Saturday, August 19, 2017

Meet Ms 70% ~~~~ Meredith's Blog Survey

In case you don't recall, I am the blogger who adores math. Ratios, proportions, percents, decimals, fractions all make me very happy. I love going algebra on planes the way people do crossword puzzles. Really! The harder, the more involved the better!

So imagine my surprise when my good ttwd friend asked me how submissive I was percent-wise. She had asked her husband the same question regarding her submissiveness to him. He was quick about answering........ She was on the submissive scale at 80%. I was really impressed. 

I asked Jack where I was on that scale. He smiled and pulled me close, his hand on my backside. He said that I am at 70% on that submissive scale. What??? I told him that I was far better than that. He said submission is something he likes very much, but he also loves me feisty, sassy and sweet. I told him that it was hard to figure out sometimes and he said that is why he holds plenty of meetings........... Meetings? I question. Yes, Meredith, meetings at my side of the bed, my Jack said with that Hoh twinkle in his eye.  

So now I would like to hear from all of you. Ask your Hoh about where you stand on that submissive scale. This should be fun. Ask for the average....... not when things are going south or when things are hitting that 3GA level, but average ......... where are you on the submissive scale? Please take this one question survey and put your answer in a comment.



  1. Well, Mere,
    This did not get my Saturday off to a good start! Without explaining why I was asking, Sam went, Mmmm" and then said my rating was about 65%. Feel like a bit of a failure here.

    I will keep you posted, if he has more to say later.

    Not Very Happy Ella

  2. Update to comment above. I told Sam I was disappointed in myself if I was only at 65%. He laughed and said that wasn't bad considering I started at 0%. Don't know whether I should feel better or worse. Did get a whack on the bottom and a kiss, though, so I will choose better!

    Ella Smiling Again

  3. This one is funny Meredith!
    Apparently I generally sit around 80% a lot of the time, how great is that! However he did say that there are many times when that begins to slip and then he has to step in to keep things in check. That means the look, the warning, or a swat, as he said to boost my percentage back up again! He likes me running at a strong 80 most of the time! Lol!

  4. Well, right now ladies was not a good day to take this particular survey for me! Apparently, as I'm totally blaming being sick right now, but Hoss says I'm only about 50 percent and dropping rapidly if I don't wrap this comment up!
    -- Baker

  5. Hi Meredith, this is a great question. I wish I shared your enthusiasm for math though, we have never got on lol.

    We haven't had a ttwd dynamic for some now, but I am naturally submissive and have always generally deferred to Rick (notice I said "generally" lol) so will have to ask him. I would say 20-30 maybe.


  6. I hover around 49%, hence the name Eric51Amy49, but as you know, I pulled a 0% on Wednesday and pushed Eric away for an 11 day period. Thankfully, he decided to call today and check in. We need to work on this. Amy

  7. He's guessing 60%ish. That's not an F, so I'll take it... and get off the computer and into bed before the number drops! :) A fun conversation starter.

  8. Just a couple of days ago, Harry and I were talking about the changes ttwd had made to our marriage - in particular how it had brought out my hitherto unknown submissive side. I was a bit miffed then, that in response to my question on where I stood on the submissive scale, he simply burst out laughing. Clearly, I have a long way to go!
    Rosie xx

    1. Oh Rosie, I laughed at this. I'm quite sure that is the response I would receive also. I wouldn't even dare to ask.

  9. Hi Meredith, my husband said 2% and then laughed! He did say later that it was nearer 50% but as he is not very "dommy" he didn't need it to be more...
    love Jan, xx

  10. I think that I am in good company here, Meredith!:) When I asked Rob yesterday, he looked at me, laughed and asked me what I thought that I was. I threw out your number- and questioned 70%? Rob just laughed and shook his head. In response to that, I did feel a little taken aback. I told him that surely I make a great effort on most occasions, and that he likes me feisty anyway. Rob's response was try for the 100% for a few days and he'd let me know how he likes it! Seriously though, he wanted to think about it some. I'm going to ask him again now, and see what he says...

    Just now, Rob said that it is an ongoing thing. Sometimes I am completely submissive, and other times, something is going on and I am not so much that at all. "Then we have a conversation, and perhaps you have a good cry, and things are back where we both like them to be." There you have it! Honestly, both leadership and submission are probably ever-changing and growing over the course of a lifetime. Pretty cool stuff! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  11. Great question! Without hesitating, K said, "About where Meredith is, 70%." I took that as a compliment! I'd love to aim for 85% for starters.

  12. Sadly, I have a definite answer.. 0%.
    What else can be said?

  13. Math and I have never been friends, but I like the question. The man says a solid 85%! I lean heavy on the submissive scale so its hard to take credit for something that is sort of built in, but he smiled when he said it so it makes him happy!

  14. Hubby said AND I QUOTE "I don't ask you to submit very often." True story. We are still finding our way. Sigh.