Saturday, March 18, 2017

Breaking My Own Rule....... Second Try

Have you ever wanted to reach into your computer and ring somebody's neck? Blogger did me in yesterday. Poof, my post already posted went who knows where! Over two days, I spent about four hours writing a long meme, Abby's this time. Ella had forgiven my resistance to memes and I was all set. So today I am starting over. Here goes attempt #2.

When I began blogging, I did a few memes and realized how much information, real information, I revealed about the real me. I shied away from all memes. Sweet Ella even asked me to co-author a meme and I declined. So now there are two memes floating around blogland and I am tempted. Ella says she forgives my resistance, but there is a price to pay. We will one day write a joint meme!

Thank you, Abby. This one is yours! 

Before I begin, I had just complained to Jack that few bloggers were posting including yours truly. He made a swift comment in reply: "No blog postings means all the Hohs are doing their jobs. And all the ttwd wives are doing theirs."  I did a little sass back and received some sweet, but firm attention to my backside as we went on to enjoy one another. 

So here is my deal. I will answer all the questions in Abby's meme and, readers, you choose one or two questions to answer back in the comment section. How does that sound? 

As an aside, all comments are now reviewed before posting as many of bloggers have been hacked with unwanted comments. So  I will review your comments before posting them.

Abby's Meme

Who is the oldest? 

That would be me by a little ole' year. It drives me nuts. 

Who was interested first?

Jack kissed me on his front porch and bingo, we were both very interested at the very same time. We fell in love together s mighty long tome ago. We were one another's first love. We were 17 with my birthday right around the corner. 

Same high school?

This is where our story gets dicey, too dicey to share. We met under funny circumstances. Our story has been told and retold and I simply cannot share it here. We are attending the same high school, and Jack was dating a senior and I was dating a very good looking younger guy. When he asked me out, I asked a friend if I should go as he was a year younger. She quickly said that he was asking me out, not asking me to get married. Words come back to haunt you sometimes.

Worst temper?

We are both guilty occasionally. I can flip out and rant, but seldom get far anymore now that we are a ttwd couple. My guy simply puts an end to it....... on my end!

Who is more sensitive? 

That would be me again. Although Jack is very sensitive as well. Recently during the slide/music presentation at a dear friend's memorial service, he cried. I can cry reading a book, watching a movie, talking with a friend, or listening to my husband talk quietly and deeply after a spanking. 

More social?

In our early years, I was much more social. Now it is Jack who keeps our social calendar full and interesting. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I just want to be alone with my husband. 

Wakes up first? 

That would be me again. I make the coffee and he prepares the frothy mixture and serves me a hot cup once brewed. Sweet!!

Bigger family?

Jack has two brothers and no sisters. 
I have two sisters and no brothers. 

Who cooks the most? 

Have you read Julia Childs' biography? She was a wonderful, interesting chef and by her side doing the whisking, cutting and such was Maria. I am Jack's Maria, his sous-chef. 

In our early years, I was the cook, but we always worked together. 

I am the pastry chef. I bake blue ribbon peach and apple pies and apple roses using puff pastry. 

We work together for all our dinner parties. We plan, shop, prepare, cook, serve and clean up as a team. All good until I break one of his  expensive martini glasses! 

He grills and I love it.


Flowers have played a big part in our marriage. We were a military family sometimes separated by deployments both stateside and out of country. When Jack received a promotion in rank, he always sent me a huge bouquet wrapped in cellophane always surprising me at my work place. 

Jack is our gardener. He loves doing all of it and I reap the benefits. He made a cutting garden for me complete with tea roses, peonies, dahlias, sweet peas on a trellis and tulips. 

Cries more?

I do cry more, but not often. I do get teary eyed when Jack is taking care of things involving my bottom, but only after I am in his arms. 

Better singer?

That would be me again. I can sing all the songs from the Sound of Music. No one wants to hear Jack sing. Trust me!

Best driver?

Jack wins this one. He does the driving on our road trips and he wants me to be his agreeable helpmate passenger. I supply the jelly beans and green grapes. He does not want me giving instructions, directions or advice. He has his way to make sure I follow his wishes. 

Hogs the remote?

We often watch TV together cuddled up and the remote is not any concern at all. 

Clothes'shoe hoarder? 

This one is tricky as I do love my clothes and shoes. Jack says I hang on to clothes for sentimental reasons and he is right. I love touching my dress up clothes hanging in the closet on padded hangers. I know he is right about my being too emotional about those clothes. 

More stubborn? 

That would be me again. In the years before ttwd, I could dig my heels in and not budge in my opinion. That does not work for me now. Digging heels and ttwd do not go together. 

Who said I love you first?

Now this is funny! I just asked Jack that question. For the life of me or us for that matter, we simply cannot remember who said it first. Falling in love was immediate and fast and never ending. 

There you have it. A meme is fun as long as not too many secrets are revealed. 

Now it is your turn to choose one or two or more questions. Share your answers and thank you for participating. 

Thanks, L.


  1. Hi Meredith,
    Nice answers without giving too much away.
    Question: who mentioned TTWD or Jack

    1. That would be me again. I answer that question in my blog's early days.

  2. Great answers Meredith. I love that I can answer a couple as well, thank you. I agree that this meme is great in that it gives a little info but doesn't give away the farm. Here goes......
    My guy is two years older than I am and he is Mr. Social. If it weren't for him I very well could be a hermit. 🙂

  3. So much fun to read your answers! Here are my two:

    1. More social? Definitely my husband. I like small get-togethers and getting together with my lady friends. He will chat with everyone and anyone he sees. Literally strangers off the street. He's soooo friendly. I am much more private.

    2. Worse temper? Neither of us really. He gets frustrated with himself more than with anyone else. I don't have much of a temper - I am more of a stewer. Which is SO not good, as I am learning from you and other TTWD ladies. So I'm working on the communication thing ;)

    By the way, I LOVE The Sound of Music and most other musicals!

  4. Thank you for sharing, learning more about my blogland family. Matthew was interested first...I fought him. He was also the early riser...I am not now nor have I ever been a morning person. We were equal in driving except I have a need for speed and he sure didn't. Oh and he was a better driver in bad weather as everyone is safer if I'm not on the roads during bad weather. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  5. Loved reading all your answers Meredith. I have already done this meme which was so much fun. Will answer a few questions for you though. Bear is a cradle snatcher by over 6.5years. He said he loved me first on our second date.
    Will send you an email.

    Hugs Lindy xx

  6. You did it, Mere! Oh, happy day! You were discreet but shared a lot of life and love. I smiled when you told about the flowers that arrived and marked those accomplishments. You must have been so proud.

    Since I just finished this meme, I will tell you that I dream of a really, really big closet to go with all those clothes. I want HGTV to start a show just on closet makeovers and they pick me to be on the very first show. That would be heaven.

    Hugs From Ella

  7. Hi Meredith, I love flowers too, nice. My answers:
    I wake up first, I am a bad sleeper. And he is seven years older than me.
    love Jan, xx

  8. Hi Meredith, enjoyed reading your answers and learning more about you and Jack. Rick is older and the better singer.


  9. A meme from you - imagine that.
    I already answered all the question on a post last week.

  10. Who's the oldest? He is
    Who was interested first? I was
    Same high school? No
    Worst temper? Used to be me, then was him. Now, we are both working on this issue a team!!

    Wonderful meme!
    Thanks so much, M.


  11. There, Meredith, you've been and gone and done it, even though it took two tries! Loved reading your answers, you've seen mine already.
    Rosie xx

  12. You did it Meredith!!! :) Good for you! I think that the nice thing about memes is that it gives people a chance to get to know you a bit better. One can put as little or as much as they wish to share. Loved reading this! :)

    I plan on getting busy and doing this one soon! I will give you a couple here though. Rob is younger than me by ten months. Rob cooks the most these days. When the kids were little, it was me- though Rob did the grilling, and often things like roasting turkeys on holidays. I tend to do more baking these days. Great fun reading your answers here! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  13. Loved learning more about you. So much fun! I believe I already did this the question is have I posted it yet??? :-) So nice to be catching up reading here! Hugs