Sunday, June 25, 2017

His Hands

We had a small dinner party not long ago and it happened again. I found myself watching a graceful pair of hands........ mesmerized by my husband's hands as he told everyone a story about being in a dangerous foreign land. He never initiates these stories, but rather is asked to tell about his experiences. I listen each time with rapt attention and my eyes are always on his hands. They are large hands, expressive, strong and kind. Like many other nights, I get turned on listening and watching this man. He is storytelling and using his hands to illustrate a point. His wife is literally ready to jump his bones. I get all hot and bothered as he talks. Do you ever do that? Do you ever watch the hands that love you and yes, spank you? 

Those hands held babies, changed diapers and caressed a weary wife. They nurtured a fussing baby and quieted a frightened pet. They are strong, tanned hands that instinctively know how to do many things. These hands carried the suitcases, made the pancakes and did the big yard work.

When Jack came home from being deployed, there were always gatherings of families. I remember one party in particular. I was having a hard time. It had been a dangerous deployment and I was full of questions, relief, heartache and anger. We were not a ttwd couple. That would come many years later. However, I do remember his hands. He held my hand from the moment we got out of the car at the party. He would not let go of my hand. He knew I was fragile and teary at that event. I had not wanted to attend. I wanted to keep Jack all to myself, but he told me he had a responsibility to his people and we would go. Deployments have a way of tugging your heart right out of your body. This one was hard and the homecoming breathtaking. Nonetheless, I was shaken and his hand holding mine made all the difference. Hands, his hands, are two things that keep me feeling loved and protected. 

I do not think our friends are aware of how transfixed I was as I watched Jack tell his stories. For some reason, this sort of thing happens all the time with me. We gather friends and everyone is talking and enjoying themselves and then, it is Jack's turn to talk. I become mesmerized, listening to a story I know well and could easily tell myself. What is with that? 

These are the hands that do the hard things and the loving things. 
they take care of me. Love is in the doing and those hands do a lot. They take care of me in extraordinary ways and then these same hands know how to get me back on track in a hot minute! 

Are you as transfixed with your man's hands as I am with mine? Tell us about it.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

When The Little Things Add Up

And finally it did! This post really has many titles...............

* I Know How And When To Spank My Wife

* The Last Straw........... Eye Rolling

*  What Is Bound To Happen Finally Did

*  Too Many Orders, Too Much Bossiness And We All Know....... 

*  We Need To Get Back In Sync..... Come Here, Meredith

I could list possible titles till the cows come home, but the bottom line is really my bottom! 

Returning home after being away for a long time creates its own climate of discord......... in other words, a spanking was hanging over everything. Boy howdy, our home was electric with tension and about to boil over. I slipped up, shelving my role after a long absence. We were together while away, but Jack will not spank in hotel rooms. Period. 

So upon returning home, old habits returned and quickly. Too many errands, too many tangled messages, too much interrupting, too much not leaning in, too bossy, too many orders, too much sass, too much not paying attention, too many, too many, too many!!! The last straw was my eye rolling...... yep! A big disrespectful deal around here. We both knew where this was headed and heading upstairs is just what we did. 

Jack said it quietly, but I knew his words without really listening. I know how this works. We were not working together. We were at odds with one another and not working in sync. He said that because we were a ttwd couple, because we are ttwd, we needed to get back in sync. As we began this spanking, Jack said that he knew exactly how to get things back on track. He said he would sharpen my listening skills in the best way he knew. He bared me and spanked. He kept talking and spanking. I am still under the spell of big time jet lag and he knew that. He brought me up and put me to bed and the sun had not set. With a hot stinging bottom, sleep came over me and I knew in my heart that we were still not quite there yet. 

Jack has informed me this morning that things will indeed get better as he eyed the drawer with the paddle. I am trying to stay up and not wake up at 4 am. My body clock is in charge and until that situation is corrected, I predict a few more times over the bed with my guy, Jack.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

On Her Way To Better Health

When I began blogging, a reader emailed asking if I wanted help finding photos for my posts. I was blogging fairly regularly and
found finding the exact photos for a particular post very time-consuming. I was picky and this offer really sounded wonderful. Enter my friend L. She began slowly and steadily sending photos each and every day. I kept the ones I found to my liking. I would request photos of a specific nature and, boom, I would have many to choose from. 

We have talked on the phone. She especially enjoyed speaking with Jack. I have honored her birthday with small gifts and we enjoy a small gift exchange at Christmas. Then I received an email telling me there would be no photos for awhile as she would be undergoing lung cancer treatment. 

We exchange brief emails and I still know she is there. While away, I sent some photos of our adventures. Yesterday she emailed that she had about two more weeks of treatment and she was feeling much better. Hooray!

I debated whether to tell the world of what was happening. Those who read this blog know her work......... her photos. She must have some secret places to find just the right ones for me. 

I asked if I could share the news of both her illness and her steady recovery to better health. She said yes. 

So, my friends here at New Twist, I am asking you to send Leah a bit of love, humor, encouragement and good wishes right here in the comment section. A small favor for a wonderful, healing lady.


Monday, June 19, 2017

I Blame Terps Too!........... Sweetly

As those of you who read my blog know, I do not like memes as I think they give away way too much information and details. I started this post and cannot remember who must have been grumbling about how hard a one-word meme would be. Who was that? Nonetheless, I am keeping the title and answering the questions. Here goes and really, I am not upset and I do think think Terps is sweet!

1.  Where is your phone? table

2.  Your hair? straight

3.  Your Dad? deceased

4.  Your other half? here

5.  Your favorite food? pasta

6.  Your dream last night? water

7.  Your favorite drink? Cosmo

8.   Fear? snakes

9.  Favorite shoes? boots

10.  Favorite way to relax? snuggling

11.  Muffins? no

12.  Your mood? sleepy

13.  I love? Jack

14.  Where were you last night? airplane

15.  Something you are not? shy

16.  Wish list item? peace

17.  Where did you grow up? USA

18.  Last thing you did? cook

19.  What are you wearing right now? dress

20.  Something you hate? rudeness

21.  Your pets? deceased

22.  Friends? plenty

23.  Life? sweet

24.  Regrets? none

25. Missing someone? yes

Truly, thank you, Terps. I do appreciate the one word slant even though it is tough. 


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Home Again For Awhile

Yes, Jack and Meredith are alive and kicking. We have been away both together and apart and now have been reunited. There was some of this........ the photo above says it all. Then there was some of that as in the photo below. When we are away, all spanking just plain stops. There are always those talks inside airports about who is in charge and talks in fancy far away hotel rooms about what will happen to get us on track once we are back home. Jack gives new meaning to that hoh phrase..... what until I get you home...... he says with a twinkle in his eye, but his hand on my bottom!

In the end, as in my end, it all gets sorted out. Promises are kept. The famous score card is cleared. Even when we are away, Jack remembers what needs doing and he knows how to get it done. 

I must confess here. I had a real meltdown while we are away. Something happened and I honestly do not remember what. We talked about what had happened and I realized the way I often went right over the top of his wishes and wants. I put my own wants first. most of our marriage. In those days, he had given in as he said it was just easier. It was about then that my meltdown started. In my mind, I could see what I had done for years and years and then the tears really flowed. Not showing him respect and honoring his wishes were the way we did things. I just kept crying. We were driving and he pulled into a park-like setting and held me. Now we do things differently, he said. I just nodded and buried my head in his chest. 

Indeed, we really are a different couple now and we really do things differently. It works so well for us. Whenever I remember the olden days, I am forever thankful that we found ttwd and that we are ttwa.......... that thing we are.....

It feels great to be back. 


Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Fourth Year Anniversary To New Twist

When I began blogging, I had a lot of company. This blog was brand new and Jack and I were truly finding our way. Giving up the lead and stepping back were the first two things required of me and it was very hard to do. Jack wore his hoh mantle easily and we were off. Sometimes it was a sharp learning curve as in spankings galore, and sometimes, it was simply wonderful as we found one another again and rejoiced in our born-again sexuality. Jack used those words lean in helping me to focus on what he was asking. It has been a fast four years and we now call .............ttwd........ ttwa. This is who we are, not what we do. Changing a long marriage challenged us and now we know that it just what we did. 

We are still away, but return home later in the month.

Jack and Meredith