Saturday, June 17, 2017

Home Again For Awhile

Yes, Jack and Meredith are alive and kicking. We have been away both together and apart and now have been reunited. There was some of this........ the photo above says it all. Then there was some of that as in the photo below. When we are away, all spanking just plain stops. There are always those talks inside airports about who is in charge and talks in fancy far away hotel rooms about what will happen to get us on track once we are back home. Jack gives new meaning to that hoh phrase..... what until I get you home...... he says with a twinkle in his eye, but his hand on my bottom!

In the end, as in my end, it all gets sorted out. Promises are kept. The famous score card is cleared. Even when we are away, Jack remembers what needs doing and he knows how to get it done. 

I must confess here. I had a real meltdown while we are away. Something happened and I honestly do not remember what. We talked about what had happened and I realized the way I often went right over the top of his wishes and wants. I put my own wants first. most of our marriage. In those days, he had given in as he said it was just easier. It was about then that my meltdown started. In my mind, I could see what I had done for years and years and then the tears really flowed. Not showing him respect and honoring his wishes were the way we did things. I just kept crying. We were driving and he pulled into a park-like setting and held me. Now we do things differently, he said. I just nodded and buried my head in his chest. 

Indeed, we really are a different couple now and we really do things differently. It works so well for us. Whenever I remember the olden days, I am forever thankful that we found ttwd and that we are ttwa.......... that thing we are.....

It feels great to be back. 



  1. I loved reading this post. realization can be a very emotional affair. Good for you having strong loving arms to hold u while you cried it out! *hugs*

  2. I love the pictures, they really do say it all. So glad to hear you're in such a good place now after all of your travels. This sounds so positive and upbeat despite your minor meltdown which we all have from time to time. It has me smiling from ear to ear. Welcome home Meredith!

  3. Welcome back Meredith. I hope you had a fabulous time both away with Jack and then your own trip. Look forward to hearing all about it, if you're sharing.
    I love how you and Jack reconnect once you arrive home.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  4. Welcome back Meredith :)


  5. Mere,
    Sometimes it is really hard to look at oneself honestly, but you have done it here. Honesty is something to treasure, even when we are not perfect.

    Welcome Home,

  6. While fun and great to go away, there is truly no place like home. I can relate when we suddenly realize the mistakes we have made and how they affected our spouses and our relationships. Yes, it is great TTWA...

  7. It's hard to see ourselves clearly at times and even harder when we do, but all that matters if you are not happy you make a change and you have gone forward and made a massive change with ttwd. Enjoy your love. Hope you both had a great time.A

  8. Welcome back! Hoping it was a lovely time though I know it's always nice to be home and in familiar territory. You and Jack have something golden now. Maybe give yourself a break from beating up on yourself for the past and look forward with a big smile.

  9. Welcome back you two,,, ; - )


  10. Welcome back, Meredith! :) There is something to that old quote, "There's no place like home"! There is nothing better than sleeping in one's own bed, cuddled up next to the one that we love. Well... perhaps being on our own bed, across the lap of the one that we love, getting a gg comes in first. HA! Enjoy your time back home! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie