Saturday, August 5, 2017

Email From Jack!

This photo was sent to me in an email from Jack. We have not discussed it yet, but for the very first time ever, I actually paused to consider these tattoos. 

I remember Stormy and her Ogre discussing her wanting a tattoo. She was hounding him and finally, he said yes. In fact, he said maybe she should get two while she was at it............ a bullseye target...... one for each cheek! I do not think she ever followed through and she stopped her hounding about tattoos. 

What do you think about these two tattoos? I am not really serious, but these are more in keeping with my style if we were going that route. Let me know what you think?



  1. This is a lovely picture. The tattoos are small, cute, and inconspicuous, that would also be my style if I were to follow through. It's fun to think of but the process is just too unappealing to me at this other words, I'm a chicken!

  2. Hi Meredith, When my wife and I talked about a tattoo for her our discussion centered around who the tattoo was for; us or the world. In the end she chose 2 discrete ones on her shoulder blades depicting a flowering lotus and an OM...definitely just for us.

  3. Hey Meredith, I love them but as for a tattoo, I'd be a "no thank you". Eric and I discussed it for awhile because he draws a lovely little red heart on my cheek every time he spanks me - it's a reminder that he was there out of love. Corny but us. We thought about making it permanent but decided as years go by and we grow/change, so might our style or likes. We do like to play, though. There is tattoo paper you can buy online and print out at home. They last about four days - kind of like kids temporary tattoos. Get some of that stuff and play around with it. You'll have a blast and then you can decide if you want it there forever. Amy

  4. I'm not a tattoo fan - I think these are small and tasteful and if you were to ever get them I don't think you'd ever regret it. But it still wouldn't be for me.

  5. Simply love it and see no reason not to pursue it if it means so much to Jack and you. I have a very small one that only is seen by Sir, but has special meaning to us both after many years.

  6. They are really nice tattoos Meredith. Love the meaning behind the lock and key. I'm not a tattoo person luckily as Bear can't stand them.
    Go for it though.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  7. Love these. I have watched a Dragon on back for years but there is always something else that needs the paycheck more. Bills, a new refrigerator, tires. Maybe one day. It isn't high on the priority list

  8. I Meredith,love these and they are small and discreet. However I'm not a tattoo person either, neither is Rick so wouldn't be for us.


  9. I do sometimes think that tiny tatoos are pretty, but I still see them as a fad. Perhaps I am wrong and just being "old," but to me they are like mini-skirts in the 60's. There is a big difference between "fashion" and "style."

    Fashion is external for everyone to see, but true style comes from within us and reflects who we are.

    Anyway, Jack already has the key to your heart. That is evident in every word you have ever shared on this blog.

    Hugs From Ella

  10. Hi Meredith,:) I too like the symbolism behind these little tattoos, but IDK... I agree with Ella that there are other ways to show that loving connection that you have. I'm guessing that it shows without you even having to "show it". People just notice all of the love.

    You know that I have a tattoo- something on my hip, where no one can see it generally, but Rob... and my docs. LoL! I did it for Rob after a surgeon's error almost took my life. It was a bad time. Rob was so amazing to me through all of that. A few months later, I went out with an artsy friend one day, and got one, with a symbol of something that is special to Rob and me. It HURT! A LOT! LOL! It ended up being a whole lot larger than I had wanted it. My docs laugh and tell me that I tell them that every time, when they bring it up, after I've had a little relaxing medication through my IV! HAHA! I'm not really a tattoo person, but I like mine and the reason for it. Rob loves it.

    I've seen some beautiful, amazing tattoos on people, whose stories around them are incredible. If you are moved to get one, go for it! Just remember that whatever you put there, and where you put it are there to stay. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie