Saturday, December 29, 2018

Shine On This Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

Jack and my late sweet mother worked together to make this Happy New Year post. As a kid, my mother taught me all the words to her favorite songs. I know all of them. Shine on, Harvest Moon was a favorite of hers and when we saw the moon looking like this, we sang the song together. When Jack and I were dating, I taught him the words to this lovely song. In our travels, whenever we see that harvest moon rising, we sing out.  Our home has an eastern exposure so we are treated to a golden moon rising just like this several times a year. 

With this photo as my centerpiece, Jack and I wish all of you the happiest of New Years. 


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Jack and I wish all of you the happiest of holidays. Celebrate the season, its traditions, music and treats. Enjoy friends and family as you give thanks for all our blessings.


Thursday, December 20, 2018

And Just Like That...........

I do not know about your house, but things are mighty busy here at ours. A dear friend is in the hospital, family and friends are arriving in town, gift shopping and wrapping are getting ribboned and taped, and my glass cookie jars are filled with buttery treats only to be quickly sampled by my very own cookie monster. 

In all this holiday swirl, my Jack sent me this reminder this morning and just like that, my world settled and I leaned in rather quickly. Five days away and counting, but then my world just plain stopped for a while this morning. 

Thank you, Jack! 



Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What My Jack Sees

No, this isn't me. However, in Jack's eyes, he still sees his wife in that sexy way. Yes, he has had his eyes examined. Nonetheless, that is how he says he sees me. Let me go on!

Windy is like a breath of fresh air here in blogland. She keeps giving us excellent topics to explore. Once again, Windy's post must surely bring discussions to many a ttwd home. She imagines being inside Storm's head and shares what she thinks he is thinking about his wife. I am using that idea, but putting my own twist on it. I went right to the source. I asked Jack what he sees in his wife. How does he see her? He even said he sees still the young girl he fell in love with and when I rolled my eyes. he promptly smacked my bottom twice. 

So how does he see me? He does like that I have begun to wear jeans again. He likes to see my tush and pop it as we make dinner. He likes me dressed commando best. I told him that summer is a long time away and to that, he said I will turn up the thermostat if you will wear only your apron while we work in the kitchen. We will see about that! And then we did just that...... cooking pies with only our aprons on. He likes my soft places and the touching we do all day long. He loves watching me enjoy my new hobby. He watches my total concentration and attention. He really enjoys watching me in the aftermath of a ttwd talking-to whispered in my ear. He sees me responding to his words and changing behavior. He has always told me that he likes very much the results of a spanking.

We are older now. Seventeen seems like a long time ago and yet, it could be yesterday as we approach one another sexually and sensually. 

How does he see me? He is my best fashion guide, but what goes on in his head is really a mystery! I use my imagination, watch his eyes and wonder. Are his eyes twinkling? Are the eyebrows going up? Are his palms itchy? I do know that when I upset him, I go to him and wrap my arms around him and he does the same. Are we all right, I ask. We will be by bedtime, he announces. All ttwd wives know the meaning of those words.

So I feel like I tried to get inside his head. I like keeping my thoughts private as well. I do know that Windy thinks she is inside Storm's mind, but really, she is just plain speculating. I say....... let's keep the mystery alive in our marriages. What fun!

Can you determine what is going on in your husband's head? Try to answer Windy's post question! It is tough to do.


Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pie Baking Was Never So Much Fun!

We were away for Thanksgiving. We enjoyed time with both ttwd friends and family. Once home, my guy let it be known that although the Thanksgiving dinner was enjoyed at that fancy inn with family, he still wanted his own Thanksgiving dinner once we were home. 

This Sunday we entertain both friends and family for a small Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings including pie........ apple and pumpkin. Jack offered to pie bake with me and we decided to get busy early Saturday morning. My guy........... he came into our kitchen ready to go wearing his long apron and only the long apron! I stared as he went to the thermostat kicking up the heat. He told me to get my apron on and only my apron. I did just that and we began a very sexy pie making session. The flour was everywhere! We each had handprints on our bottoms! Oh, how I wish I could share the photos. The whole house has the aroma of good pies, but the cleanup took a little longer as bakers make quite a mess when they are having this much fun. 

I personally place full responsibility for all this fun squarely on ttwd. We have found the joy in one another, our bodies and the changing climate of our marriage. The pies will taste wonderful, but the real blue ribbon pie baking award really goes to the two of us........ enjoying one another and when we give our acceptance speech, we will credit ttwd for the loving change in our long marriage.

Pie, anyone?


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Wink And His Smile

I hope you are reading Windy's blog When The Storm Whispers To The Wind.  You can read her blog right here. New blogger no longer, her posts are interesting, funny, creative and sometimes even short. LOL She has started a habit of asking her readers an important question which relates to her post. In the post titled What Do You Respond To, she asked readers to share what they respond to when their men approach.

After reading this post, my insides did a giant flip-flop as I thought about Wendy's question. I read the comments and it seemed that Windy had touched a subject that hit all readers. Read them and you just might agree. When I read Laurel's comment, I especially thought that Windy had hit ttwd gold. 

This is Laurel's comment. She graciously gave me her permission to put it here on my post as did Windy. 

I love your story, it’s beautiful. Who knew all those years ago that you’d end up at this lovely little place enjoying each other more than ever. How sweet it is!
Your question is a good one, my answer is ... his dominance. The way he speaks, what he says, how he touches me around the house, how he watches for me when we’re out-walking on the outside etc., taking my hand, when he gestures to me, winking at me in a crowd, whispering to me how things are going to go if I don’t shape up, etc. etc. It never ends....the way he makes me feel taken care of and protected, it’s all so deliciously heady. I love it with my being and never want it to change. Ahhh...I have to go and find him now! Lol! 

When Jack returned from deployment, he was bigger than life to me and I mean quite literally. I was totally in awe and was nervous even though we had been married quite a while when those deployments happened. He always made me feel that I was his center of the universe. Homecomings were wonderful and hard all at the same time. How were we to act after a long absence? Jack had no problem, but I did. I was shy around a husband of many years during those first encounters........ but only briefly as I was in his arms and our bed. We did know what to do. Nonetheless, I was shy and had a hard time stopping the tummy butterflies and flip-flops. So the butterflies were right there and the reunions were always wonderful. 

At this point, we began the wink. We found ourselves at crowded events and we would search the room for one another using our eyes. He would be with fellow officers and I would be with other spouses. Then we would catch a glimpse of one another and he would wink. My response was always a grin and possibly a wink. When we then approached one another, he always grabbed my hand tucking me right into his side. With just a couple of small gestures, I feel his love in a busy setting or in the quiet of our home.

Because we met as young teenagers, I am always amazed that, yes, his eyes light up when I walk into the room. Those eyes sparkle and wink. He pulls me close, gives me a quick spank and a sweet kiss. I will always love his wink and his smile. 

So let's keep this going. How do you and your husband approach one another? Are you a little shy after being away? Does he give you a wink and a smile? Do you have a language all your own between just the two of you?

Thank you, Windy and Laurel,


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Remorse and Compassion

We have just returned from a wonderful family/friend Thanksgiving visit. We encountered many weather delays and were mighty glad to crawl into our own bed in the wee hours of the morning. This little story happened before we left. 

That title is kind of serious and doesn't reflect how loving and tender ttwd can be. The language of ttwd can calm a situation in a heartbeat. My Hoh talking firmly, quietly, tenderly in my ear does often settle me down. Sometimes time is on my side and that was what I was counting on.  Let me share with you what happened to illustrate.

The day was a long day and several times, my attitude had really taken a turn, not to my liking nor the liking of Jack. In fact twice, Jack had his hands on his hips and I was apologizing as fast as I could. We had friends arriving and that arrival saved my hide. In the final attitude mess, Jack pulled me close telling me we would talk about this later. We ttwd wives all know what that means. It was many hours until "later" and things did get much sweeter. Friends enjoyed themselves and then everyone went home. We watched a little TV and then we went up to bed. We climbed into bed and I was thinking so far so good. 

The lights now were out and we cuddled under the warmth of fresh linens and fluffy duvets. Then, in an instant, those covers were pulled, I was flipped over and held firmly in place. Jack had his hand on my bottom and he began to quietly talk in his low, husky bedroom voice whispering in my ear. He told me that he had decided to meet my show of remorse with his compassion in how I had handled several things. There would be no spanking. Because he has me held in place, on my tummy, all ready to take care of things, I still wondered. We stayed in that precarious position for a little longer.  There might not be a spanking coming, but we were in a mighty logical position. The silence was a bit unsettling, but for once, I kept my mouth shut. Two sharp spanks ended the husky talk. Then he reached down and pulled the duvet up around us. He kissed me and said it was time to sleep. 

My guy went right out, but I had our shutters open and I watched the night sky, the stars and the approaching planes far in the distance make their big turns to the south. I so love the way this ttwd works. 


Monday, November 19, 2018

I Love Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. Let me tell you why. 

This year we are traveling to family and although that can make for congestion, delays and the rest, I do love the journey. Thanksgiving is without the expectations of Christmas. Food, family and friendship, what's not to love! 

This year I am not doing the cooking. We are going to a beautiful inn. When we return home, I will make Jack his favorites for a quiet dinner of our own. Jack did grumble just a bit. He knows this inn dinner will be expensive and that he will leave hungry. There are no seconds. A Thanksgiving dinner with no seconds ............ my poor Jack! I will make him his own Thanksgiving once we are back home with all the sides he loves.

Throw in some Christmas shopping, a movie, activities with our grands and visiting with family and friends. Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving to me. The weather seems to be cooperating as well. 

Jack and I wish all of you a very joyous Thanksgiving. 


Friday, November 16, 2018

Ttwd He Said/She Said And LOL Day # 2

Mere: I love the ritual of lighting candles for dinner in the winter.
Jack: Let's go upstairs and do a little ritual of mine.

Mere: I am not sure I want that way.
Jack: You are being very cheeky. Now I will concentrate on some cheeks. 

Mere: You are just not hearing me.
Jack: Oh, I will be hearing you loud and clear. Come here, please. 

On this the second day of LOL Days, I am asking you to participate. You must have your own version of ttwd "He said/She Said" and I would like you to share it right here with all of us in the comments. If you would rather email me your version, I can post it for you. 

I usually encourage those new to write me an email so we can get to know one another. The reader friends I have did just that. They simply emailed and now we are great ttwd friends. Why not give it a try?


LOL Day # 1

Where does the time go? Here we are in the middle of November and it is time to put you to work. Please say hello and let me know you are there. I do thank you for reading the blog.

My posts are less frequent; my ttwd friendships strong and worthy and our ttwd is very much alive and well. I just do not write about it the way I used to. As blogging quiets, I am determined to rekindle my serious book reading. Plus I have begun several new things that bring me pleasure. I like popping in and out of my own blog and, as I approach post #500, it is certainly time. 

Please comment and let me hear from you. You might prefer to ask a question. I will answer you. You may ask in the comment section or email me.  You will hear from me!


Friday, November 9, 2018

Honoring Our Veterans

Have you had the privilege of viewing the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia right across the Potomac River from Washington, DC?

These men and women who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers are in a class by themselves. They quiet a chatty group of onlookers. They guard regardless of the weather whether bitter cold, hurricane winds or scorching, humid heat. Impeccably dressed in uniform, and polished to a gleaming shine, they represent the best of what makes the United States great. They live by a set of requirements that are mind-blowing. Here is a great read and make sure to scroll to the honor guard requirements. 

I have had the privilege several times of watching and participating at the Tomb. I was involved in wreath-laying ceremonies. These guards were most professional and met with our group before the presentation and I found them graceful at putting all of us at ease before it was our turn to present. I am so grateful for the military who served and the families who supported their service. 

Let's remember the spouses of those who have served. I know first hand how difficult keeping the home fires burning as a spouse deploys. All responsibility falls on the homefront spouse and it can be very difficult. Deployments are tough and homecomings, although very special, are hard on marriages as well. When Jack was deployed to a combat zone, he did something really special upon his return. He had received a combat service medal to wear on his uniform. For Christmas, he worked with a jeweler designing a matching combat service ribbon for me to wear on my coat. Yes, I  cried and put it on my jacket. We, spouses, serve as well. I enclose a photo of that beautiful pin.

Please remember to thank the people you know who have served. First-hand knowledge here tells me that these veterans really value your appreciation.


Thursday, November 1, 2018

I Choose Marriage # 3

My good friend Windy has written her best post yet. She writes of her husband's notice of her change in demeanor after she was been reading the blogs. He says Windy is more submissive in her talk and her actions. That got me thinking. You can read her post here.

We are of a certain age when marriages go through transformations. 

Marriage #1
We know of another couple who are divorcing. We were told that they have decided to go their separate ways as it is "just easier". My heart ached as I listened. My friend said she wanted relief from the unloving situation they found themselves. She said they would each be fine money-wise. I thought to myself "but how are you going to do love-wise?". I felt really sad after learning their news. 

Marriage #2
 We socialize with a couple who never show one another any affection. They never hold hands. They are polite to one another, but not loving. Their marriage is a classic brother/sister relationship. I mentioned when we were together this past weekend that I loved to cuddle and watch our favorite drv's shows or start a new one on Netflix. My friend told me that they seldom watch TV together. She watches her shows and he watches his in completely different rooms. Really? They lead separate lives. 

Marriage #3
We know ttwd friends and when we spend time with them, it is wonderful. These marriages have gone through a beautiful transformation. Each couple shows loving respect and shows great care for one another. There is an undercurrent in the dynamic between these people. Jack and I know well about that undercurrent. The delicious undercurrent, that ttwd secret, is what leads to ttwd, lovemaking and all that means. It is so wonderful to see the love that is so evident. Yes, all of these couples are spanky folks and they are my friends. 

It was our sweet Nora Jean who wrote the comment on Windy's post  I so treasure. She wrote that her softness and femininity fed her husband's dominance. And that his dominance complimented her softness. Oh, my! That is so very true.   

I choose marriage #3 for sure. 

These ttwd marriages are solid and loving, long-term and fun to be with. As age comes, we turn to one another and our men to find exciting new ways to make our marriages even better. 


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Breakfast Menu: Scrambled Me and Hot-Crossed Buns

Posts are becoming less frequent, but rest assured, ttwd is alive and well at our house. That said, I thought perhaps I would post about our morning here as I was spanked before breakfast........ all because of eggs........ or the lack of eggs. Scrambled over the bed and later walking with hot crossed buns! (Thanks, Windy!)

Let's begin with yesterday's grocery list. I made the list and took it to the store. I even checked the list and then added a few things that were not on the list. I talked to a friend who was shopping and enjoyed the quiet at our usually really busy store. I even did the self-checkout because I enjoy talking to the person assigned to help in the event there is a need. I put the list in my pocket after checking it and drove home with groceries secured in the car. I had made a Martha Stewart lasagna featured in her current magazine and life was good. Jack was golfing, the sun was out and the afternoon was mine as the lasagna awaited its turn in the oven. 

The trouble began this morning. We had a wonderful wake-up time and Jack served me coffee as we looked at our laptops. Then he headed for the kitchen to make us scrambled eggs for breakfast. I was getting into my walking clothes when I heard him come up the stairs and now he was in the doorway with hands on hips. I knew instantly what was wrong. The grocery list flashed before my eyes. Even though I started talking very quickly, I also started laughing. Just where were those eggs? he asked. Maybe if I had taken all this more seriously, I thought a little later. He took my hand and I was bared and put over the bed. The spanking began and the laughing stopped. I said that we do not spank for things like this. Jack said that we do now. Attention to task, thinking about what I was doing all were named as he spanked. Finally, I was up in his arms, and not laughing anymore. He told me my bowl of cereal was ready and I could bring my sore bottom on downstairs to enjoy it. 

After my walk, I made sure I bought two dozen eggs! I bought an egg ceramic holder too. Focus on the eggs! This is the perfect and appropriate color of egg holder...... bright red! Now no more grouchy husband and eggs are in full view! 

So how was your morning? 


Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Important Things

I have had plenty to blog about, but am really working on doing other things right now. After over five years of blogging, I miss my reading and want to return to the days of doing just that. I am beginning watercolor classes as well. Plus I am taking an online class as well. I begin in the early afternoon and look up at the clock as Jack is returning from golf. Watercoloring for the whole afternoon........... oh, my! I have even posted some of my work on my Instagram and on the online class site. 

In the reading department, I have read Kristin Hannah's The Great Alone. Truly excellent! Each book she writes gets better than her previous book. She is young and I like that. I had thought she was a "fluff" writer. However, her writing has real depth and so do the characters she develops. I am impressed! 

Ttwd is alive and well here. Lots of laughter, lots of loving and the sexual fireworks continue. And so does a really sore bottom!

So I am asking what are the important activities in your life that really fulfill you and make your life worthwhile. Blogging is important, but as important as it is, the nurturing of what gives me joy is right now taking over.  

For me, I need to restart those artistic things I so enjoy. Hence, the watercolor painting. Let me hear from you. Seems to be a lull in blogland recently. So it is the perfect time to share what you are doing when the time belongs to you.

I must confess here. I have had some computer problems as well after the last update from Safari. Windy and her husband Storm have been of great help and fixed the problem. Thank you so much!  We actually had fun doing the fixing......... at least I thought so. We laughed as we tried many things that eventually worked!

What are the activities that bring you joy which you undertake alone for your own pleasure? 


Friday, September 28, 2018

Saving Grace!

The title of my post has no religious connection. I am defining saving grace as a redeeming quality which compensates for one's shortcomings. I will even put it in a different way .......... a good quality that makes something unpleasant more acceptable. 

Now let's use some real life examples to illustrate this definition a bit more. Let's say you in trouble for whatever, but you do something that brings a huge smile to your guy's face. That can bring real sunshine to a dicey situation. That something is your saving grace. 

Sometimes I scamble looking for that saving grace as I know I have overstepped the line of respect. Sassy remarks! So I do scramble and quickly! The other day I told Jack just how I felt about something when a simple "yes, dear" would have done nicely. I felt I had to get my two cents in and could tell the two cents had turned into a full dollar! 

That day I did the housewifey thing and made special things for dinner. He appreciated all the fuss and pulled me close and whispered a thanks, but said that score card was getting mighty full.  

Saving grace is a wondferful gift, but my Hoh has a steel trap mind. He loves to spank and he loves to clear the slate. 

What about your saving graces? Do tell. 


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Saving My Own Bacon!

If I am honest, I would declare that bacon is the most perfect food. Yes, it has problems..... lots of fat, those televised hog lagoons in flooded North Carolina! Nonetheless, a little bacon goes a long way. Delicious! 

Saving your bacon is a great figure of speech. Think skin of your teeth! Let me explain. I saved my very own bacon for sure. 

September has been a dicey month. Many things going on........ people visiting, going places and finishing a few big home projects, workers all over the place and new furniture arriving all took time. In fact, I developed a small back injury that needs time to heal. Ugh! Ttwd...... the spanking part was put on hold as I heal. My submission sometimes was nowhere to be seen.  I am on the mend, but have been told by both my husband and my doctor that patience is needed. Patience is not something I have. Consequently, we have had a few problems. We have had a few big flare-ups and yesterday comes quickly to mind. Jack is keeping his darn scorecard, but moments like yesterday are becoming more frequent. 

We were at a giant store doing errands with guests arriving at our home for lunch within the hour. Jack took care of groceries and went to the right when we walked in. I went to the left to look for travel luggage tags for our new luggage. I asked a clerk and was told that the travel section was at the very far end of the store. I called Jack telling him I was at the very back of the store and all the way to the outside garden section. I decided on what I wanted and was starting my walk back to check-out. Jack called telling me to hurry as I was keeping the check-out line waiting. I asked why was that. He said he started through the check-out without me. What??? 
He said I was holding up the line. "Why did you start without me", I ask. The image I will always remember is my Jack waiting in the empty check-out line area with his hand on his hip, and his toe tapping. He said he saw the scowl on my face and my hand on my hip. Not a good combo here. 

The people waiting parted and I handed what I wanted to buy to the cashier who made the sale. The walk to the car was dicey and very quiet. In the car, his hand slapped my leg and he said that I came close to getting spanked right there near aisle 3. He said that the only reason I was not being spanked once home was because of my lower back (not that lower back) situation. I fumed saying that he should not have started checking out without me. He said enough. The reason he was upset was my scowl and my attitude. I apologized and was quiet. 

We must have made the pair........ my scowl and attitude and his tapping toe and hand on hip! We must have made quite a pair! Once home, we decided it was all over, but he did gather me in his arms and gave me a few big wallops for good measure careful making his aim far away from my right side. We are both getting grouchy having to keep things in check. 

When spanking is not possible, the playful and the disciplinary, things get twisted around quickly. It is such a part of our lives that once in bed last night, Jack carefully pulled me close saying he was so ready to spank the daylights right out of me and the scorecard was overflowing. A kiss and some brief caresses, and we were in dreamland. 

Have you ever saved your own bacon? 


Sunday, September 2, 2018

A Summer to Treasure

To me, when those school bells threaten the last days of summer and the back-to-school ads continue to bombard my every sense, summer is fading fast. Even though the calendar still holds summer, we all know what is coming. Those golden twilight evenings I so treasure are fading, not lingering for long now.

The summer has been magical in the way ttwd keeps things so vibrant. I kid you not! During those pre-ttwd years, I would have not believed this loving environment we find ourselves living was possible.

Now, I say a fond goodbye to one of the best summers of my life. Ttwd guests, our travel to faraway places, and the enjoyment of our home all made for many wonderful memories.  

I invite you to share a summer memory that will help you brave the long winter until we welcome the next summer. Now bring on the autumn, its crisp days and spectacular foilage........... Let's hear a summer memory you hold dear. 


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Crossing The Line ~~~~~ Part Two For An American Hero

I am crossing the line again in tribute to a man who is truly a great American hero. I am an independent voter who values this American's sense of country over party.

For the next two days, I will be glued to the TV. I am not watching sports and streaming Netflix. I am respecting a great America hero. Call it attending his memorial services........ today in Arizona and Saturday at the National Cathedral.

To me, he represents a true American hero in just about every way. He often put country before party. He was brave and honest. He admitted mistakes. He was generous to others. 

He has asked two of his former political rivals, George W. Bush and Barak Obama to give eulogies at his memorial service at the National Cathedral on Saturday. His Senate buddy, Vice President Joe Biden speaks at Friday's service.

I am just in awe at this bringing together of all these different people to celebrate the life of this great American. Political parties are put aside in favor of love for this American. Beautiful! 

Caroline Kennedy in her anthology A Patriot's Handbook includes the story of Mike Christian written by Senator John McCain. This story from the time the Senator was in the Hanoi Hilton as a prisoner of war in Viet Nam really speaks to the heart of the flag and patriotism. I cry every single time I read this story because of its love of country, its truth and a man's love for his country.  Here is the story for you. It is impossible to read without respecting this American and shedding some tears in awe of him. I treasure this book and this contribution by John McCain.

In these greatly divided times, I am stepping over the line asking all of you to think about the man who asked his political rivals to speak at this memorials. He is the same man who told his captors he would not leave the Hanoi Hilton early due to his father's military position. He would leave the prison when all Americans were sent home. He was an amazing man indeed and he will be missed by me. 

Thank you, Senator McCain, for your service and love of country. I value what you did. 

Thank you for allowing me to cross the line again.


Hoh-ing Is Now A Verb

We all know the eight parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, interjections, conjunctions and prepositions. So it was unsettling to have my Jack coin a new verb...... hoh-ing.

Once these husbands see how ttwd works and works so well to maintain peace and add sexual magic, they begin to wear their status proudly and confidently. At least that is just what my guy does. 

In the olden days, five years ago when our ttwd was new, my Jack was a bit tentative. He was very much aware of the benefits of a spanking. He saw my attitude change, tempers eased and the peace that followed. He was always consistent in defining what he liked and wanted, but always, perhaps, holding back a little. A perfect example of this is that although he purchased implements, he seldom used them. His hand spankings were hard and to the point. 

As he has continued to excel in his hoh role, I have found that paddle on the bed more times than I can count. The paddle had become the summer metaphor around here. Spanked wife, happy life! Out doing errands on Friday, I was questioning something, who knows what, and his hand came down on my leg in a sharp slap. He said, " I am hoh-ing here concerning that decision of yours and I want you to know that right now". I blinked and nodded which is a safe response when he is in lecture mode about the things he holds dear. 

There was a spanking once we were home as I had continued to go on about that decision while on our errand. I came upstairs ready to state my side of things and saw the paddle out on the bed. Darn! He had made up his mind to spank way earlier and nothing changes his mind. He bared me and over I went. That paddle entered quite early in this spanking and I could not and would not hold still. He stopped spanking and started talking.  He told me I was to be more submissive during a spanking. I told him that the paddle hurt. Back over for more. Up into his arms, and close to tears, I told him I would do better at accepting his decisions. 

So we were in bed and I brought up ttwd and submission while we spooned in that time before sleep. That time is always a good opportunity to talk in hushed voices about important things. I said that I thought I was submissive when I was bared and over the bed. He said that he is dominant when he does the baring and bends me over the bed. Submissive would be baring myself and bending over the bed. To me, it all leads to the same place...... one hoh, one paddle, one bared wife and one bed! It is all just different interpretations of the same ttwd thing. What do you think? 

All I know is that my guy is feeling his glory in being an hoh. I sit here thinking about our ttwd journey and love where we are and know this is a very good place to be. 

Will you share Jack's newly coined verb with your sweetie? 


Friday, August 24, 2018

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

A comment and a reply on the blogs are the way we begin communicating with our ttwd friends. At this time, these readers are strangers. Gently, we begin getting to know one another right there on the blog. Then the blogger or the reader make the jump...... emails begin between the two people. Emails are exchanged,  many or just a few. We begin to share our lives with one another. Then we take the next big step ............. an arranged phone call at an appointed time and day. When that phone rings, there is no hesitation. The call is answered and the friendship deepens. During these phone calls, both laughter and serious conversation occur. The phone calls continue and plans are made to meet in the near future. It happens slowly and deliberately. The friendship actually takes on a life of its own as secrets are shared and the foundation for a solid, lifelong presence in one another's lives grows. 

Windy and I had an initial phone call this morning. Time flew as we talked jumping from one topic to another. We listened to one another, laughed at what we learned and enjoyed that initial taste of deepening a real friendship. We will one day meet and bring our husbands to the occasion. 

When I began blogging, I really thought about what I wanted the goal to be. I did not want help from other bloggers or readers. Jack and I have been married a long time and ttwd returned the magic, fun and the relinquishing of control that I so wanted not to argue about. My personal goal was the making of real ttwd friends. To do that, I knew I had to build a safe blog environment which would encourage people to come together, talk and eventually meet. It took time and after five years, I have those lifelong friends securely in my life. 

When Windy entered my life, I initially sensed several things: she was an excellent writer; she was trustworthy so I felt comfortable sharing my ttwd life; she listened to my advice and my warnings about the ins and outs of starting a blog. She was an easy read if you listened carefully. Educated and eager to learn the give and take in blogging, her blog is now well-established as a favorite of many. 

When bloggers and readers become friends, the bonds are hard and fast and forever strong. In the sharing, we all help one another, protect one another and keep one another's secrets. 

So who are we? A group of women, bloggers and readers, who found one another because we are all spankos who fortunately have husbands who listened to us and knew us well. We are wired differently. We are women who have led and controlled things until we wanted out of the control, but not the marriage. And we all found one another here on the blogs.

Have you connected with a blogger?  The invitation is always right there. Can you keep a secret? We promise not to tell. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I found this in my inbox this morning. Jack sent it to me. 

So let's take a little poll. How many of my readers/and fellow bloggers are lefties? Yes, we are wired differently for sure. I love being left-handed.


Thursday, August 9, 2018

First Impressions Are So Important!

There is something about that little icon.  I just had to get its owner to be my friend.  Please enjoy my first impressions. Windy has added her first impressions as well. Windy and her wonderful blog can be found right here. She writes in aqua and I write in orange.

Oh, where do I begin? When I read another blogger’s comment section, I do pay attention to who is there, who is commenting, what they have to say! And there it was……… a new icon!

You must have seen it as well……… an eager fisher, a big fish on the line, bright green vest and a cute little hat to boot. Who was this fisher? So I read her comments and really, the laughing started and has yet to stop. This was one fisher that was not getting away. I wrote a comment when she wrote a comment on my blog. I asked that she email me and then she did.

As a new reader, I had a distinct advantage over a seasoned blogger like Meredith. It was that I knew many personal and ideological things about her, but she knew next to nothing about me. I thought she was classy, intelligent, on the serious side, independent, and had fully earned the respect of blog land over the past 5 years. Her sincere efforts to grow and the evidence of that growth in her marriage with Jack in their own New Twist way made me feel that I HAD to talk to this woman.

I learned she had a name. Windy it was. She began by telling me a little about herself. I thought that she was an amazing writer from the beginning and boy, could that woman write! She wrote the longest emails on God’s green earth. Those first emails made me laugh out loud every single day.

Did I mention that I can often read Meredith’s mind to the point where it spooks her? I’m exaggerating, but she and I do have opposite techniques -- She thinks I write way too many words and I think she doesn’t use enough words. So, I have taken it upon myself to play Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent now and then.

Now a delicate dance began as I was trying to corral her right on into blogland and a blog of her own. She claims I spun a web, but really, she got hoisted in her own petard, to quote Mr. Shakespeare. A side benefit of having Meredith in my life is that my vocabulary is expanding. She immediately told me she wasn’t ready. I said hogwash, you are. She danced some more with other excuses and I kept gently pushing until she finally said yes. I was 100% sure she was going to get me to blog.

I held my breath, waiting and wondering if she would make the jump to blog.

The emails flew and I learned what a real trooper she was. She began at the beginning of New Twist and plowed through all of it….. All 400+ posts. Good grief, woman! We began cautiously and every time she emailed, I found myself spilling the coffee I was enjoying because she was so funny. We neared that point when I say that it was time to exchange photographs. Once a significant number of emails are exchanged, the photo exchange shows trust and honesty. I did have a minor panic attack when she asked for photos, but I soon lept from the readership bridge into the ttwd internet relationship waters. She did hesitate and then we did it. She and her husband are adorable for sure.

Yes, she really is a fisher and she does share that in her posts. I told her I have never held a pole or baited a hook, but that I loved eating fish. Meredith takes interest in what my passions are and it is no secret that fishing is one of them. She so hopes for me that I get to go as often as possible as she knows it brings me great joy and it relaxes me as well. I would teach her to bait a hook and cast off the pier any day of the week.

She was gutsy and most patient with my schedule. She asked questions and we shared more and more. Her emails were so long and detailed that one email took two cups of coffee to make it to the end. I drink 4 cups just writing every single one. How does one write that much? One types like Kermit the Frog on crack/caffeine. She commented on my use of the method when I use many periods in a row to separate thoughts……… like this. I told her I loved doing that as emails were casual, not formal. She enjoys the way I use figures of speech……. spill the beans, stop the music to name a few. The spill the beans cracked me up as I knew her like 3 days at the time and she was telling me this!

From the beginning, I sensed that I was safe in Meredith’s hands. I never asked what she thought of my writing because I didn’t have to -- she was generous with me. In my 2nd email to her, I correctly identified a tenacious yet gentle way about her when she told me to keep sharing. I wrote, “All right, I will get to it since there is no point in putting up a fuss as I imagine you usually get your way except for when you go too far with Jack.” Actually, I know a good writer when I see one and I knew this woman was excellent. Our conversations got to the heart of all that is behind the practicing of ttwd almost immediately. But, we sure did do a lot of laughing along the way. Amazingly, she never said anything about the length of my emails until much later and I really wasn’t aware that they were that long and that she was all caffeinated up and ready for a 5-mile walk after reading them every day. She walked. I wrote. She read, she drank (coffee), we laughed. Repeat.

No truer paragraph has ever been written. That is exactly what happened. Windy trusted; I gently pushed and knew in my heart that she had a great story to tell. She said yes and then came the hard part. Naming a blog is not easy. I think I told her I do not like the name of even my own blog. She said she conferred with Storm and they began to hash it out. Naming the blog and one another can be dicey. (Windy, Rainy, Storm, Thunder, Lightning, oh my!) A long time ago, when I was first starting, I remember a blogger having a little contest to name her Hoh. Readers placed their votes in the comment section. HA!

This Windy is a worrier. She worries too much about things that are not a concern at all. Finally, I got her to just be calm and things would happen and work out. However, she is most gracious never scolding me when time gets away from me and I cannot email till the next day.

I do struggle with anxiety and it can seep out of its lid sometimes even though I try so very hard to prevent it. But, let me tell you, Meredith, is not having it. Not on her watch. As soon as she detects it, she types just a word or two in ALL CAPS, which is her way of emphasizing that she wants me to engage in better self-care. I think. I am not sure whether to tell my doctor that I have taken a “magic Meredith pill” voluntarily or that she force feeds it to me when she thinks I need one!!

Also, time doesn’t just simply drift away from Meredith, it sprints the heck away from her because once she gets a hold of it, as she does every morning after her coffee, she will wrangle it to the ground and ring every second out of its stingy, scrawny neck. She impressively dons many hats in life. Meredith doesn’t know this, but sometimes I take a nap on her behalf. Knowing what she is up to on most days entertains me, but then it exhausts me. Just as we gals schedule our posts to release in the secret of the night, if I had a time machine, I would program an extra hour for Meredith’s own personal quiet time every day. But, twenty bucks says she would put it toward another philanthropic mission or rearrange the furniture (if Jack is out golfing.)

Windy has a way about her that I find endearing. She asked my favorite book …….. That is a meme question I avoid as I shout that title far and wide to all I know. So I hold it dear not putting it on the blog. I never asked. I purposely waited MONTHS for her to reveal it to me on her own because I knew it was top secret. I did tell Windy and lo’ and behold, she bought the book and was reading it when she gave me clues as to what she was reading. I knew instantly it was my favorite book. How could I be her friend and not wonder what captivates her? I got a huge kick out of her discovery that I am currently reading it. I look forward to discussing it with her when she is finished and soon.

I almost forgot to tell you! Storm and Windy make a darling couple. Plus I have seen photos of her fishing and she knows her stuff. Her technique and style reflect great skill and ability. 

Let us know what you think of our joint post, friends. 

Windy and Meredith

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Oh, For Crying In The Sink!

A ttwd friend is so important and two weeks is a long time to be absent from blogland unless travel is involved.  No travel for us as we have been hosting ttwd friends. What fun we have had! Our husbands enjoyed golf, fine dining and getting to know one another. Laural and I have been doing many things and now time is drawing to a close.

Late night talks, long serious, funny lunches over good food, poking into shops and stopping for coffee are the real souvenirs. Laurel's husband returned home and Laurel stayed another week. Now that second week is almost over and we are becoming quite melancholy about it all. We know that one day we will be together again, but not for awhile. I even told her last night that I so miss her emails as she sat at the other end of the couch.

Commenting on blogs is something that took a backseat these last two weeks, and now it is time to read and see what I have missed. Thank you for your patience.

In closing, "for crying in the sink", is an expression my dear friend says at times when she is happy, annoyed or surprised with me. It tells me I am being the kind of host she was for me when I visited her last summer. Such a treat for both of us and our men too! We began our dear friendship when she decided to share her ttwd story and here we are three and a half years later. I would definitely cry in the sink if she wasn't in my life! 

The power of friendship is the theme of this post. I have had the pleasure of meeting several ttwd wives and now several of their husbands. Each time I am forever grateful for the friendships extended. Talking intimately with another spanked wives is the most precious of conversations and I savor them each and every time.

I encourage readers to reach out to one another. Bloggers are people who can help. Finding someone like you, a real spanko and building a ttwd friendship is heaven. I know! A visit with a ttwd friend is pure gold.


Saturday, July 28, 2018

Jack Is Always Right There For Me!

We are here making our way and enjoying our guests. No time to write, but Jack was thinking of me and this morning, I found these in my inbox. He is always thinking about me. This thinking makes me feel so loved. So I am thinking about you. Although there is no time to write at the moment, there is always time to send a couple of things that will warm your heart. 


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Crossing the Line

A long time ago, one of our favorite bloggers advised me that this blog belonged to me. I would decide what was posted. So keeping that in mind, I am crossing the line, firmly and directly and then I will step back to the Meredith you all know.

I have not been sleeping well and then I sleep far too deeply. Both are signs of the issues swirling around me. I decided if I was to be honest with all of you, I would need to do one post about something far more important to me than spanking.

I am a Patriot and love my country deeply. I have voted as a  Republican and Democrat and believe an independent viewpoint leads to the best decisions when I face the ballot box. Right now, things are going out of control. We have a shameless President and a spineless Congress. We are a population not feeling secure or protected by the person who promised to do so and the same person who took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Our intelligence gathering agencies have been humiliated by a person who chooses to believe a tyrant.

The time for action in the form of protests is now at hand. The will of the people will be heard and this man at the top needs to go.

Feel free to respond but respectfully. Feel free to move on. You have a choice as well. Silence reflects acceptance of what is occurring. Silence now means you are not willing to acknowledge your own sense of privilege. Your privilege allows you to sit back and wish we would all shut up. I love my country too much to remain silent even here on this ttwd blog. I join bloggers Ronnie and Sunny. They needn't stand alone in this fight. 

In case you do not know who this wonder woman is, she is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and she is almost single-handed protecting the rights of women in this country. RBG believes our bodies and the decisions concerning those bodies belong individually to each of us. I hold her dear and respect her totally. 

So things are on ttwd/Jack and Meredith front are fine and moving right along. Jack and I welcome our ttwd friends here for a fun visit on Sunday. I am hoping I will sleep better. 

I ask you to think about privilege, the acceptance of the differences between one another and this "notorious" great American.

I love my country!


Thursday, July 12, 2018

Too Many Titles Swirling In My Head

I always begin a post with a title. I always think of the title first and the rest of the post falls into place. Not this time........... I have many titles swirling around in my head. This post will bounce from one continent to an island across the pond. Too many things to share and I cannot keep it all straight. So let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. 

There are many titles popping in and out of my brain. 

Possible titles: 

The Husbands Finally Meet!

Across The Pond And Back

Why Can't Re-entry Be Easier? 

When You Think It Is Not Working, It Actually Is

When Ttwd Implodes And Then Comes Roaring Back

We have been in England for two wonderful weeks and have just returned. The weather was heaven and the things we enjoyed were many. Rosie and I have been emailing for quite a while about our plans while visiting. At Christmas, we were sent large maps of the area we would visit. Then she and her sweet Harry made an offer we could not refuse. They would pick us up at Paddington station and take us to our destination. We would have lunch at a lovely inn on the way. What a grand offer! They picked us up and whisked us away. Our husbands really got along well and the discussion in the car was lively and interesting. We stopped for lunch and then they delivered us right to our little cottage door. The next evening we hosted a little dinner party at a nearby restaurant to thank them for the lovely things they did for us. 

We had a great time hiking, enjoying cider, pasties, scones and clotted cream. Then it was time to go home. No Rosie and Harry for the journey back to London. The AC on the train did not work and the ride back was brutal. The flight home was long, just plain long. Once home, I went straight to bed even though the sun was close to setting. Completely bushed! And just like clockwork, Jack and I both woke up for morning coffee.......... at 3:45 am still on English time! Ugh! The day promised to be a long one and no nap in sight. The home front was my responsibility while Jack did the shopping. We were both tired early and the edginess was palatable. The evening dragged on even though promises of a sweet RA and loving had been made. According to Jack, I was snappish and sullen. I said I was just plain tired. Finally, the quiet between us was deafening. I told Jack I was going to bed. I was close to sleep when Jack pulled me from the bed and put me over the bed with panties still in place. He spanked hard and fast, no talking. He brought me up sputtering and wanting to have my say. Back over I went for more. Then he put me to bed and climbed in the other side and we simply went to sleep, not touching, spooning or facing one another. I turned away from him and was close to tears. I knew he was as tired as I was. Finally, sleep came and we were in a horrible place. What had happened? Ttwd imploding! 

Once again, we woke promptly just before 4 am. Silently, still, quiet, not touching, not acknowledging one another. My head was spinning! I got up and went to make coffee. Once the coffee was brewing, I cried right there next to the coffee maker. Jack makes our coffee with frothy milk and we still had a little wait. I went upstairs and found my husband sitting on the side of the bed motioning me to stand between his legs. He had been upset too, he said and had not slept well either. He told me that he had never spanked me as hard as he had last night. He had not liked my attitude or the way I spoke to him. I felt him taking down my panties and he spanked me softly standing right there between his legs. I then cried again. Our ttwd was in place and it wasn't going anywhere. It was right here between us so we could each feel its wonder and strength. 

Have you ever had a time where your ttwd implodes only to come roaring back? 


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Spanking Everywhere!


Five years plus into blogging and I am finding many posts from the archives for throw-back-Thursday that have never seen the light of day. This is one such post written while our big renovation was being completely. We are still away, but home soon.

Our renovation is lovely and FINISHED. We are very pleased. We are not held hostage in our home as the workers did their handiwork. Wish I could share photos, but ..............! Our sun breaks were an ideal mix of sun, warm breezes, sand and fruity, frosty drinks. Things are smooth in the ttwd department........... for the most part. We do have our moments, but I am really doing well pleasing my guy and he tells me it is most appreciated. 

So what does this mean......... really? Does that mean there is no spanking going on????? Quite the contrary! My spanky man is spanking all the time. I do mean all the time! A sweet ttwd friend suggested a list of all the places that his hand had made contact with my bottom. I think that idea and so here goes. Right now our ttwd is secure and doing very well. However, Jack is sometimes spanky man extraordinaire. He likes me freshly spanked and I have written about that several times. These spanky times always make me laugh and I scold Jack that others would see and what would they think. His response is always the same ........... he doesn't care who sees and who hears and the laughing continues as he pulls me close.

On the beach on our sun break

At the grocery store 

On a walk in the park

On a marathon walk 

In the vineyards of California.  

In the mountains while in Colorado

Across the border in Canada

While driving in the car

In the two guest rooms of two ttwd friends under the covers

On a ferry in Europe

On a ferry near home

On a train coming into a big European city

This morning after we finished our scones and clotted cream

Waiting for our ttwd friend’s flight to arrive

Getting in the shower and then getting out!

So here is my challenge....... name three places where you have been spanked which are the most unusual.


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Baby Blues

We are away right now, but I did want to get a least one post up while we are across the pond. 

I love the question "Do your eyes light up when he walks in the room?".  Of course, my eyes do. My heart beats a little faster and I  get the flippy feeling in my tummy. Those body responses are all so typical of the young and in love. However, Jack and I are not young, but we are madly in love in a more deep and loving way. When we began ttwd, old feelings of first love came roaring back and those feelings settled in. I see him and my eyes light up and I smile and of course, my tummy flips. 

We have learned of another couple we know are separating. I feel awfully sad about that, but still am unable to share what we do to see if that might help. What do you do in a case like that? 

I see people married who are living quiet lives of desperation. The old side-by-side condo/brother-sister marriage is not for me. In a restaurant you can see it........ men and women eating at the same table, but not sharing a meal and conversation. How is that a marriage? 

I am not sure where this post is going. I just know that I am a very fortunate wife with a loving husband living in a marriage we have refreshed into something meaningful and important. 

What are the things you do to keep the light in one another's eyes?