

So seven were launched on my blog and of those seven, only four remain. I did not announce the potential blogger who asked if I would proofread her posts and I did not launch another blogger who was very demanding and rude. Also, some of the newbies come back asking me to suggest topics. I answer that I have my own posts to write. If you are not creative, blogging is not for you. I think long and hard about those who are rude to me when they are asking for my help. It has happened. Newbies need to remember that it is not what is said, but the way it is said even when "talking" involves only emailing. 

I am no expert here and not the blogger who has been around the longest. I have no idea why people come to me for help, but they do. It is fun to watch their blogs flourish. 

Good question!

PK asked me our final question. She asks what I wish for myself that could come true. What an interesting question! 

I will write my answer, but I want her to answer her own question in my comment section. How 'bout it, PK?

I believe that luck and really hard work go hand in hand. When a friend said to me that we were so lucky because we travel, I told her that luck had nothing to do with it. We worked very hard and lived on less than what we made. We invested and spent our money carefully. 

We head for a big anniversary in a very few years and our goal is to return to our very favorite place in the world. This wish I believe will come true. 

Your turn, PK.

Thank you for your questions. It was a great list! 


Friday, March 9, 2018

Groundhog Day!

Yes, I know it is March. This little story happened right smack dab in the middle of February. However, I did promise to keep you posted on how things were going. If I did not know better, I would swear Jack just wanted me over his knee, bared, in the light of day!

Have you ever had one of those vacations when one day blends into the next? Time seems to simply stand still as each day's rhythm smoothly turns into the next day. It is a wonderful experience if you are on vacation. My Groundhog Day story did not occur on that silly second day of February, but if you know the old movie, you can appreciate my story. In the movie, time stands still and each day repeats the day before. Here is our Groundhog Day experience as the renovation continued. 

Regarding our renovation, that groundhog day feeling is crazy. We had an early crew arriving each morning at 7 am. Good grief! Held captive, one of us had to be home with so much going on. The days simply evaporated. The workers left about 6 pm. Yes, everyone went to lunch, but they took turns doing that. Why so late you ask? They were meticulous and careful, precise and ever punctual.

We were never ever alone until it was time to make dinner, go to bed and get up to do it all over again the next day. When one of the workers suggested finishing his portion of work on Saturday, I almost cried. Yes, I want this project all finished, but I want back our privacy and our home. Each evening when the day's work was completed, I just wanted to go to bed because I knew it would start up all over again in the morning.These workers were very sweet and very careful in all they did. However, our home is still turned on its ear and ttwd seemed suspended in the outer universe. Things were not smooth for Jack and me, but there was no privacy and no energy to take care of things once we were alone. We were pooped and the days continued much like in the movie Groundhog Day. The same day over and over again, no variation, no change, no whatever. There was always someone there. We even had a few sharp words as couples do forgetting there were workers right there. 

Finally, the workers left us on a Saturday at noon. Jack marveled that it was daylight; our home was quiet; we were home alone; we had newfound energy. Quite suddenly, he turned to me astonished. He reached down taking my hand and marched me to the guest room. He bared me and put me over his knee and started a spanking for the ages. I am not sure why, but I do know we had gone quite a while with no hope for what ttwd often takes........ time, energy and sweet aftercare. He made up for lost time and lost days. My bottom was toasted and I was brought up into his arms for a talk only to have him put me back over for more toasting.  

No more Groundhog Day. The renovation is almost complete and it is beautiful and worthy of all the frustration. I so wish photos could be shared. 


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Pink Flannels and Bunny Slippers

I swear.......... every single time Amy of Eric51/Amy49 writes a comment on my blog, I laugh out loud as I read what she has got to say. This last time was no exception.  She congratulated me on coming out of my "slump", my short slump. Her question asks whether Jack has ever asked me to do something I did not want to do.......... did I negotiate, say no or do what he wished.

I know I said I would answer all questions all at once, but Amy's question begs for a post all its own. The question requires a night of sleep to answer. I fell asleep thinking about my answer.

We were so young, marrying when we both were just barely entering our twenties. The draft and Viet Nam were front and center and Jack joined the military reserves to serve. So young to handle so many hard things! Other things happened that will remain private. We turned toward one another and made our way. On a lighter note, we bought a brand new VW bug and Jack said he would teach me to drive it. After several gut-wrenching attempts, he tossed me the keys and told me to go for a solo ride coming back when I had mastered how to drive a shift stick car. I did not want to do this, but I swallowed, started the car and came back about three hours later. I mastered Jack's task even though initially I did not want to.

Amy, I went to answer your question from the sexual point of view and got all tongue-tied. We have made love on a deserted tropical beach. He wanted to; I did not. He said that it was safe and finally, we just did it. I was not comfortable and cannot think of that place without remembering Jack's request, and my unhappy giving in.

Sexually, we were both one another's first. Family members roll their eyes when we confess that our first kiss on his front porch was our first. We explored our bodies and learned what we each liked and tired me things. What fun exploration was and it is ttwd that provides a reliving of those lovely first times over and over again now. Jack did make requests of me. Some are most private. I will share this one. He wanted me to dress more sensually. For example, he wanted me to dress so that my lacy lingerie would show as in wearing sheer blouses when we went out. At first, I hesitated. Young and skittish, I did not like that request, but little by little, I gained confidence. I laugh now thinking about that skittish Meredith. We were green, real green and learned together and from one another. 

Deployments and a career choice of going from reserve to active duty occurred. I had to do many things that were his when he went away. Just before one big deployment, we purchased a big SUV. He told me to drive it at least twice a week while he was gone. I told him no. The car was way too big for me to handle and I refused. The week before he got home, I had a friend come drive it for me. 

Ours is a long marriage. The reason why that is noteworthy is because we work daily at getting things smooth. Negotiations are always ongoing ................... in bed, over the bed, in the car, on the phone..... but the basis of all talk is respect. Ttwd gave to me the dominance I crave and gave Jack leadership that he wisely uses.

Amy, I love how authentic your comments are, and wanted to celebrate you and your bunny slippers. You always make me laugh enjoying what you write.

So I will answers other questions soon. 

So here is to you and your cute slippers! 


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Questions, Questions, Questions!

I am a  person who always has questions. Too many questions sometimes according to Jack! Bloggers use this month to answer questions from our readers. I will answer your questions in one post after time passes for people to inquire. If you wish, ask questions by sending me an email. The choice is yours. 

Meanwhile, I am actually working on a couple of posts. Hooray....... maybe the New Twist slump is over! You will have to wait and see. 


Monday, March 5, 2018

Shelf Life Of A Blogger

Back in the day, when I discovered the blogs, I loved reading Stormy's posts. Her Shelter From the Storm blog was entertaining, hard reading, truthful, harsh and oh, yes, funny........ very funny. You could tell things were headed for a shutting down as posts became less and less frequent. I loved reading her posts, and when she announced her pending withdrawal from blogland, I panicked. I copied my favorite posts fearing she would take it down. She wrote over 450 posts! I copied my favorites! She went private and continued blogging, but finally, she said good-bye. She and I corresponded briefly. She never took her blog down. Her comment section is still open allowing comments to be made. Good grief........ I wrote posts about her and really enjoyed the mornings when I would find a new post at the top of my reading list. Sweet! 

And then there is PK. She has been blogging since time began....... internet time. She has written over 2,000 posts on New Beginnings alone. She has another blog too. She writes books, good ones, at a clip. She began blogging on New Beginnings in 2006. Another big good grief! 

All I know is that for the first time since beginning this blog, posts are becoming more infrequent. Real life and the many things we do are really taking over. The blog has resulted in many new ttwd friends and I do love that. Those friendships are very important. We are a fierce, loyal tribe of women who love one another's company. 

Many use their blogs as a source of news for the things they do. I feel much more private about share things like that. We have just returned from a sun break with family and I had to be careful as family seemed to be around a lot. 

Yes, yes, of course, there are spankings. The fun kind and the not so fun kind......... However, at 435 posts published, those times seem to become more private, not less. That is a lot of writing and it sure was fun to do. The new blogger on the block, Nora Jean, told me she read every single post. She deserves a gold medal and the title 3GA for sure. 

I have plenty of posts in draft form........... about 60 so says blogger! 

Here comes # 436!

So I am just asking........ What is the shelf life of a blogger anyway?