Sunday, April 16, 2017

Stateside with Baker And Annabelle

The last two people to ask questions were Baker and Annabelle. Thank you for waiting for so long. 

Baker asked what advice has been helpful from other bloggers or readers. It was Cat who told me long ago that this blog belongs to me and only me. She told me to do things here my way and to not second guess the decisions I made. My blog was my blog. Katie had great influence when she shared her life philosophy of ABK....... always be kind. The blogger who guided me in the early days no longer blogs. So many bloggers that were excellent teachers are gone. I do believe that a blog has a shelf life and perhaps, this blog is nearing the edge of that shelf. 

Baker next asked how has blogging impacted our ttwd. The longer I blog, the more I do not share. I encouraged readers to write "behind the blog" and those are the people I find the most closeness. I find it hard to share the intimate parts of our ttwd on the blog. Our ttwd is alive and well as the blog begins to ebb. Funny, I do intend to post about what happened here the other  night, but the longer I blog, the more sheltered our ttwd becomes. Funny, Jack calls me Meredith every single day. When we are alone, we are Jack and Meredith.

Annabelle asked about the times Jack is "dead wrong". When that happens, he is quick to apologize. Annabella, have you read the post of my three favorite posts titled  The Next Question Answered....... From a Dear Reader. The last post listed in the post tells the story of a situation in which Jack had made a big mistake and although it was difficult, we worked it out together. There were tears. The temptation to distance from him were so strong. He would not allow that. That post is my proudest post of all. 

Meeting other bloggers and readers is very exciting. Annabelle, I was nervous and so excited. These people are real and lovely. Two minutes after meeting each of them, we just begin to talk like there is no tomorrow. Jack has met some of the bloggers, readers, and spouses and has felt very comfortable. These guys do not talk about ttwd! He was very relaxed. We are continuing to enjoy the company of other ttwd couples. I so wish I could host that dinner party for all of us. Wouldn't that be fun!



  1. Enjoyed reading your answers Meredith and can relate to sharing less on the blog over time. I would dearly love to be able to meet other bloggers.


  2. Mere, these were all good questions, and your honesty always shows through in your answers. Loved the word "sheltered" that you chose to describe the way you see ttwd as part of your marriage. They include our most intimate moments with the men we love and to treasure them privately is only natural.

    Also, there comes a time when Meredith and Jack are not simply blog names. They are who you have become. Like a butterfly emerges from a chrysalis, we experience a metamorphosis and it is ttwd that sets us free.


  3. There has always been excellent advice from you as well as other bloggers here in blogland. That paired with the amazing insight that you've repeatedly shared makes this little blog of yours very special.
    What you share is yours to choose but know that all of it has been so helpful to so many, especially those quiet lurkers and readers that are just discovering as we once did. You've made a difference here Meredith and I think you continue to do so.

  4. Thanks Meredith for your responses. I will need to go back thru your posts and find those you are referring to and read up. Glad to know all the bloggers you have met along with spouses have brought great memories and friendships. Jack sounds like a perfect and thoughtful gentleman. More behind the scene.

  5. Meredith, you'd need a banqueting hall to accommodate all your blogging and reader friends! It would be great fun though.
    Rosie xx

  6. Thanks for your response. I appreciate your point of view and experience that you do choose to share.

  7. Lovely answers, Mere...hope you continue blogging as I think you and Jack have a lot to offer the community...thank you for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  8. Great answers Meredith. I hope you continue blogging as I've learnt a lot from reading here.

    Oh I wish we could all be together for a dinner party, if only the world were smaller.

    Hugs Lindy xx

  9. I am always so appreciative of what you do share. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.