Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Post # 400

Four hundred is a mighty big number. I never thought I would be around blogland this long. I keep writing for several reasons. I am a wordsmith. I really enjoy both the writing and the blogging. I also have made friends here that mean the world to me. I think this blog might help others in keeping the wonders of marriage alive and fresh. Now that is an interesting way to say what ttwd can do for you and your marriage. 

One of these days, when the rain and cold come, I am going to make myself a big London Fog or have Jack make me a big Cosmo and start at post # 1 reading our journey from the very beginning. 

So we are celebrating this event and ask you to join in too.

Without you, I would not still be blogging. I would have stopped long ago. Thank you for your continued support here. 

Thanks, L. for the perfect photo. When she sent this photo, she said there was real symbolism here. The hearts were Jack and me. The candles were all of you. What do you think? 

Please share a post that really spoke to you.


Sunday, August 27, 2017

PK's Bacon Melts My Heart

Have you read PK's post? Her post is just plain sweet and poignant. At the heart of the post is a simple piece of bacon cooked by Nick. Sadly one piece of bacon! So PK's sweet husband shares the piece of bacon with PK. True love demonstrated because love is in the doing......... always! Nick shared what he had. I found the post heartwarming and spooky.

Yes, spooky because what Nick did was so much like what Jack does. He shares the last of something with me. He puts me first always. He does many little things that just are so thoughtful. I have not put gas in my car since his deployment days. He takes care of me. Sometimes it bugs me......... at dinner he insists I serve myself first. When I say "no, you get to go first tonight, he reaches down and slaps my bottom to get me moving on taking the first portion.

I have called my husband Jack for longer than this blog is old. He has his name long before the name Meredith was chosen. My guy is a "jack of all trades". He can do many things: carpentry, cooking, quieting a crying grandchild, cutting my hair when we were impoverished young marrieds, leading his military people, sheltering me from the wolf at the door, planning big vacations coordinating planes, trains and cars, hotels, and the list goes on. 

Jack and Nick have not met, but I think they would really like one another. They seem to be cut from the same cloth as my Grandmother would say. They take care of the women their love. What better trait is there! 

We still tussle with laundry........ Before our early retirement, that was my domain. Now Laundry Wars continue meaning that he starts the washing at odd times and folds laundry in the quiet of an evening. Who would have thought laundry is a source of agitation here at our house? Grrrrrr! Please do not tell me to just let him do it. I take care of my lingerie and clothes. He mixes it all up and disasters have happened. We bought Muji laundry containers that separate things. It seems to help as I declare my laundry rights. We are actually trying His and Her laundry for awhile. LOL! 

What does your sweet guy do to put you first in his love? 

When men take care of the women they love, it melts my heart even more than the smell of bacon. However, I do love bacon! 

Thanks, PK

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Real Doozy!

When the sun and the moon align and the tides go a little crazy, strange things happen even in our own kitchen. Monday, August 21st was a mind blowing day. 

We were not in the pathway of totality, but in our neck of the woods, we watched the eclipse to the tune of 92% coverage of the sun by the moon. Totally amazing! So is what happened later that evening. Not only was the solar system and the tides wild that day, so was the situation in the kitchen at our house. 

First I want to write about Jack. My Jack is a very calm guy, hard to get worked up, and slow to anger. However, I knew things were askew when things went ttwd-wise so downhill. 

We were in the kitchen making dinner together. We were talking about many things and I was dressed commando in a sundress. I honestly do not know or remember what I was talking about. Without any warning and completely unexpected, Jack gave me a huge swat and bent me over the counter, pulling up that sundress and continuing that spanking. Finally, he let me up and I was sputtering and rubbing, teary and wild eyed. He told me to never talk like that ......... no more sarcasm, no more disrespect. He pulled me close and my arms went around him. I was stunned, a deer in the headlight feeling and I had no idea I was even close to making him so upset. We completed dinner prep in silence. We ate in silence. He then said we would do the washing up together and then we would be talking, and if necessary, going up to our room for more spanking with the paddle. Yikes! 

Once in my sitting spot, facing Jack, I burst into tears. I told him I did not even know what I said. He said my tone, sarcasm and attitude were not acceptable. I could only nod trying to stop crying. He went on to say that he should have marched me upstairs, but decided in the heat of the moment, to just take care of things right there. I was to watch how I spoke to him. Did I understand? 

Truly, the suddenness of this spanking blindsided me like no other spanking ever. Somehow I must have become disrespectful without even being aware of it. We went on to have a great evening and when he tucked me into bed, I again apologized. He told me that he was pleased I have received the message. I took a deep breath as he turned off the light. 

In our four years of ttwd, I have not been spanked like that. This was a first! He got my attention and how. My mild mannered husband joined the sun, the moon and the tides in doing something different and unusual and I am the better for it. 


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ella's Meme........... Finally!

Ella found this photo and it is a good one. Have you tried cleaning naked? Read her post about eye-catching dusting.

I first met Ella when she sent me an email simply saying hello. We began an exchange of emails that to this day, I treasure. When she was ready, I announced her blog debut and now all of you know her as an excellent blogger. Her posts are funny, sincere and honest. Her literary knowledge is awesome. Ella is one of my beach sisters and she will always be a good friend.

So right away, Ella wanted me to write a joint meme. I pushed back saying that too many private details are given out to the world and I felt uncomfortable about sharing so many specific details. She told me she understood. So recently she wrote a meme and said that maybe even Meredith would agree to doing this one. I said yes. So here goes!  


1. Name a tender sound that can almost make you cry.

I love Remember When by Alan Jackson, Hold On My Heart by Phil Collins, and Make Someone Happy by Jimmy Durante. I know all the words to all three songs.


2. What is your favorite color of lipstick? What about nail polish? 

With blue eyes, coral lipstick makes my eyes pop. I adore Essie's shade Mademoiselle nail polish. It is the lightest of pink and I wear it all the time. 


3.  Name a children's nursery rhyme or song that you loved and to which you remember all the words. 

Shine on Harvest Moon is a song my mother taught me when I was small. Jack and I always sing it whenever we see a big, orange moon rising. Loud and proud, we sing away. 


4.  What outfit would you put on in the morning if you wanted to feel happy and well dressed?

I love to wear tights, a short pencil skirt, a dressy jacket and a lacy top. Put me in some low heels and I am ready to set the world on fire. 


5.  If you had enough money to buy just one, what would it be ...... a cottage by the ocean or a cabin in the mountains?

In a heartbeat without any hesitation, we would have that cottage by the sea. No discussion required at all. 


6.  If you are old enough, which one of the Beatles did you have a "thing" for? 

I was madly and deeply in love with Paul. I was just a very young tweenager.  I daydreamed about him constantly. We would marry and I would move to England. Hours of time spent day dreaming about that young man. 


7.  Name a smell that you love. 

A fragrance I love it is the same as Ella's........ Bath by Bobbi Brown!

I love the smell of my Jack, arms around his neck and my nose buried in his shirt. 

The smell of coffee is the best. I love my coffee. 


8.  How often do you defuzz your legs?

I run that razor over my legs almost daily. Interesting question! 


9.  How and why did you choose your blog name? 

No kidding......... naming a blog isn't easy. You might have your heart set on a name only to find it is taken. It is hard to do. The name Meredith is a favorite of mine. It is a strong name. The blog name came about by trial and error and eventually, you hit upon something that works and simply accept it. 


10. What do you eat for breakfast? 

Always plain yogurt with fresh fruit and a little honey is my breakfast. Coffee with milk and ....... a little sugar.....


11.  How many siblings and what is the birth order? 

I am the oldest and the number of siblings is more than one. 


12.  What is your favorite salad dressing? 

I love oil and lemon with lemon zest. Salad dressing has lots of calories. A little goes a long way. 


13.  If you could sit next to anyone on a long plane ride, who would it be?

Aside from Jack, I would love to sit next to President Obama and the longer the ride, the better. I revere that man and what he did governing our country. 


14. Have you ever gone shopping to cheer yourself up?

Duh! Of course, I have! And it works every single time. 


15.  If there is one thing that can make you loose your temper, share.

Rude people can really set me off.


16.  Tell us about the best photo you have ever had taken. 

There is a certain blogger in blogland who is an excellent photographer. Katie and I frequently visit one another. Jack and I needed to go to a special event while she was visiting and she insisted we go. Before we left, she took the best photos of our lives. I will be forever grateful for her camera magic. 


17.  Have you ever been skinny dipping and where did that happen?

Let's just say yes, I have been skinny dipping on three continents location-wise. It is a really fun thing to do when you know you are safe. 


18.  What do I like and not like on my pizza?

Good cheese and Italian sausage are excellent. I love veggies on pizza too. Hold the anchovies.


Readers, choose one of Ella's questions and give us your answer. 

Now that wasn't too bad. I was selective where I needed to be and now I feel Ella nodding with approval. Maybe I am ready to do a joint meme with you, Ella. Thank you for writing such a good meme.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Just What Is A Good Girl?

Now this woman is definitely a golden good girl angel............. 3GA! Look at that list! 

I asked Jack just exactly what is a good girl. Are these the traits he is looking for in calling me his 3GA?

Do you fit this description? What's the criteria for a good girl at your house? 

Thanks, L.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Meet Ms 70% ~~~~ Meredith's Blog Survey

In case you don't recall, I am the blogger who adores math. Ratios, proportions, percents, decimals, fractions all make me very happy. I love going algebra on planes the way people do crossword puzzles. Really! The harder, the more involved the better!

So imagine my surprise when my good ttwd friend asked me how submissive I was percent-wise. She had asked her husband the same question regarding her submissiveness to him. He was quick about answering........ She was on the submissive scale at 80%. I was really impressed. 

I asked Jack where I was on that scale. He smiled and pulled me close, his hand on my backside. He said that I am at 70% on that submissive scale. What??? I told him that I was far better than that. He said submission is something he likes very much, but he also loves me feisty, sassy and sweet. I told him that it was hard to figure out sometimes and he said that is why he holds plenty of meetings........... Meetings? I question. Yes, Meredith, meetings at my side of the bed, my Jack said with that Hoh twinkle in his eye.  

So now I would like to hear from all of you. Ask your Hoh about where you stand on that submissive scale. This should be fun. Ask for the average....... not when things are going south or when things are hitting that 3GA level, but average ......... where are you on the submissive scale? Please take this one question survey and put your answer in a comment.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sent By My Sweet Jack

The only problem with an attitude like that is what happens when things go a little too far. When the naughtiness takes over, we ttwd wives know how things end........ on our end!

So when does sassiness cross the line and become naughty? What are the triggers? Let's hear your story.


Monday, August 14, 2017

You Are In For A Big Blog Treat!

I received an email from someone new. She introduced herself as Madeline Rose. We exchanged emails and then she told me that she had a brand new blog. Hooray! 

Right away, I knew I would like her. She writes well and is really funny. She tells a great story about her ttwd life. She tells things like they really are. I asked if I could introduce her and she said yes. I am also giving her name and blog to Ronnie of Heart and Soul. 

Here is Madeline's blog.

Please visit her blog and add her blog to your reading list. Currently, she has posted twice, so please comment to make her feel welcomed and at home.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Not Us!

Ttwd bloggers are a private lot. We really keep what we do private and share with the outside world only in small doses.................. a happy, loving couple enjoying one another's company. So I collected these photos wondering what I would eventually do with them. I think you just might enjoy them. 

However, this photo is getting mighty close to being us. LOL

Thanks, L.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What If ............................

This post is dedicated to a great reader who encouraged me to write about what if..............

What if there was no internet? Have you ever thought about that?  We would not know one another. Really, I do not know all of you, but a small group of you are very important to me. Without the internet, we would not know one another and this got me thinking about ttwd. 

We would hover near our snail mailboxes and we would sit by our landlines staring to make the phone ring. We subscribed to magazines and newspapers to keep current. Airline tickets were purchased through a travel agent. There would be no Netflix, daily weather forecasts, shopping online, filing with the IRS, banking,  and the list goes on. I especially enjoy online classes, emailing and even Facebook which sucks away lots of time, but keeps you in touch with long lost friends. 

The internet opened the world and I am never going back to life without the world wide web. I read the blogs that reflected my interests: fashion, book reviews, travel, and cooking. 

I was a closet spanko heading straight for meds to stop approaching depression I could feel it coming on. We had just retired and were in Palm Springs. I remember thinking "is this all there is?". I wanted something more and I wanted to look at my husband in a new way.  I wanted to give up leading. I wanted him to lead and had no idea how to do that. 

Googling the word spanking would do it all right. Many of you are here today for doing the very same thing I did. It did not take long to find the blogs. Then I made the big step to do my own blog. I asked my husband to spank. He said yes and we began an incredible ttwd journey that continues today. 

What if.......... I found the blogs and did not read and think about them? 

What if....... I found blogging too exposing?

What if ........ readers did not comment? 

What if ....... I became discouraged and pulled out of blogging?

What if .......... I never encouraged readers to write to me?

What if ............ I didn't give my email address right there on the blog?

What if .......... this reader was not inclined to share. She knew a great deal about our ttwd life. I needed to know something of hers. 

What if ......... we have no more secrets to share? That isn't going to happen.

What if ........... the floodgates hadn't opened and she didn't share?

What if ............ she was not willing to share how ttwd works at her house?

What if ......... she didn't believe me that we were just leaving on a big trip and would write to her upon our return?

What if .......... she didn't wait for me to return? Would she be there waiting for me?

What if ........... we didn't trust one another? 

What if .......... we were not faithful in our communication? 

What if ........... our husbands frowned on our visiting one another?

What if ......... sharing our ttwd experiences just stopped? 

I once met the acquaintance of a young person who told me not to live my life on what ifs. So I never have and never will. Wise advice from a youngster. 

Is there a what if that you have blocked from happening and are happier for it? Share with us, please. 


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Amy's Request...............My Most Viewed Post

Sweet Amy of Eric51Amy49 has made an interesting request of us bloggers. She wants us to feature our most popular post. You may read her top post on her blog right here.

Amy and I invite other bloggers to share their most viewed post. Let's do this. 

Within the workings of blogger, there is a wealth of information: number of post views, maps of the world shaded to show where in the world the readers are, what source was used by readers to find your blog, etc. Lots and lots of information that can keep your heart spinning and grab heaps of your time. 

So I checked which post was the most viewed. The most viewed post has remained in first place for quite awhile. Published in October 2013, it describes the meeting of my bottom and Jack's belt. So long ago now, I really do not remember much about it. So I reread the entry and am thankful that that implement is no longer in Jack's sweater drawer. One leather paddle and one wooden paddle are enough. Jack and my bottom agree. 

Here is that post. I consider that time our "just getting started phase". Since that time, I have become much more protective of the spanking time here. Having made good friends with bloggers and readers give me more privacy to share some of those spankings without involving the world. That post seems so very long ago. Our ttwd has evolved into who we are, not what we do. It is a part of us clearly demonstrated last night as I went over the bed for a fast and furious hand spanking for a whole list of small things that Jack felt needed addressing and addressing right now. I slept well with a mighty stinging bottom, his body and his body close to mine. There was peace in our home. 


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Email From Jack!

This photo was sent to me in an email from Jack. We have not discussed it yet, but for the very first time ever, I actually paused to consider these tattoos. 

I remember Stormy and her Ogre discussing her wanting a tattoo. She was hounding him and finally, he said yes. In fact, he said maybe she should get two while she was at it............ a bullseye target...... one for each cheek! I do not think she ever followed through and she stopped her hounding about tattoos. 

What do you think about these two tattoos? I am not really serious, but these are more in keeping with my style if we were going that route. Let me know what you think?


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Smart Advice From The Other Sweet Reader Who Faithfully Writes

On the very day I posted about the great time Jack and I had at the invitation of a sweet reader and her husband, my only other faithful reader sent me an email that is worthy of sharing with all of you. I asked her if I share her story and she said yes! Ttwd on the river with your husband and all should be well. Right?

This story centers around a sport Jack and I enjoyed when we were much younger. We bought a beautiful green canoe and outfitted it with essentials and hit the slow moving rivers close to home. We then graduated to a 22-foot ski boat with a sleeping cabin. So much fun! Our canoe days were over and our pretty green canoe, much like this one, was sold to friends. 

The reader who sent this true story has written to me since almost the very beginning of this blog. She is very strong, athletic and beautiful. We have not met yet, but we came close earlier this summer when she was visiting my neck of the woods. Sadly we were out of town. She is always smiling, helping others and doing very energetic things like half marathons and such. Her emails are funny laced with humor. Her husband sounds a lot like Jack........ loving, helpful and leading! This is her story about just that ........... leading! If you know anything about being in a canoe, you will soon have a smile on your face. I will share her story letting her point of view shine through. 

Yesterday, we were out on a canoe trip with friends. It was a  six mile trip down the river. At about mile 4, there wasn't anyone around us on the water, and out of nowhere, her husband says, "This canoe situation is a picture of our marriage. I give the direction and power the canoe, and you paddle up front to add to moving us forward. But, if you start trying to direct the canoe, it doesn't work....... because I'm steering from here, and then you're interfering and things don't work out." I said, "Well, I have been steering a little ......" and he said, "This is your instruction to stop doing that." Then he said, "You can control your paddling here in the canoe and stop trying to steer, or I will deliver a paddling once we are home."

She ended her email with "I stopped trying to steer the canoe"

Amen, and I want to add that it provides the perfect opportunity for wife eye rolling that is completely undetected by the Hoh. Enjoy the river journey and let that man steer away. I believe in safety on the water. 

Do you have a similar canoe experience to share?