Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Almost Everything We Own!

Hope you are all well and staying warm as we head into deep winter. I am not a fan of winter. The darkness, the cold makes me weary. I am looking for signs of spring. Our Christmas was heaven as our family was here for all the fun. Our house was noisy, messy and wonderful. 

I titled this post intentionally. Every single January of my adult life, I do a lot of editing. I have a funny motto come the first month of the year ....... touch everything we own and decide if the object is worthy of taking up space in our lives. Sounds crazy, right? I edit what we own: my clothes, all cupboards, all closets, books, financial files, the things inside the refrigerator and the list goes on. It takes the full month going room by room until all has been sorted and organized. I like things lean and organized. Things must be useful or beautiful. It makes me happy.

Jack usually watches all this from the sidelines. I am instructed not to even think about touching Jack's clothes or anything related to his golf.  

This editing creates great peace and a few arguments. So maybe you can tell just where this is going.........! We have been a ttwd couple for almost five years. Jack knows how to handle situations and, at the same time, handles me in those situations. Spankings happen, and once in a while an implement is used. Jack prefers his leather paddle. I do not agree. We have other implements in his sweater drawer. These other implements have not been used in a few years or more. So I thought just letting them go might be a really good idea. I wisely thought that asking Jack about those unused implements just might be best. Thank God! When I asked if we could just toss them, he said there is only one way he would do that......... each implement would be used to determine its merit. I ever so quickly backed away from all thoughts of any implement editing. Leave alone Jack's clothes, his golf paraphernalia and the implements. Got it!  

We would never ever edit ttwd from our marriage. We know our marriage has been revitalized. Today, as we returned from errands, I told him that he totally surprised me in what we did and where we went on our errand outing.  He turned to me and said, "I love keeping you on your toes and I love putting you over the bed. I love you the most when you are freshly spanked and in my arms." 



  1. hi Meredith, I like the idea of the editing, I am constantly doing it. I love everything to be just so all the time, drives everyone mad. I am thinking PK would like to edit a certain paddle from her life, actually now I think about it there are a few wooden things I would like to get shot of....
    love Jan, xx

  2. Great minds think alike Meredith. My daughter and I have just challenged each other to declutter our lives by rehoming things we no longer need. Bear and I still have boxes packed in the garage from when we moved here 4 years ago. So obviously we don't need any of those items.
    I think editing the spanking implements is a great idea also, not so much our men though. So guess they are staying, even if not used.
    Have fun editing your house.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  3. I love the editing idea, I go through stages where I do the same. I would love to edit some of the toy bag...but know that would not be a good idea! Laughed at Jack's suggestion on the toy editing..I can hear M say that...I know I am late with this, but wishing you both a year filled with lost of wonder and laughter..hugs abby

  4. I clear out all the clutter from my house on a regular basis. The toy drawer not so. i KNOW i want to remove some of the items from there but um, they're not totally JUST mine, cos I think of them as being co-owned. So I've done this things once before where I got everything out and had BIKSS look at the stuff to decide if we were tossing or keeping. It took WAY TOO LONG. Testing out each item's merit seems to be a common feature among them.

  5. There are quite a few implements that I would like to edit. All those I had pictured on my blog this week. But I know better. At least the worst one are not used often.

  6. ...and there you have it. The last statement said it all.

  7. Mere, I liked this post! It has a flavor of the new year beginning. I have been doing the same thing since retirement. However, mine becomes more of a Clean and Purge Campaign. I learned the hard way that it is better to tread lightly with Sam's stuff. There is a post already written to show how that can go wrong. And, yes, ttwd is here to stay.


  8. You two are great. I am glad that you didn't do any editing that would have gotten you into trouble. That's a great way to start the New Year by sorting things out and cleaning out. As I take down Christmas decorations maybe I should be doing some editing.

  9. I love the idea of ‘editing’ in every room of the house. This is something that I need to do, it’s a great way to start the new year. As for the implement drawer, I will stay far away from that one. No need to start a conversation that could potentially end with me over the bed!
    Thanks for the inspiration Meredith!

  10. lovely post. I do my own editing here as well, though no always in January...more when the feeling strikes. In this past year I have done a lot. Hugs

  11. Yes, I need to do a bit of weeding out myself around the house.