Monday, January 16, 2017

Part One: The Car Door

It is not about the door. I know that. It is about showing respect, but heaven help my backside.

This whole thing started out so innocently. We are away right now on a sun break to a favorite place. Sunshine, warm breezes, white sand, good food, and lots of time to talk fill our precious eight days here in paradise.

We were enjoying one another in our bed looking out at the sea. I mentioned to Jack something small and happy and at the end of our discussion, I was promised a huge spanking once we are back home. How in the world did this happen? How did we go from a sweet, loving time in bed to a talk about my backside getting a blistering spanking? And the only reason it was not happening right then and there was that we were in a bungalow surrounded by other happy vacationers.

After all these ttwd years, things are usually very smooth for us. I have learned so much. Respecting my man and learning to follow his lead is really what this ttwd is all about. I have this down most of the time. So what in the world happened while on vacation?

When we were working, we were savers. We believed on living on less than what we earned. We believed in investing and always paying our credit card balance each month....... always. We were careful and generous with our money. We drove modest, safe cars, never fancy, expensive ones. However, when we retired early, we splurged. Two lovely, "fancy" cars live in our garage. The last payment of one of the cars is due next month. Jack's car required some financing at our credit union with very easy terms and now just one more payment is due.

So on the morning in question here in paradise, I was dreaming aloud about how I would be spending that money no longer needed for a car, a beautiful car, paid in full. Jack knew I was joking, but very soon things got serious.

You see, in just mentioning this car, Jack's thoughts turned to matters concerning his wife and that car. I realized what I had done and tried to steer the conversation in a direct direction. Remember, we are still under those sheets and he simply pulled me close, his hand on one bare bottom.

A little background information here........... when I get out of the car, on the passenger side, I close the car door. I do not slam, but firmly close it. My husband does not like the way I do this and says I am closing the door way too hard. We have had countless discussions about the door. I am not kidding here. Talk about it all being about the little things, this is one for the ages. He has lectured. He had instructed. He has taught. He has demonstrated. He has read me the owner's manual. He has required me to close the door more gently. He reminds me as we pull into the garage and then waits until I leave the car listening to the sound of the closing door. Truly, people, I am just closing the door. Neither am I slamming or gently closing, I am just closing it. He is not a happy camper here. He tells me the car is designed for not so harsh a closing and if teaching, instructing, requiring and demanding aren't changing my approach to the car door, he has something else he can use.

If a spanking with the paddle would do the trick and help me remember what he is asking, he is more than willing. Now in the paradise bed, he says that this car door discussion is not about the door, but rather it is about respect. Respecting him and his wishes on something that did cost a lot of money are what this is all about. We are still talking in the big bed and I am grateful for the fact we are not home right now because my guy is most serious. He is not joking about any of this. If a spanking is needed to help me remember how important the whole thing is here, then a spanking will happen. Not now, but once we are home. Then he says, his hand on my bottom, each time I leave that car, I will remember my "blistered fanny" and close the door in the way he wishes.

I do understand here. Ttwd is about submission, my following his lead. It is about the little things and I am having real trouble remembering about that door. Ttwd is about respect and when it comes to that door, I do not seem to have any.  I am not real anxious about the next part of this story and Jack is more than ready to do exactly what it takes.

Because we are away, this post is only Part One here. You might be looking forward to Part Two, but I am not.

Thanks, L.


  1. OMG, I couldn't handle rules about closing the car door. Most of the times, my hands are full and it's a hip closure - no telling how hard that is considering my ample hips. lol

  2. Hi Meredith, :) Whoa! That is a hard one! The thing is, that the actual closing of the door, and how it is done, is subjective. You may practice until your heart's content (or Jack's itchy palms stop itching), and never quite get it right. So- you and Jack need to work out a better solution. You know... and you said it here- we do what we do to please each other/make each other happy. That door pleases your Jack, so you have to ABK in the talking about it all. But my say is that it is a subjective thing, and therefore, difficult to achieve. Maybe you could try to have another lesson, and be a 5GA while you have it. Perhaps the spanking to be is all about attitude, and less about the actual door closing? I'd talk, talk, talk and listen, listen, listen to each other on this one!

    Jack cares about his car, but cares about you more! You are in good hands... and likely sporting a nice tan, while some of us are FREEEEEZING! LOL!

    I hope things work out well for you here. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  3. Of course I'm looking froward to the next part - I get to hear all about a spanking without siting sensitively myself. This would be hard for me. Question, can you do it his way? I mean are you trying and not getting it his way or are you just forgetting to do it. Of course this could be solved by your sweet husband coming around and opening the door for you and closing it then. I mean Tom usually does...

  4. Hi Meredith, I understand it's more about respecting Jack's wishes than the door but I too would struggle with this and agree with the others. It is subjective.


  5. Oh Mere, I would not be looking forward to Part 2 of this story at all. This makes me very happy that DH drives a truck and when we are in my car he is very old school, I wait and he lets me out. Just lean in as you say, because he does love you and he wants your respect.

  6. I have to agree with you that now it is about the little things. The big stuff was worked out long ago. We also find that in our house the issue at times may seem small but they are big in meaning to one of us and therefore must be important to the other. Whether it's a car door or an issue of respect it is meaningful and both need to see it that way. Jack will do what he feels will benefit both of you so that things in and out of the car remain smooth. Go with the flow, keep talking, and watch the door!

  7. I had to read this several times. I actually shared this particular post with hubby to gain his perspective. In discussing it, the light bulb went of in my head that it is the perception of our partner and how we are responding or not responding in some cases. Hubby instantly recognized this as an issue of respect. After my opening 2017 post, I have taken a step back to really LISTEN to what is being said. I heard my hubby speak about respect which then led to a very interesting discussion about our relationship. While I can well imagine how part 2 will turn out for you, I am interested in Jack's perspective and yours especially if you are doing your part to be careful and Jack doesn't see it that way. Anyway.. I am with Katie here as well, hope your both having fun in the sun while some of us are just starting to thaw out.

  8. I understand so well how it's the little things because for me, it's the little things that tend to hurt my (overly sensitive) feelings. Sending all my good vibes in your direction.

  9. Enjoy the sunshine, Meredith! I'm sorry you have Part Two awaiting you at home. I hate when K thinks I'm doing something disrespectful when I don't have an inkling that that is the case. I know how conscientious you are, so I'm sure you will figure out exactly what Jack is requiring on the "little" and "big" things, the "little" one being the proper closing of Jack's car door, and the "big" one being the respect that you show him in your submission. As always, you are such a humble example for us ttwd wives who desire to do better on our own "little" and "big" things.
    Don't forget to bring a little sunshine back home with you!

  10. Oh my...sorry Mere...not really looking forward to part one. :(

    Here's a bit of information for Jack regarding car doors...more pressure is needed to close a car door when the opposite door is still shut and the door sounds louder when someone is still sitting inside when it is shut. Ya know...if you can't come to an agreement, maybe he should just come open your door, assist you out and shut the door for you. Problem solved! Yes, I am a smart a$$ so make sure you let Jack know these are my remarks and suggestion. :P

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  11. Oh dear Meredith. I agree with PK, sit waiting for Jack to be a gentleman to come around open and close your door. My Bear opens my door and I've taught my son to do the same for his wife.
    Not looking forward to part 2. Hope its resolved in a nice way and not a blistered backside.

    Hugs Lindy xx

  12. Hi Meredith, oh om goodness, just get out and live the blinking door open for Jack to close. Men and their toys, frankly, if you are not actually slamming the door I am reckoning Jack needs to get over it, he can spank you for something else instead! Good luck for part two...
    love Jan, xx

  13. Hi,Meredith,
    You are not alone in this endeavor. My sweet man has this thing about how doors are closed as well, but not just car doors. Unlike you it may have more to do with a certain sweet angelic wife who likes to slam them and has actually accidently broken one on our huge van, um, twice. In her defense the big van door is quite heavy and easily caught in the wind, but still, one would think she would have learned after the first time she broke it. Thankfully all pre ttwd. I'm assuming that part 2 is over and we shall receive an update soon. I'm hoping with the others that he just takes it upon himself to open and close the car door for you from now on.


  14. Meredith, I don't know what to think of this one. I get that Jack feels you have a lack of respect for his wishes here but it does seem an odd thing to make such an issue of. If there's a whole section on closing the doors in the owners' manual, is it one of those soft close mechanisms, where you push the door to a certain point, then it closes itself? They can be tricky to get just right - and are very expensive to replace if they go wrong!

    I agree with others who have said the solution would be Jack opening and closing the doors for you. Actually, as he's usually such a gentleman, I'm surprised he doesn't do that already!

    Rosie xx

  15. Jack open and close the door for your wife,,,that is what a lot of men do. : - )