Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Smart Advice From The Other Sweet Reader Who Faithfully Writes

On the very day I posted about the great time Jack and I had at the invitation of a sweet reader and her husband, my only other faithful reader sent me an email that is worthy of sharing with all of you. I asked her if I share her story and she said yes! Ttwd on the river with your husband and all should be well. Right?

This story centers around a sport Jack and I enjoyed when we were much younger. We bought a beautiful green canoe and outfitted it with essentials and hit the slow moving rivers close to home. We then graduated to a 22-foot ski boat with a sleeping cabin. So much fun! Our canoe days were over and our pretty green canoe, much like this one, was sold to friends. 

The reader who sent this true story has written to me since almost the very beginning of this blog. She is very strong, athletic and beautiful. We have not met yet, but we came close earlier this summer when she was visiting my neck of the woods. Sadly we were out of town. She is always smiling, helping others and doing very energetic things like half marathons and such. Her emails are funny laced with humor. Her husband sounds a lot like Jack........ loving, helpful and leading! This is her story about just that ........... leading! If you know anything about being in a canoe, you will soon have a smile on your face. I will share her story letting her point of view shine through. 

Yesterday, we were out on a canoe trip with friends. It was a  six mile trip down the river. At about mile 4, there wasn't anyone around us on the water, and out of nowhere, her husband says, "This canoe situation is a picture of our marriage. I give the direction and power the canoe, and you paddle up front to add to moving us forward. But, if you start trying to direct the canoe, it doesn't work....... because I'm steering from here, and then you're interfering and things don't work out." I said, "Well, I have been steering a little ......" and he said, "This is your instruction to stop doing that." Then he said, "You can control your paddling here in the canoe and stop trying to steer, or I will deliver a paddling once we are home."

She ended her email with "I stopped trying to steer the canoe"

Amen, and I want to add that it provides the perfect opportunity for wife eye rolling that is completely undetected by the Hoh. Enjoy the river journey and let that man steer away. I believe in safety on the water. 

Do you have a similar canoe experience to share?



  1. What a lovely analogy of ttwd. Please tell your friend that I am so glad that she let you share it with all of us.

    We have had some tedious family members to visit us lately, and it took immense focus for me to stay cheerful and patient through the days. Yesterday, we took them to lunch before heading to drop them off at the airport.

    I immediately started to tell Sam where to drive. He asked me,"Who is in charge here, Ella?" And he also mentioned several other missteps in the last few days. This morning, Sam energetically reminded me with the paddle.

    I so loved the "Paddle Pun" in this post, and we do need to remember who is steering.

    Hugs From Ella

  2. This is too funny and a perfect example of how versatile ttwd is. It's perfect for almost any situation under the sun!
    When we canoed there was no ttwd, although I'm sure my guy would have loved the option at the time. Thanks for sharing the story!

  3. Fabulous story, Mere! Thanks for sharing. So effective. So memorable. The pictures say a lot, too.

  4. Love this Meredith, excellent analogy for ttwd. Thank you for sharing :)


  5. Excellent analogy - his message was received.

  6. Loved reading your friends story Meredith. Also the analogy was great.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  7. Oh, message received and understood! Thank you both for sharing.
    Rosie xx

  8. Very fun story from your friend, Meredith!:) The analogy is a great one for sure! Loved the,"You can control your paddling here in the canoe and stop trying to steer, or I will deliver a paddling once we are home... I stopped." LOL! Your friend is a great decision maker!

    I can see the little ttwd devil, sitting on your shoulder as you encourage canoe eye-rolling! Haha! Too funny! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie