Saturday, February 11, 2017

"Mr. Friendly" and His Wife

You know that saying............  " ..............  until somebody gets spanked".

I do not remember how this saying goes, but I am here to tell you that it is not always peaceful and smooth here at my house. And that saying can be applied right here. I like to think that after almost four years of ttwd, things are smooth and they usually are. However, I really messed up this week and need to be honest here on this blog. The honesty sheds light on how hard this lifestyle is sometimes. You get caught up in life and old habits come glaring back and roles are not remembered and trouble is right around the corner.......... especially when careful attention is not even being paid in all situations. So here we go, as I do not like to write about these times, but telling the truth here is what we bloggers must do. 

The day was Sunday and we were on our way to meet friends for a quick dinner and then go to a college football game. As we backed out of the garage, we could see an open house at the home for sale across the street. We decided to go take a look. We entered the house and could see that there were many people inside. Jack literally became the assistant realtor. He shared the details about our neighborhood. He was holding court answering people's questions. I joked that I thought he sounded like the realtor. Then I referred to him as "Mr. Friendly". I continued upstairs touring the house, leaving Jack with his listeners. When I came back down, he was still "lecturing" and the group was larger. Again, tapping my imaginary watch, I told everyone that Mr. Friendly needed to be on his way. 

Getting into the car, he told me that he did not appreciate my rudeness, my negative comments, and my sarcasm. He said I was trying to embarrass him and he was not pleased. I countered with a few statements of my own. 

On we went to dinner with friends. The restaurant was casual and the service was fast and courteous. The four of us were headed to the door when Jack said he would be just a minute. He saw him walk toward the kitchen, not the restroom. We waited outside and our friends asked what he was up to. When Jack reappeared, he said that he had sought the manager of the restaurant to compliment the server. I actually said that he must be Mr. Friendly again and everyone laughed. He said he wanted to let management know that their employee had done a great job. The three of us laughed at this because I led the way. Again, Jack glared at me and I shrugged not really getting what I had just done. The three of us were laughing and off we went to the game. 

Once home, things got real dicey real fast. He took my hand and we went upstairs. I said that I wanted to talk first. He said I had already said way too much. He pulled the paddle from the drawer and I was already teary. I apologized for what I had said and for being rude and sarcastic. He stood close, holding that paddle, saying that I have never given what I was saying a single thought. I encouraged others to join in the teasing and he did not like it. Over I went and after a short warm-up, he used the paddle and I had a horrible time just getting through this one. It has been a long time since we have had a spanking like this one. It was tough. He brought me up to his arms and then I cried. I told him I was disappointed in myself and very sorry for forgetting my role. 

We are fine now and eased right back into the roles that work so well for us. After almost four years, letting my role completely slip away was hard to imagine, but that is just what I did. We are playing it forward, loving and working together.



  1. Aww Mere, I'm sorry this happened, old habits do cone back to bite us from time to time. Glad all is back to rights :)


  2. That old saying is "It's all fun and games until..." Awww, Mere...I started cringing when you referred to Jack as "Mr Friendly". So sorry things went a bit south but happy you're back on track.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Oh goodness. What a tough patch this was for you. Things can start out quite innocently enough and very quickly go from bad to worse. Sounds like many a situations I have found myself in and the ending has not been a good one for me either. Sorry Meredith things ended up this way but as you already know, all is right again in your home and peace has been restored and you know Jack loves you very much. I will keep this in mind aa I move forward for a lesson well learned.

  4. Oh Meredith sorry to hear this. It seems to slip our minds at times when others are around to encourage us by joining in , makes us go that one step too far.
    Good to hear there is peace in Jack's valley again.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  5. As a male who did pretty much the samething as you and thinking nothing of it the next morning, I learned otherwise. Stepping out of the shower, my wife with a smile on her face and a tight grip on my arm I soon learned how hard she could spank and how long. Not only the spanking, but facing the wall in the kitchen, naked, wanting to rub, not allowed. She spanked my sore bottom while facing the wall and said get use to it.

  6. Ouch! Teasing becoming embarrassing for Jack, not good. Happy things are resolved, even if it meant a sore bum. I still wish there was a little warning bell that went off when the men start to get heated with our teasing. It would help all of us out.

  7. M,
    However much we would like to be perfect angels, we are human and make mistakes. Your mistake has been corrected and all is smooth again. Isn't ttwd great?!
    Rosie xx

  8. Things just have a way of happening at times, even after four years. Sorry it was a tough one, those kind of reminders do have a way of staying with us though. Happy to hear it is done and over and all is good again. Truly the beauty of ttwd.

  9. hi Meredith, On my pyjamas that hubby bought for me at Christmas say "It is all fun and games until someone gets spanked and then it is love". I reckon these are pretty apt out here. I think I am with Jack on this one, I hate being teased with a passion and you were verging on it there.
    love Jan, xx

  10. I am not sure I really get this.

    There's a reason. And that is because I could be Jack here. I always seem to get caught up in the moment when we are on our way somewhere, and last summer we had a virtually identical incident near our house. (The bungalow round the corner was for sale, and I became busy giving a low down on the neighbourhood.)

    Dan gets impatient and also has a tendency to make certain comments.

    So my question is, should I have spanked him?

    We're you truly sarcastic? I can't imagine that. Maybe Jack was having a bad day and you tweaked his tail?

    Shall I send you my arnica? LOL!

    Many hugs

  11. Mere,,,men don't like to be teased at all at any time for any reason. What if he had done that to you,,,always keep that in mind.


  12. I am sorry...glad you are back in a peaceful place. Hugs

  13. I'm with Jack. I don't like being teased in front of others. Happy all's well now.


  14. Oh, ouch! I'm so sorry but glad everything is well again. And I'm just betting that you have learned this lesson so well that it's completely behind you forever. Love to you both on this Valentine's Eve.

  15. That sounds like a rough day. Thank you for being so vulnerable. It is encouraging as someone just starting out to see that we all slip up... even 4 years down the road... cause I find I get frustrated when I hear myself revert back to how I was before... glad it's all sorted now..

  16. OOps, Meredith! :( I too cringed when I read what you said to Jack, at the neighborhood home viewing! Yep, sadly, it's an S.O. (spankable offense)!

    Here's the thing... in a perfect world, we go on in life and we are the good little submissives that we are supposed to be, 24/7. But guess what, it is not a perfect world. Things happen, and they will continue to do so in a lifetime. Yet we are privy to something very special.

    The thing that is in our favour is that because we have worked toward, and have developed the ability to identify what it really means to be loving to our partners. No matter what happens, we know exactly how to come together to communicate about it in a timely manner. Unfortunately, in times like these, it means OTB or OTK. The beauty of it all is that we hear one another, there is no resentment. Just love. We move forward together, without distance, with a better understanding of how to be more loving. Oh... there is that hot bottom unfortunately... but I especially welcome that during these kinds of times. It is a solid reminder of a deep intimacy achieved, and a special love that will not be put asunder! That is what happened here.

    Great post about ttwd in action! Now be a 3GA, my friend! Many hugs and love,

    <3 Katie

    1. I cringed and shutter that your husband felt it was his place to have an "audience" yet did not like your comments? If he he had minded his own business, you could have been on your way to meet your friends? The remark you made once you were in the restaurant seems as if it was all in humor not to embarrass him. Clearly your husband can not take a joke and prefers to be the certain of attention in his own way. Too bad the paddle is not used on him, he certainly could use a good one. This ttwd lifestyle has gone to his head and sadly you are no longer a team but his whipping horse when he doesn't agree to your actions. Talking it out like two adults as we do in our 28 yr marriage to my partner/best friend/husband. We talk to resolve not beat the crap out of my rear.