Thursday, June 22, 2017

When The Little Things Add Up

And finally it did! This post really has many titles...............

* I Know How And When To Spank My Wife

* The Last Straw........... Eye Rolling

*  What Is Bound To Happen Finally Did

*  Too Many Orders, Too Much Bossiness And We All Know....... 

*  We Need To Get Back In Sync..... Come Here, Meredith

I could list possible titles till the cows come home, but the bottom line is really my bottom! 

Returning home after being away for a long time creates its own climate of discord......... in other words, a spanking was hanging over everything. Boy howdy, our home was electric with tension and about to boil over. I slipped up, shelving my role after a long absence. We were together while away, but Jack will not spank in hotel rooms. Period. 

So upon returning home, old habits returned and quickly. Too many errands, too many tangled messages, too much interrupting, too much not leaning in, too bossy, too many orders, too much sass, too much not paying attention, too many, too many, too many!!! The last straw was my eye rolling...... yep! A big disrespectful deal around here. We both knew where this was headed and heading upstairs is just what we did. 

Jack said it quietly, but I knew his words without really listening. I know how this works. We were not working together. We were at odds with one another and not working in sync. He said that because we were a ttwd couple, because we are ttwd, we needed to get back in sync. As we began this spanking, Jack said that he knew exactly how to get things back on track. He said he would sharpen my listening skills in the best way he knew. He bared me and spanked. He kept talking and spanking. I am still under the spell of big time jet lag and he knew that. He brought me up and put me to bed and the sun had not set. With a hot stinging bottom, sleep came over me and I knew in my heart that we were still not quite there yet. 

Jack has informed me this morning that things will indeed get better as he eyed the drawer with the paddle. I am trying to stay up and not wake up at 4 am. My body clock is in charge and until that situation is corrected, I predict a few more times over the bed with my guy, Jack.



  1. Ah, the eye roll... that will do it everytime!!

  2. This one made me chuckle a little because it's all too familiar to me.
    Jack, like my guy, loves the peace and harmony that ttwd gives us and when things are out of whack he doesn't hesitate putting them back in place. At least you're on your way to the 'peace in the valley' that's become so important to you both. You'll get there!

  3. Oh boy. All those things set the stage for some time with hand to bottom! I get it! I am sure I am intense these days. I need to find peace myself! Hope you both did!

  4. Mere, I'm glad things are slowly getting back to a good balance for you and your guy. The beautiful thing is that Jack desires harmony, and he will make sure you're in tune with him. You will soon be making beautiful music together, in the same key.

  5. Hi Meredith, it's so easy for things to get out of whack after being away and jet lag doesn't help. Glad that you are on the way to restoring peace again.


  6. I think I need to stir things up more so Nick will miss the peace and quiet and restore things. I have no doubt thing will soon be in perfect balance in your home. Of course you'll have to stand to fully enjoy it.

  7. Oh gosh, Meredith. Well, hopefully you are resting up. I know when I'm tired there is no making sense of anything I do or say. Love that Jack knows just what you need to get things back in order.

  8. I get you on all those accounts you listed. Another no no for me is to tell Sir to "shut up" a definite way for me to find myself over his lap. When we are out of our routine it is all too east to let old habits creep back in intentional or not. Jack I am certain will set things strait so you both are happily in sync again.

  9. Oops Meredith! :) Being away so long can certainly make it easy to forget those loving, caring gestures, as well as the things that we've learned that are important, in day to day loving well. Things get a little loosey-goosey when routines are interrupted, and jet lag cannot help with it all. I'm sorry for your bottom, but think it's wonderful that your Jack is working on the "peace in the valley". There is nothing better than being in loving sync with the one that you love! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  10. Mere,
    I have written about this before. It seems to happen like weeds in a garden. The more you ignore them, the worse it gets.

    I loved how several comments above mentioned "balance." Accurate descriptions. Happy that the balance at your house is on the "To Do" list. There is not substitute.

    Hugs From Ella

  11. it sounds like what happens when BIKSS and I need reconnect and find our respective zones again. Glad you're trying to overcome the jet lag. it really is very tiring trying to get one's body clock readjusted.

  12. Meredith, hope your jet lag settles down with you and Jack both back in sync without too many trips OTK or OTB.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  13. Meredith, a reset after a holiday seems almost a given. Add jet lag to the mix and it takes longer to restore peace and harmony. I hope all will be smooth again soon.
    Rosie xx