Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Choosing Is Not Mine ~~ Backfired GG Request!

I had another hard time titling this post. The Fourth of July fireworks came one day early at our house.

Note to self: Do not order up a spanking as if I can choose and influence what happens to my bottom!!!

So a little back story here. We had been away most of May traveling. Then I headed away for a little time with friends. Once home, I became really sick. Those big airplanes are full of germs. Antibiotics, daytime sleeping and just plain not feeling well! Finally, I was feeling better and we were headed to a fun Fourth of July. Then the fireworks began a whole day early!

We were having a quiet evening on a warm summer night. I had finished some baking for the next day's party. Jack was watching the baseball game. We chatted back and forth and for the life of me, I did not to the best of my remembering say or do anything to cause what happened. Or had I? During a commercial,  I said I was heading upstairs and tonight would be a great night for a good girl before sleep. He did raise his eyebrows and I went upstairs.

I could feel his presence way before I saw him. I headed into the bedroom and there was my guy...... sitting on the leather bench holding a piece of leather........... THE PADDLE!

There is something about going to your husband when he is holding the paddle. You know what is going to happen. It is not a mystery. You cannot figure out why though. Things seemed fine and the day was smooth. In your heart, you know that once he is holding that paddle, it will be used and used well. 

 He told me to come to him. I stood against the bed facing him wondering how we got here. He started an extraordinary lecture about many things: our travels, my separate time away and then my being sick. Since when, he wanted to know, does his wife decide when we spank and what kind of spanking will be had? He said he had waited and, for quite a while at that, for things to turn around. He knew that travel, time zones and illness interrupt ttwd/ttwa. Then downstairs, I request a good girl as if he takes orders like a short order cook. No, I say, I wasn't ...... He told me that it was way too late for talking and he would let his paddle do the talking. Over I went and after he bared me and gave the briefest of warmups, he paddled and I squirmed and he paddled more. I kept thinking how in the world did I get here. Finally, it was over and I came up teary, bright red and sore. There was to be no more ordering, voicing preferences about what he should do. Did he not know how to take care of things that needed his attention? He pulled me into his arms and, yes, I did cry then. 

I am not sure this morning what I said last night, but I do know that requesting or ordering a particular kind of spanking is not to my husband's liking. He is the one doing the deciding and I am sitting here on a pillow to prove that point. 

Have you ever ordered a spanking and had the results not to your liking?



  1. Yes I have done the same thing and somewhere along the line, things turn from silliness to seriousness and my backside pays the price. Our men do not like to be told or have it even be suggested as to what or why or how they should do things even if in our minds it is innocent. Hoping today is smoother as you both settle back into your routines.

  2. Nick doesn't mind me asking for a good girl. But I've had teasing back fire on me. Back when Mollie lived here I would tease and intentionally annoy him knowing he couldn't spank with her around. Then she would suddenly take off with friends or to babysit and suddenly he had an empty house and a wife who needed a lesson.

  3. I can recall a time or two when what I wanted and what I got were two very, very different things indeed. It sounds like after a busy time for the two of you the shakedown has come. Back to what we know and love. It's tricky when life gets busy but boy do they know how to pull it all back together again. It works like a charm, doesn't it! My mantra...avoid the paddle!

  4. Meredith,
    This sounds like a perfect storm outside of the usual run of things. I doubt you meant to order a spanking but, somewhere along the line, you unwittingly crossed it. I hope all is smooth again now.
    I don't often ask Harry to spank me and, so far, he has happily obliged!
    Rosie xx

  5. Oh dear Meredith, obviously Jack doesn't like you topping from the bottom, so to speak. Hope you are on the receiving end of a GG next time and not paddled.
    Bear doesn't mind me asking, although he doesn't always follow through.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  6. Hi Meredith, ooh ouch,I'm sorry it didn't turn out as you expected. I don't think there is anything wrong with asking,and I know you weren't trying to take control. As you said though, ultimately its not up to us.


  7. I'm sorry Meredith. So far, I haven't experienced that - fingers crossed. If I'm tempted, hopefully I'll remember the lesson you've learned well. Hope you had a wonderful Fourth. I'm sure your baking turned out perfectly.

  8. My response will not be popular. I am fascinated by this "dynamic," but not a believer. Believer or not, if I had a similar experience with my own husband, he'd be out the door in a New York Minute and wouldn't be back until we did some serious talking and he did some serious self-reflection and apologizing. In my own belief system, I have every right to ask for something I want from my husband, and if he thinks I don't, well .... Everybody's marriage is his/her own business, but...

  9. Hi Meredith, OUCH! Sorry that you had this experience. Perhaps you had been building up more credits than you thought? Ugh! Maybe you should talk this out more.

    I have always been able to ask for spankings. In general, Rob tends to know when the time is right, but not always. If I ask, it is his choice, but he usually complies, if we have the privacy required/circumstances permit.

    Wishing you many gg spankings moving forward! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  10. I don't get in trouble for asking but once the panties are down, he is absolutely in charge. My spanking tonight didn't go the way I would have liked. I called RED and ended everything. I feel like a wimp but I am pretty sure my sit spot is bruised. Hope you feel better. Hugs

  11. never ordered...but requested only to have the request be denied... if that counts :-) Hugs

  12. I don't usually ask for a good girl, but I ask if he wants to 'play'. There are times I try and control things..... he listens if we're having fun..... other times he will say something like 'he is not done'!

  13. I'm confused. Why was her asking for a spanking such a crime that it set him off? Was there a rule that was in place forbidding her asking for a spanking? Even if there was, why can't she? This sort of behaviour from the Dom is disturbing. She isn't a doormat and I think he should have simply denied the request. My 10p worth.

  14. I don't ask for a spanking I know the response
    would be why what have you done? And from there it would be all down hill. GG just happen I do ask to play though. A

  15. Hi Meredith! I found you. ;) Amy

  16. Mere, I am very late to the 4th of July party, but I am so glad to visit this morning. Loved the fireworks simile, for sure.

    Sounds like the balance is back
    With Meredith and Jack!

    I could not help but giggle when I read your tale. I kept picturing explosions of fireworks whistling skyward. Paddles can whistle. I have heard them.

    Hugs From Ella

  17. I am so sorry Mere. Nothing worst then ordering an elite and having a kale salad delivered in its place.
    It may be a good idea to ask of you could check that score card he keeps before making requests. It would definitely help to clear up any confusion.