Saturday, January 28, 2017

WCA, TTWD And Your Comments

Thank you for your many comments on my post titled Women of a Certain Age and Ttwd. Your responses were great and as promised, I am now addressing the points that I did not include in my post. 

One point mentioned that I did not include was the dear and important friendships made. Right here in blog land, the friendships  began. Readers reached out to the blogger. Emails were exchanged. Friendships were developed and trust was built. Then came the fun meetings, carefully and tentative. Then came all the good times with restaurant times, visits to homes and even vacations in warm and sunny places. Very slowly and with great thoughtfulness, women reach out to meet women with similar interests. Some of us have even included our husbands. The men like one another and the future looks bright. 

The word respect was mentioned. We, women of a certain age, have a renewed respect for the men we married. They like that attention and wear the mantle of their role well. 

And finally, the fun! After almost four years of ttwd, I think the best part was mentioned in one reader's comment. FUN! We are having fun again. We are laughing and the laughing is in the bedroom. We are playing and being frisky, we, women of a certain age. 

What's not to love! Things are so much better now. 


Friday, January 27, 2017

Words To Live By

This has been an interesting week for me here in blog land.  I have many loose ends to tie up in the way of new posts and will return with a couple of follow-ups. In the meantime, here are some thoughts to consider.  Hope all is going well for all of you.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women Of A Certain Age And Ttwd

We have been away and time away means plenty of loving, playing and thinking. When I began this blog almost four years ago, I never really gave any thought at all to where this ttwd thing was going. I never thought I would still be blogging four years later. Now I am heading to 400 posts and can't believe it. To my surprise, I have had the best of times, meeting and enjoying both readers and other bloggers. 

So while away, I did some thinking about the common traits of ttwd wives. I asked for input from several readers and bloggers. Do we share some common traits? Good friends, blogger and reader alike, helped write this list. I would like you to read it and add anything we might have missed in the comment section. This should be insightful and interesting. 

This post acknowledges that many ttwd wives are younger and have small children in the home. This post is centering on those ttwd wives who are in long marriages and are empty nesters. 

Ttwd wives share many common traits: 

We are educated professional women who have held important positions in the workplace. 

We have been married for many years and love our husbands very much.

We are empty nesters having raised our families. Some of us have kids in college.

We were searching for "something more" in our marriages when we discovered ttwd. 

We believe that ttwd an appropriate way to include the strong desire to be spanked by our husbands. Not child-like at all, the spankings were a gateway to better and more loving intimacy and our valued submission. 

As so well put by a ttwd author, nothing is more sexy than a husband spanking his wife.

We each share a delicious secret with our husbands. 

We are the happiest we have ever been. 

We have known and held quiet our lifelong yearnings about spanking and submission. 

We have tried to manage a lifelong tendency to take control in our marital relationship. 

We have tried to recapture the passion we know was present when our marriages began. We wanted those fireworks again. 

We didn't want to be in control shouldering too many decision-making responsibilities taken right out from our husbands' lead. We wanted to lean in and have our husbands take the lead. 

We found communication and respect have increased and we looked for ways to please one another. 

We were ready to follow and we agreed to submit to our husbands' will. 

We agreed to always say yes never saying no in regard to sex.

We seriously each took a deep breath and approached our husbands about ttwd. 

We said we were ready to give our husbands the respect they deserved. 

We believe that we are never going back to the old ways. Ttwd is here to stay! 

We share a willingness to submit to our husbands' leadership because we trust their love. 

There is peace in our ttwd homes, or as my Jack says, there will be by the end of the day!!

And our husbands said yes.

I would love to hear your opinion here. Are there points I have missed? Do you agree with the points made? Do you disagree?

I thank several readers who contributed. Their insights are essential here.  I rely on their opinions and count on their friendships.


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Us In A Nutshell

No words needed......................... Us in a nutshell! 

Thanks, L

Thursday, January 19, 2017

In This Crazy World

In this crazy world, I can think of no better post for this Friday. I am in complete denial about what will happen concerning the country I love with all my heart. So giraffes are just the right thing as I am looking away. I know a great deal about my country's history and my heart hurts right now. So giraffes it is.

Thank you, Jack, for sending me a little something to smile about in this big crazy world.

On a more serious note, we believe........................... 


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Drawbridge Day!

No one in and no one out! We will have a drawbridge day tomorrow. This week is a hard one and it has nothing to do with a certain car door. By the way, we are still talking about that door so talking is a good thing. 

Do you know this term? Rosie, who writes a wonderful blog, often includes in her emails to me English expressions which I love to collect. Her blog can be found right here.

She and her husband have these drawbridge days closing out others and letting the rest of the world goes by. That is exactly what Jack and I will be doing as we prepare for the week's ending. We will enjoy ourselves as the world just waits on this eve. 

Thanks, Rosie for this wonderful metaphor. It feels safe and loving inside the Malloy castle. 

So raise that bridge and lower that metal gate. It is time. 


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Car Door........... Part One And A Half

I made a big giant jump in telling my car door story. We are home and Jack is still deciding what his next step will be.  There is a part of the story which I do not share and must do so to help you understand here. 

We live in a sweet little "carriage" house so named by our builder. This house has all the things a grand house has, except smaller and less in size. This small house seems just right for empty nesters. Our garage is the envy of the neighborhood as we can get both cars easily in. However, Jack's car is a big one. No problem getting it in, but the right side passengers must exit the car before the car enters the garage. No room for opening doors completely. 

In my mind, you all know that because it seems like you all have been right here. I must exit the car before the car enters the garage. Then Jack drives into the space. It is no big deal. He would gladly help me from the car and then drive it in, but that seems silly. So I hop out. That is where the problem is. Hopping out and closing the door. 

I will keep you all posted. We are still talking which is a good thing. Right? 

Let's not rush Part 2. Thinking is good and Cat, I have shown him your comment. 


Monday, January 16, 2017

Part One: The Car Door

It is not about the door. I know that. It is about showing respect, but heaven help my backside.

This whole thing started out so innocently. We are away right now on a sun break to a favorite place. Sunshine, warm breezes, white sand, good food, and lots of time to talk fill our precious eight days here in paradise.

We were enjoying one another in our bed looking out at the sea. I mentioned to Jack something small and happy and at the end of our discussion, I was promised a huge spanking once we are back home. How in the world did this happen? How did we go from a sweet, loving time in bed to a talk about my backside getting a blistering spanking? And the only reason it was not happening right then and there was that we were in a bungalow surrounded by other happy vacationers.

After all these ttwd years, things are usually very smooth for us. I have learned so much. Respecting my man and learning to follow his lead is really what this ttwd is all about. I have this down most of the time. So what in the world happened while on vacation?

When we were working, we were savers. We believed on living on less than what we earned. We believed in investing and always paying our credit card balance each month....... always. We were careful and generous with our money. We drove modest, safe cars, never fancy, expensive ones. However, when we retired early, we splurged. Two lovely, "fancy" cars live in our garage. The last payment of one of the cars is due next month. Jack's car required some financing at our credit union with very easy terms and now just one more payment is due.

So on the morning in question here in paradise, I was dreaming aloud about how I would be spending that money no longer needed for a car, a beautiful car, paid in full. Jack knew I was joking, but very soon things got serious.

You see, in just mentioning this car, Jack's thoughts turned to matters concerning his wife and that car. I realized what I had done and tried to steer the conversation in a direct direction. Remember, we are still under those sheets and he simply pulled me close, his hand on one bare bottom.

A little background information here........... when I get out of the car, on the passenger side, I close the car door. I do not slam, but firmly close it. My husband does not like the way I do this and says I am closing the door way too hard. We have had countless discussions about the door. I am not kidding here. Talk about it all being about the little things, this is one for the ages. He has lectured. He had instructed. He has taught. He has demonstrated. He has read me the owner's manual. He has required me to close the door more gently. He reminds me as we pull into the garage and then waits until I leave the car listening to the sound of the closing door. Truly, people, I am just closing the door. Neither am I slamming or gently closing, I am just closing it. He is not a happy camper here. He tells me the car is designed for not so harsh a closing and if teaching, instructing, requiring and demanding aren't changing my approach to the car door, he has something else he can use.

If a spanking with the paddle would do the trick and help me remember what he is asking, he is more than willing. Now in the paradise bed, he says that this car door discussion is not about the door, but rather it is about respect. Respecting him and his wishes on something that did cost a lot of money are what this is all about. We are still talking in the big bed and I am grateful for the fact we are not home right now because my guy is most serious. He is not joking about any of this. If a spanking is needed to help me remember how important the whole thing is here, then a spanking will happen. Not now, but once we are home. Then he says, his hand on my bottom, each time I leave that car, I will remember my "blistered fanny" and close the door in the way he wishes.

I do understand here. Ttwd is about submission, my following his lead. It is about the little things and I am having real trouble remembering about that door. Ttwd is about respect and when it comes to that door, I do not seem to have any.  I am not real anxious about the next part of this story and Jack is more than ready to do exactly what it takes.

Because we are away, this post is only Part One here. You might be looking forward to Part Two, but I am not.

Thanks, L.

Monday, January 2, 2017

I Understand Now

My guy loves football, especially college football. The whole world stops for his college team. We go to the games right here in our city and now we go to the away games as best we can. We wear our team's colors on game day. Jack wears the colors on the golf course and just about everywhere else. I am his football partner he claims. I smile and give him a big hug, but I am somewhat fair weather about the games as the season enters the cold weather. I support my guy and his love of the game. I pay attention to the game nuances. I know what the calls mean and the strategies involved. I have attended Jack's football school right here and passed his exam with flying colors. 

We were attending a big bowl game and our team was in that great position of being the underdog to this mighty foe. We had just returned from a gathering of football fans. We had watched an excellent film featuring many top level teams. Cheering, tackling, scoring, military aircraft soaring overhead....... and all of a sudden, I realized how the football fans, the BIG football fans were all nearing the end of a long season that began way back at the end of August. Both pro and college seasons end very soon. Pro season will end with the Super Bowl at the very beginning of Feburary and then nothing, all gone. No more football for months. Good grief, the men of the nation and those women who love them are forlorn. I saw the faces of the men as the lights went on in the little theatre we were in. They looked downright lost knowing that the end was very near.

We are home now. Yes, the pro season is nearing its end as well. We are inching our way to no more football. So sweet L sent me this photo. I wonder where she finds these things. I intend on following the advice featured in the photo. Making every single halftime extra special will make my football guy very happy. Give it a try at your house. Hooray for halftime.

Thank you, L.