Saturday, April 8, 2017

Very Late With My Answers ~~~ Katie's Up First

We have just returned from sunshine and warm temperatures. Jack says I am the most tan I have ever been. He says my blue eyes pop when I glow from the sun. Always very careful, I use more sunscreen than you can imagine. It has been wonderful. We were in two states. Baseball and golf were the pastimes and meeting famous author Leigh/Sunny Girl and her tall, sweet husband was the highlight. That's us at the spring training game. It was a grand time. Then we moved on to more sunshine and just soaked up the sun. We enjoyed golfing friends in their new home and explored the desert at a desert arboretum.

I did not bring my laptop. Hard to believe........ I know. I did bring my small iPad which holds all my books and my large iPad. We leave tomorrow for home. We are flying this time and I decided to attempt a post even though blogger and iPads do not get along as a rule. At least I can get started. Right?

I was asked great questions and here come the answers in a series of posts. Katie is first up.

Katie wants to know what behaviors ttwd brought out and how have I improved those behaviors? She also wants to know my favorite ttwd memory.

Katie, I did much soul searching when we began ttwd. I cringed when I saw myself being so bossy and controlling. I did not like what I saw. I could hear myself being unkind and disrespectful to the best man in the world and I would see the way it made him feel. I felt awful. We decided that those behaviors would be tackled first. I worked on stopping the commands and disrespect. I certainly had help with that as Jack took to spanking with the greatest of ease. He never gave me more than I could handle, with a little more to help me get the message. Inch by inch, or spank by spank, I learned to step back and follow this highly capable husband. Yes, there are setbacks, but my behavior has really changed. I lean into what he asks and support his decisions after we talk things over. He likes what he sees and his praise is wonderful. I am a more careful listener and I choose to please him as he pleases me. He has peace in that valley of his.

There have been several "doozy" spankings, and some very fun, sexy ones. However, when I hear the words favorite ttwd memory, I think of the ttwd women I have met. I have met both bloggers and readers. I have had both bloggers and readers to my home. I have been to their homes. I have vacationed with both bloggers and readers and treasure every single moment. These women and a few of their husbands are very important to me. The memory of those meetings is to be cherished.



  1. Hi Meredith, glad you have had such good holidays, nice answers
    love Jan, xx

  2. Lovely vacation...lovely post. Can't wait to see you in person again someday.

  3. Meredith, loved reading your answers. What a fun holiday you have had. Wish we could see how tanned you are and how it makes your eyes pop.

    Hugs Lindy xx

  4. meeting friends is a special memory indeed :-)

  5. Happy you've had a lovely holiday, Mere. Thanks for sharing. I agree, meeting all the lovely people in blogland is happy you started ttwd and blogging.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  6. Hi Meredith, glad you had a wonderful time away and that you got to meet Sunny and Ray. I love your answers. The friendships made here are truly amazing :)


  7. I loved meeting your handsome guy too. It was great and can't wait to do it again.

  8. Hi Meredith, :) Thank you for the lovely answers to my questions. I think that the changes that you made are wonderful, and I am guessing that your spanky fella made some too. I am so happy that you are living a life with Jack that you love! Good for you!

    Oh I agree about the benefit of getting to know like-minded people here in the land, as well as developing close friendships! It can't be beat! It is truly special and something that I had not expected when I first started blogging. Amazing!

    So glad that you got to meet up with Sunny and her Ray, as part of your fun travels. Sounds like you four had a great day! Awesome! Thanks for answering my questions! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  9. This is a beautiful answer to a wonderful question Meredith. I love when I read that our quality of life has improved because of ttwd. That validation is so very sweet! Thank you!