Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women Of A Certain Age And Ttwd

We have been away and time away means plenty of loving, playing and thinking. When I began this blog almost four years ago, I never really gave any thought at all to where this ttwd thing was going. I never thought I would still be blogging four years later. Now I am heading to 400 posts and can't believe it. To my surprise, I have had the best of times, meeting and enjoying both readers and other bloggers. 

So while away, I did some thinking about the common traits of ttwd wives. I asked for input from several readers and bloggers. Do we share some common traits? Good friends, blogger and reader alike, helped write this list. I would like you to read it and add anything we might have missed in the comment section. This should be insightful and interesting. 

This post acknowledges that many ttwd wives are younger and have small children in the home. This post is centering on those ttwd wives who are in long marriages and are empty nesters. 

Ttwd wives share many common traits: 

We are educated professional women who have held important positions in the workplace. 

We have been married for many years and love our husbands very much.

We are empty nesters having raised our families. Some of us have kids in college.

We were searching for "something more" in our marriages when we discovered ttwd. 

We believe that ttwd an appropriate way to include the strong desire to be spanked by our husbands. Not child-like at all, the spankings were a gateway to better and more loving intimacy and our valued submission. 

As so well put by a ttwd author, nothing is more sexy than a husband spanking his wife.

We each share a delicious secret with our husbands. 

We are the happiest we have ever been. 

We have known and held quiet our lifelong yearnings about spanking and submission. 

We have tried to manage a lifelong tendency to take control in our marital relationship. 

We have tried to recapture the passion we know was present when our marriages began. We wanted those fireworks again. 

We didn't want to be in control shouldering too many decision-making responsibilities taken right out from our husbands' lead. We wanted to lean in and have our husbands take the lead. 

We found communication and respect have increased and we looked for ways to please one another. 

We were ready to follow and we agreed to submit to our husbands' will. 

We agreed to always say yes never saying no in regard to sex.

We seriously each took a deep breath and approached our husbands about ttwd. 

We said we were ready to give our husbands the respect they deserved. 

We believe that we are never going back to the old ways. Ttwd is here to stay! 

We share a willingness to submit to our husbands' leadership because we trust their love. 

There is peace in our ttwd homes, or as my Jack says, there will be by the end of the day!!

And our husbands said yes.

I would love to hear your opinion here. Are there points I have missed? Do you agree with the points made? Do you disagree?

I thank several readers who contributed. Their insights are essential here.  I rely on their opinions and count on their friendships.



  1. Meredith, this is an excellent account of exactly the way it is. I relate to all of these traits you've mentioned and am grateful that I do because it has enhanced our life so much that it's hard to believe. You've collected a great list of commonalities and I can't think of any others to add at the moment. What I do love about your posts is that they so often get me thinking and this one has definitely done that! Thanks Meredith, it's another good one!

  2. This list has so many of the positive attributes of ttwd. I don't think I have anything to offer, but will read this several times as we continue to work through this whole ttwd to figure out what is right for us. As always.. thanks for sharing the positive side.

  3. I agree with all the benefits of TTWD but different on one point...didn't bring it to either of my relationships...came as part of the package. LOL Beginning to look around to see if I can get lucky again.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. Wonderful post, Meredith! I plan to share this with my hubby. There is one thing I would add to the list that I didn't see there, but was alluded to earlier in your post. Here it is, in my own words:

    We find wonderful new friends whom we would never have had otherwise with whom we can share some of our deepest feelings, joys, and struggles, challenging and encouraging each other to stay the course, to lean in more, to respect more, to love better.

    Thank you for writing this.

  5. I really loved this post, Meredith! :) It is so right on, in all those ways, for those of us who are long time married women! Gosh, I will have to put some thought into this, as you seem to have captured so much of it here. My favourite part is "we are the happiest we have ever been". It is really special to be in that place as a couple, after all these years.

    I guess I would add that we understand that it takes ongoing effort and work to continue to reap the benefits of ttwd as we individually know it. While there are so many positives listed here, we all have days that challenge us, and we have learned about the importance of moving toward the other, and not away- even if it is hard to carry out at times. Does that fit in here?

    Happy almost 400 posts to you! WOW! Quite a mighty fine accomplishment, my friend! Thank you for sharing all that you do. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  6. Mere, this is just a magnificent post! I think you have written the Gospel According to TTWD.

    To know the passion...Lifelong yearnings....A gateway to intimacy....To trust their love...Never going back....Happiest we have ever been.

    I really had to think hard for something to add, but there is one thing that Sam and I say to each other so often. Pretty sure I have heard many of you say it too, so here goes.

    We have never had so much fun together in our whole lives. TTWD makes us laugh like we are children and play together like best friends forever.

    I love that you wrote this for all of us to share. Thanks, my friend.

  7. This is a great list Meredith and captures the essence of ttwd well.


  8. Hi Meredith, I agree with everyone else, summed it all up very nicely.
    love Jan, xx

  9. Great post Meredith. I started out with the premise that being spanked by my husband was a huge turn-on and everything else followed on from there. There's nothing I disagree with, though not everything applies to me.
    Rosie xx

  10. Meredith, an excellent post. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  11. We are still learning about the many benefits but I can sure say it has changed us as a couple for the better. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing so beautifully.

  12. Lovely post, Mere and so truthful. Don't think I have much to add except TTWD seems to give us all an added awareness and respect for each other. Certainly lots of fun. Reinforces the give and take part of marriage.

    You have captured the very essence of it all.

    Many hugs

  13. Wonderful post Meredith, love all the points you're made about TTWD and its benefits.
    Our family can see the benefit with us following TTWD and think we are teenagers again with being so close and lovey dovey together.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  14. This is a wonderful post I am not sure what I could add as you have covered it so well. It brought a huge smile to my face just reflecting on the past few years. Lovely post, Thank you.