Thursday, March 2, 2017


Things are great here at Jack and Meredith's house. I often find myself reflecting on how much we have changed. Things are smooth.  I do a lot more listening and a lot less fuming when things aren't always my way. I have learned and practice leaning in and Jack has continued to treat me like his queen, a sore bottomed queen every once in awhile, but nonetheless, a queen. 

What we find amazing is our intimacy as if we are newlyweds. Jack  has said on several occasions that there is nothing more sexy than spanking his wife. He achieves his peace in his valley and then has his way with me. I feel so loved. We continue to make our way. The good days far out number the rough ones and we love the good ones. The rough ones do teach us to be more respectful. Jack knows how to change my mood in a heartbeat. I love to make him smile remembering to do the small things he has requested of me. 

After almost four years of ttwd, I would change nothing and only look forward to what is coming. Jack likes me feisty and knows how to handle the things that come his way. We laugh a lot and many a spanking is surrounded with laughter and always with love.  Jack loves me freshly spanked. And so do I. It is the communication and the intimacy that are valued most. 

What are the things you value most from ttwd?

Thanks, L


  1. Beautiful sentiments, beautifully expressed, Mere. Do you know what I love to hear you say the most? It is when you tell us how Jack loves you "freshly spanked."

    Every time you share that with us, I think that it is a little microcosm of the feeling of falling in love so long ago. How lucky you are. How lucky Jack is, too.

    Feeling Tender,

  2. Lovely post, Mere. You can have a 'satisfactory' marriage without the depth of communication, caring and openness necessary for ttwd to be successful but you can't have a successful ttwd relationship without that depth. And that is what I truly miss...along with the love and a few other things...;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Hi Meredith, what a lovely post :) I think the greatest benefits of ttwd have been greater communication and a deeper connection and intimacy.


  4. An old high school friend (female, both of us in our 60's) met up a year or so after the passing of our spouses. We just talked at a nice restaurant and she was staying in a nice hotel. Well one thing led to another and in the morning, she smiled and said why did we not get married. I looked at her, so beautiful, even today, she laid
    beside me, I played with her breast and soon was holding her bottom and rubbing it, she enjoyed it.
    Well she left and a week or so later invited me to her home and I could not wait. What happened was beyond anything I dreamed of. She was wearing just a robe and once inside the robe was off and she was kissing me, feeling my erection. I said you need a spanking young lady, she said I know and knew when you were rubbing my bottom in the hotel. So I did and what followed was great. A 60 year old woman over my lap getting a spanking I was so erect, could not get her in bed fast enough. It was the next morning as I stepped out of the shower, she said my turn and boy did I get a sound spanking. We see one another a lot, but we confided in me, she enjoys giving the spankings more, I told her I hope she would feel that way.

  5. Meredith and Jack:

    Beautifully written and illustrated. As I read it, I could almost detect the sweet aroma of romance in the air.


  6. Hi Meredith, :) You told me that you loved that quote about slipping into an intimacy from which they never recovered! Glad to see that here. It is beautiful and just right!

    So glad that things are great at the Jack and Meredith residence! I agree with you on the communication and intimacy aspects.

    For me, it is both of those things, taken a step further. The new-found knowledge of becoming more aware- to really listen and pay attention to each other... learn to do the things that make each other feel loved and cherished every day... even when it is some little thing, or something that is not easy at all. Great question to think about! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  7. I'd say the overall closeness we have now as apposed to pre-TTWD. We're still not perfect at it, but so much better.

  8. Your post and the pictures are lovely. It's always so nice to read about the wonderful times and things that ttwd brings you. I do think you've captured it best in the two words you've chosen, communication and never before.

  9. You both are a great shining star!

  10. Meredith what a lovely post, both the wording and photos. It does feel like we are newly weds again. I really love this lifestyle and love seeing my Bear happy. Its brought us closer together.

    Hugs Lindy xx

  11. Meredith,
    I think you nailed it with communication and intimacy. I am still me, but a better version.
    Rosie xx

  12. As usuall, a bit late and catching up on my reading. I think I value the private and personal way we communicate when others are around whether playful or occasional "watch yourself" statements are made. We have many fun days , some not so fun as when lines are crossed, but most importantly I feel as though Sir has me and us.

  13. My favourite pictures are the first and the last. Both are so sweet!

  14. Love both this and your previous post. Dan says the same - a freshly spanked bottom turns him on. LOL!


  15. Lovely post Meredith. You are both very lucky. Communication and intimacy.


  16. This post makes me realize how much I miss it all and want it back. Beautiful post.