Monday, August 21, 2017

Just What Is A Good Girl?

Now this woman is definitely a golden good girl angel............. 3GA! Look at that list! 

I asked Jack just exactly what is a good girl. Are these the traits he is looking for in calling me his 3GA?

Do you fit this description? What's the criteria for a good girl at your house? 

Thanks, L.


  1. A Good Girl leans in or so I have been lead to believe?

  2. Interesting question. It's easier to answer what a bad girl in the house is... Amy

  3. Hello Meredith. I am a submissive husband . I loved your post of a good girl and shared it with my wife. I think whether you are in a tttwd marriage or a wife led marriage the post that you share is a beautiful description of a wife. I wonder how you might describe a good guy? Thank you

  4. Now that is some list! I had to ask my guy what 'our' criteria for a good girl in our house is because truthfully I'm not always sure. His response.....just make me happy baby. It made me smile big and melt a little.

  5. Hi Meredith, I asked my hubby if I was a good girl, he just ummed.....
    love Jan, xx

  6. Hi Meredith, that's a great list. Respect tops the list I think.


  7. Hi Meredith,:) I would guess that a good girl is anything that you and your partner want it to be. I don't think that I can share Rob's response to that question. I can only tell you that he had me laughing so hard in bed this morning, when he responded! I SO LOVE that fella of mine. Fun way to start the day! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  8. This was such a thoughtful quote, Mere. Following some hilarity last night, Sam told me how happy he is when I am laughing. We forget sometimes that ttwd has a light and silly side. I would not trade that for anything.

    Hugs From Ella