Tuesday, May 2, 2017

So Inspired!

I was restless on the plane as I knew it was going to be a six-hour flight home. Jack would be there, but in the meantime, I was left with my thoughts. My visit was wonderful with my friend, but the visit was unsatisfactory concerning aa particular relative. The frustration seemed to brim right over the top of my emotions. I tried to get interested in a magazine or my collection of book samples on my iPad. Nothing was working and I was literally sinking into a depression with Jack so far away and no friend beside me. My wonderful friend had taken me to the airport and now I was on my own. I did not want to arrive in this depressed way. Nothing was holding my interest and we would be in the air for hours. 

Quite by accident, I remembered the podcast I had downloaded early that morning. After pouring lots of money into audiobooks, I have found the pleasure of podcasts wonderful. I had downloaded a Katie Couric podcast interviewing Sherly Sandberg. The podcast was one hour in length and I listened once for interest and twice for making notes on what was shared. Powerful and inspiring, I even listened a third time soaking in the lessons that Sherly Sandberg shares. 

Sheryl Sandberg lost her young husband two years ago when he died suddenly of a heart attack, She had two young children and was the COO of Facebook. A difficult time followed for Sheryl. She had to find a way to go on. She had children to raise and she needed to guide them in this new future they faced. In her seeking  recovery, she had a good friend who served as her guide. She and her friend discuss recovery by citing the 3 p's as things that prevent recovery. 

One of the things I found important is that these three P's are used to face a difficult situation. Think of this difficult situation as one that cannot be fixed or washed away. You have no say or input in dealing with this situation. The interview now becomes very interesting. The three P's stunt recovery.

     1. Personalization -- the belief that we are at fault or responsible for the situation and you are not either of these things. 

     2.  Pervasiveness -- the belief that an event or situation will affect all areas of your life. In fact, the situation won't.

    3.  Permanence --  the belief that the aftershocks of a situation or event will last forever. In fact, it won't.  

I found these three P's valuable and helpful in what I was handling on that plane flight home. My breathing became even and my mood  began to lighten. I applied those three P's to my situation and felt so much better. I did not cause this situation. This situation was not going to affect all the areas of my life. Finally, this situation will not last forever. 

Jack met my plane and we were off to home. I shared how I had boarded the plane feeling very down and came off the flight feeling much better. 

Monday morning I purchased the book and this afternoon it was delivered. I am looking forward to reading Sheryl's heartbreaking story and the way she is working through her grief to her recovery. 

I recommend just listening to the podcast yourself. I am linking Katie Couric's blog and you can enjoy the podcast here.

Apply what is shared with your own life and see if the three P's are helpful to you. They are very helpful to me. Thank you, Sheryl, for your beautiful book. 



  1. Thank you, Meredith, for sharing a helpful podcast (and book). I could use some inspiration with my own personal struggle. I can't wait to give your suggestion a try.

    Wishing you and Jack a lovely reunion,

  2. Thanks for sharing the podcast information, Mere...so happy it helped so your reunion with Jack was in a better frame of mind. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Meredith.. glad you are home where Jack can help support you. I will listen to the podcast and see if it will help me through a tough time right now.

  4. Hi Meredith, thank you for sharing this. Sorry the trip was unsatisfactory in relation to your relative, but glad this helped you feel much better by the end of the plane trip.


  5. I read the book after seeing an interview with Sheryl...it is well worth the read....she is an inspiration. hugs abby

  6. I too read the book after seeing an interview with Sheryl, you will love it as much as the podcast, I'm sure.

  7. Thank you for sharing the 3 P's theory, Meredith, something to store up for difficult times. Glad you found a way of restoring your equilibrium.
    Rosie xx

  8. Thank you for sharing this info, I will definitely listen to this podcast. It's difficult when we are close to a situation that affects so adversely. Finding a way to put it all into perspective and move forward is life saving. I'm happy this was helpful for you.

  9. I hope you are settling in with Jack and feeling settled. Relationships are so complicated. I find the 3 P's very interesting and I'm hoping to look into it. Best to you.

  10. Sounds like a book we should all read. The perspective is inspiring, and there are so many occasions in life where it would be rock to lean on. Something to help you through a bad time. I will listen this weekend, my friend.

    Glad you are home with your Jack, speaking of rocks to lean on and "Lean In."


  11. Meredith, you are such a CAN DO person! You inspire me always. Thanks for this post. I just bought the book.

  12. Thank you for sharing the 3 Ps Meredith, definitely something to learn from them. Looking forward to listening to the podcast.
    Glad you are back with your Jack and arrived in a lighter mood.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  13. thank-you for sharing the three Ps...seems like helpful information to remember... :-) Hugs

  14. I will check this out for sure. Thanks for the recommendation.