Monday, July 31, 2017

" A Piece of My Heart "

"You have a piece of my heart."

As we drove to the airport, my dear friend Laurel took my hand and said that we each had a piece of one another's heart. Tears came to her eyes and we realized the power of our friendship. You see, we are both ttwd wives and we had just spent the last ten days together both with our husbands and without these sweet guys. She had taken a chance and took me up on my sincere offer to write me an email so we could get to know one another. Now here we were on our way to the airport basking in a friendship for the ages. Let me back up a little and start at the beginning sharing all about this amazing friendship.

When I began blogging, my goals were few, but firm. I wanted to share with others that this ttwd worked and that to trust in your loving relationship is how to find your way. I wrote about stepping back and leaning into your husband's lead. Not easy to do! I also wanted to do two other things. First, I wanted to meet and enjoy the company of other ttwd bloggers. That has happened and it is wonderful to know these women. These friends are very important to me. Second, because I encourage readers to write to me using the email I provide on this blog, I waited for readers to respond. Meeting other bloggers was easy. Waiting for readers to write was hard. In fact, after two years of waiting, I thought no reader would step up, take a chance and write.  I was a little particular. I wanted this reader to be like me......... loving marriage, strong and determined, educated and eager to share ttwd experiences in a safe way. And then I found her, or rather, she found me. She took a chance and wrote to me and what has developed is a beautiful friendship. 

Last summer, my blog goal was achieved. After the exchange of very frequent emails for almost a year and a half, Laurel and I met. She came my way to visit and I wrote about it here. We had a wonderful visit and then this summer, she and her husband invited Jack and me to come their way for a visit. We have just returned from a wonderful time. The men enjoyed golf and one another's company and Laurel and I did many interesting things. We really only want to have time to talk, talk, talk. We never seem to get our fill. 

The blog is nearing 400 posts and I simply cannot believe it. My blog goals are satisfied: the best of blogger friends and a reader friend who is so special. 

It feels absolutely wonderful right now. 



  1. Hi Meredith. I am so happy to read this. It is so lovely to have made friends out here. I hope you make many more.
    love Jan, xx

  2. This is wonderful Meredith! I am forever grateful to have found you and your little blog. It has forever changed my life in such an amazing way.
    We loved having you both, the visit was far too short. Know that our lives have been immensely enriched thanks to you and Jack.

  3. I'm happy for you, M, what you and Laurel have is very special indeed!

  4. Awww! What a sweet story. Finding a great girlfriend to confide in and spend time with is always fabulous but when you meet a couple who works with you as a couple, incredible. Very happy for you, Jack, Laurel and her husband.

  5. Your post really warmed my heart. I am so happy for you.

  6. Once again, beautifully written. Beautiful to read.

  7. What a lovely post Meredith, so happy you and Laurel have such a special friendship :)


  8. This little community is amazing the way so many friendships have been made. So happy for you Meredith, Jack, Laurel and her sweet guy that you all get on so famously. Its wonderful that you can spend holidays together.
    Hugs Lindy

  9. Your post is quite tender, and the real joy of a close friendship is a thing to be celebrated. Laurel sounds like a wonderful person, and your affection for her shines through like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

    Hugs From Ella

  10. Hi Meredith! :) What a lovely post about a friendship that is special to you, and Laurel, and includes your fellas too! I am truly happy for you! It is wonderful that you have been able to spend time together in that way. Often we make friends here as bloggers, but we do not always get to know readers. It is so neat that she reached out to you, and that you both got to know each other over time.

    Because of you, I have been blessed to have been introduced to Laurel, and know that she is a lovely woman. Some bloggers may know her from the sweet comments that she leaves around blogland, from time to time, as well!

    A beautiful post, about a special friendship! I'm glad that you satisfied the blogging goals that you set out for yourself, as you near 400 posts! I'm happy for you! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  11. Meredith, a wonderful post about your friendship with Laurel. I'm meeting some lovely blogger friends tomorrow.


  12. That is so sweet, Mere. I remember our meeting awhile back. I hope we can do it again and include our sweet husbands.
    Congratulations on post #400!

  13. A lovely post Meredith. I am always pleased when Laurel visits my blog, she has great insight into the ways of ttwd. Glad you had a wonderful visit together and you were able to include your husbands too.
    Rosie xx