Friday, February 23, 2018

Worthy Advice!

Now how about that for some good advice? Words to live by. I am a tease and I do like to flirt. Being outright naughty is a sure fire way to be spanked. The longer we are a ttwd couple, the more I crave his dominance and the more I like showing my submission. What I find so interesting is how that discovery......... my craving his dominance and my showing my submission......... accelerated our ttwd. Almost five years ago when we began, I think we were both rather dumbfounded and surprised by what happened after a spanking. My attitude was squared away; I was in his arms; the situation that brought us to the edge of the bed is over; I am listening and leaning in. Our sex life came alive and the fun factor came right on through. I found renewed respect for my guy and he took his leadership seriously. 

But the fun was right there too. Last evening after a great deal of flirting, I asked Jack if we were good ........ a code for asking if we are heading to a spanking upstairs come bedtime. We continued to play......... teasing and sparing and laughing and come bedtime, Jack spanked me in the lovely good girl way. He told me he stopped spanking when my bottom was the brightest of pink heading toward red! I commented on how nice it was to climb into bed with the cool sheets soothing my heated bottom. I do love that!

We are in the sweet smooth time. I thought about how infrequently I am posting when I do like to write and hear from all of you. 

We are off for a little sun break. I really need it and our renovation is on track, but not quite finished.......... soon and it is beautiful. Sure wish I could let you all see the renovation in all its glory. 



  1. Enjoy your sun break and the smooth time now!

  2. You enjoy your sun break! I think you have done as good as anyone at incorporating TTWD into your life. I'm happy it's working so well for you two.

  3. Enjoy the sun all parts of your body can be warm...hugs abby

  4. I think it’s important to play in a relationship. A little flirting and teasing is a wonderful way of keeping things fresh and fun. You’re right though, as long as it doesn’t tip into the naughty side all is very, very good!
    Enjoy your sun break!

  5. Hi Meredith, love this and couldn't agree more. Enjoy your sun break :)


  6. Meredith and Jack enjoy your sun break. Love hearing about your version of TTWD.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  7. Nice post. Hope you have a lovely holiday in the sunshine.
    love Jan, xx

  8. Well, first I must give you a round of applause on leaning in lately with all the upheaval at your house and packing for a sun break. Well done, Mere. Your halo is glowing, for sure.

    Just loved your "code" with Jack! When it means something special to just the two of you, that is a wonderful way to flirt, too. I smiled when you mentioned the fun factor. I believe the flirting and the teasing keeps us young and in love. The spanking keeps us on the same road.

    Even when you write about the smooth times, I wouldn't miss a chapter in your story.


  9. Have fun on your sun break. Not too much flirting now - you are flirting with Jack right?
    I'm off on a little sun break too - it's been chilly and dreary here in AZ.

  10. Love the quote, Mere, words to live by for sure. Have a great time in the sun and try to keep that halo shining. Holidays often cause our husbands to get itchy palms!
    Rosie xx

  11. Hi Meredith ... I'm with Ella .. if the reno is not 100% finished and you've been list making and packing for vacation and yet you're heading to bed for a GG spanking, you have done well!

    I am sure Jack has his pencil sharp for his scorecards .... golf and non golf ... have a blast with your Sun Fun ... xx ... nj

  12. Love this. And yes, cool sheets are always nice. :) I hope you enjoy your sun break and your renovations are everything you hope they'll be. :)

  13. A sun break sounds awesome as does the rest of this post! Enjoy!

  14. All of this is so important. I find I blog more when things are good in my D/s relationship. It's the opposite for the rest of my life. I write more when things are bad there.

    Enjoy the break, enjoy each other. You deserve it!