Friday, December 29, 2017

The Happiest of New Year's To You

Another year is put to bed come late Sunday night. I wish all of you the best of New Years. Jack and I like facing the hope this new year offers. May this New Year center of bringing us closer together for the good of our country. 


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, dear readers! The season is joyous and magical. 
L. and I wish you the merriest of holidays! 


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

This Meme Is A Good One!

The week before is a very busy time. The situation becomes compounded if, after a full week of sneezing and coughing, you are not any better. I really am better, but my cough lingers on just enough to make me feel awful. Gifts are wrapped and house is decorated; family arrives soon. So I am on orders to rest......... Jack's orders! He is under weather as well. So we have time to get well and that is our focus. 

So a meme that just about every blogger has completed is now mine to do. With the very first meme presented when I began blogging, and with Ella loving them so much, I do these very carefully. I really like this one though because each participant may write their own additional question. Now with few bloggers remaining, my question may be answered in the comment section. 


Of course, I can. 

1.  What is the last thing you put in your mouth? Feed a cold, starve a fever??? One small Christmas cookie! 

2.  Where was your profile picture taken?  In our living room

3.  Worst pain? Migraine headaches of long ago

4.  Favorite place you have traveled? Safari in the middle of Africa

5.  How late did you stay up last night? I was in bed at nine and lights out right away due to illness

6.  If you could, would you move? As long as I have enough winter sun breaks, I will stay here for the golden summers.

7.  Favorite toy as a child? My favorite teddy bear that my daughter took to college

8.  Favorite TV show as a kid?  I loved Sky King and his niece Penny

9.  How do you feel right now? Better except for the coughing once in a while

10. When was the last time you cried? Christmas and tears... the poignant kind....... are often this year. So I cried yesterday. Teary, but happy! 

11.  Who took your profile photo? That would be the great photographer and dear friend Katie T.

12.  Who was the last person you took a photo with? My good friend at a Christmas concert this week

13.  What is your favorite season? I love summer with its cool evening breezes and golden sunsets. 

14.  If you had any career, what would you pick? I would love to be an interior designer.

15.  Do you think relationships are worth it? Of course......... they make life worth living! 

16. If you could talk tp anyone right now, who would it be? I would love a long conversation and a cup of tea with my lovely grandmother. 

17.  Are you a good influence? I sure hope so! 

18.  Does pineapple belong on pizza? It sure does. I agree with Rosie. 

19.  You have a remote. What are you watching right now? The Crown on Netflix............. so very good!

20. Who do you think will play along? That would be Ella. 

Extra Questions:

Sunny - Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? We are most fortunate as we have multiple openings due to different arriving people........ I count four times! However, Jack and I open our gifts to one another together while alone. So sweet!

Abby - What is your favorite Christmas decoration? My beautiful porcelain angels

Katie - Talk with hubby about holiday-related spanky business? Not much talk, as he spanks and few words are needed to help me handle the stress and family

Terps - Do you enjoy listening to holiday music? Yes, but I am very selective..... I have a excellent collection. 

Amy Lynn - Do you have any home remedies to help a girl get over her cough and cold? Lots of rest is important, but my dear friend Laurel suggests rubbing your feet with Vick's and putting on socks. This has been tried here, but my cough still lingers. 

Ronnie - a) colored or white lights and b) your worst present? 
White, tiny lights, please and my worst present ........ I cannot remember! 

Rosie - Fairy or star on the top of tree A star, please! 

Meredith - What is planned for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners? We are having beef tenderloin on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we are not doing the cooking!!

I agree with Rosie. This was a fun meme. Sunny, thanks for bringing it from Facebook to blogland. 

Merry Christmas, readers. Choose a question and answer in the comment section. 


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Our Favorite Christmas Movie

Christmas movies seem to be everywhere. However, Jack and I always turn to our favorite. We own a copy of the movie and a copy of the soundtrack. We love this movie and its main theme that love is all around especially at Christmas. This movie always makes me cry, laugh and yes, cry again! The music stirs my heart. When a dear friend asked me to name my favorite parts of this movie, I couldn't do it. I told her I love it all. It is real and sincere and the music is wonderful. She agreed as she could not choose just one part over another either. Although Hugh Grant dancing at 10 Downing Street sure rocks. 

So as we near Christmas, tell us your favorite Christmas movie?


Thursday, November 30, 2017

It Is All About Communication

Living in a Ttwd marriage is something I treasure. Sometimes it is just not always easy.  Our marriage took a wonderful, loving turn when we both said yes to Ttwd. We work hard keeping our love, marriage and roles true to Ttwd. It takes lots of work and communication. I can see the nodding of heads in agreement. 

We are handling a great deal concerning extended family and the coming holidays. Think countless texts, emails, phone calls, coffee chats and more. We have been somewhat bombarded. We were handling it all, but not really taking care of one another. We worked side by side and finally, things seemed to settle down. Instead of turning toward one another, we found ourselves distancing in a way we have not experienced in a long time. I knew we needed to communicate and Jack knew it too. Still, we did not turn to one another. What's going on? Side by side, we seemed to be ignoring one another. Ugh!

Finally, Jack brought me to my sitting spot and we began talking. He told me he wasn't going to let this situation go much longer. Yes, there were tears, and touching and getting it back together. It was a rough 48 hours or so. We both did not like it. When the talk was over and the tears were dried, we went to our bedroom and enjoyed one another and even managed a wonderful good girl. 

I experienced 48 hours of our old ways and I did not like it one bit. The distancing and not turning toward one another just plain stinks. Ttwd takes lots of work and telling it like it really is needs to be told. Yes, there are sexual fireworks and peace. The work required to get to that point is hard. It is never about the spanking. It is about the communication and the roles we have accepted. 

Your thoughts?


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

No Secret Here


It is no secret that I love Thanksgiving. Food, family, football and friends......... what's not to love! One of the reasons I like Thanksgiving is that this is a holiday without any big expectations. At least there are few besides the food, the football and the gathering of friends and family. 

Let's use the comment section to share. Please answer these two questions:

1) What are you most thankful for?

2)  What are you most thankful for in your ttwd life?

Thank you as well for the wonderful LOL comments. 


Thursday, November 16, 2017

An Extraordinary Epiphany And LOL Days

I am glad you have stopped by today. Please say hello or send me a quick or long email. It is a safe thing to do. If you want to know the truth, all ttwd bloggers at one time were exactly where you find yourself today.......... reading a post, wanting to say hello and worrying about taking the plunge to just say hello. We love our lurkers and want to say thank you for stopping by. 

I have changed and by a lot. On this my fifth LOL Days, I want to share my epiphany moment when I fully realized how much I have changed. Actually, my friend Laurel wrote what she saw in me. 

 I have written many times about being a military spouse of a reserve officer. When Jack was deployed to combat zones and here stateside for two years after September 11th, I kept those home fires burning. I was his equal partner. I handled all things on the homefront as all military spouses do. There were power struggles when homecomings happened. We worked hard to manage that struggle. However truth be told, Jack usually gave in to what I wanted for the sake of peace. We lived on the east coast for a number of years after the initial two-year separation. While living back east, we each had high powered careers which required dedication and long hours.  We began that brother-sister period I have written about before ........  loving one another, but living without the magic and sexual fireworks of our early married years. We were always looking out at the many exciting things we did while living on the east coast. Homecomings always reignited those fireworks, but then things would slip right back into a two-career path. Our energy and focus were not on one another.

Enter ttwd and all that changed. As Laurel wrote, your experiences, your struggles, your story....... it was as if the two of you stood against the world, facing the chaos, and then turned toward one another.  Your resilience, strength, compassion, faith and hope were now right there. Then I gave Jack my submission not needing to keep those home fires burning all on my own. Giving my submission to the one I love was a real epiphany. The epiphany is ......... giving Jack my submission and letting go of the control.........  a true epiphany for me. His lead and his determination to keep me safe while loving me thoroughly became the foundation for our ttwd. My sincere gift of submission changed our marriage like nothing else. To pivot from controlling to leaning in certainly has its rough moments. Spankings do happen, but so do lots of loving and caring times. The longer we do ttwd, we know it is who we are not what we do. 

Thank you, Laurel, for your ability to point out the obvious to me. 

Thank you for stopping by. Please leave a comment or send me an email. Bloggers depend on your feedback. Without the feedback, why post at all?


Monday, November 13, 2017

LOL Is Coming!

It is that time of year again. We bloggers really only ask one thing of all you lurkers. On Friday, November 17th and Saturday, November 18th, we ask you to stop by to say hello. This little post is just to remind you that we are getting ready. 

Ask a question, just say hello or write your heart out....... just please leave a comment when Friday and Saturday roll around. 

Comments are important and it is not scary to leave one. When I began blogging, I wanted friends like me. And now, four years later, I have that very thing. Yes, I have blogger friends. I am now referring to those readers that took a gamble and commented. Many such readers use my email address which is on the blog. Comment or email, Friday or Saturday are your days to venture out of your comfort zone. I'm waiting for you. I look forward to hearing from you.


Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Good Girl Can Dream, Right?

No, that is not me, but I have bathed in a copper tub in the heart of Africa before. I watched elephants bathe as I did the same.  This is not me, but it could have been. Jack sent this to me this afternoon. I am in the middle of big projects and we are having dinner guests tonight. The rain is coming down, the fire is going and the football games play on and on. Then my sweet guy sends this to me and I just smile when I find it. He is thinking of me as I make my way through what needs doing. So I thought some of you just might be in the same spot I am today. Too much to do, gloomy rainy weather and the need to dream about a nice hot bath in the middle of a faraway place. Now it is back to work, but a good girl can dream. Right?


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Saluting Our Veterans

Veteran's Day is the best time to thank those who serve and the spouses who support them in that service. 

We were a military family even before we were married. Then Jack's service continued in interesting ways near and far. Deployments were hard requiring me to keep the home fires burning as he was overseas.  After September 11th, we lived apart for two years until we moved east for six years. He was stateside as his expertise was needed. Although difficult and long in duration, this stateside deployment was much easier than his time in combat zones in foreign places. As often happens with long separations, we began to lead separate lives and celebrated when he was assigned to headquarters. This assignment brought us together. High powered jobs served us both well, but made more for a roommate situation. I  was floundering. I wondered many times if this was all there was. Enter finding the ttwd blogs and the rest can be read about in posts made earlier. Ttwd put back the magic and devotion, love and sexual sparks and we still enjoy all of it for the most part! Sometimes it is sore on one's backside!

Fly our country's flag, say thank you to men and women in uniform and give a prayer of thanks to those who are serving today in faraway places and right there in your neighborhood. 

Being away from families is always difficult. I know personally how rough it can be. I know how hard separation is on a marriage.  We salute the men and women who are serving our country. Acknowledge the strength of a military person's family. Being away from home as the holidays approach is the most painful of all.  

I salute my own very special veteran and those who have served our country. I salute those serving today near and far away.

God bless America. 


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Remembering California State Route 128

The year 2014 sure seems like a long, long time ago. That year we went on a spring California road trip. We have many favorite stops, and this year I was meeting a fellow blogger. We began our favorite parts of our California journey right there in the wine country of Napa and Sonoma. We took California State Route 128 to get into that vineyard landscape. We have a few favorite places to stay and we love a few restaurants right there in the heart of all those growing grapes. We left the interstate where State Route 128 hooked up. This little route is beautiful with its rolling hills. Jack made it memorable in 2014 when he became very focused and determined on that windy drive. He found a safe and private place to park. He got out of the car and ignored my asking why we were stopping. He rounded the car, opened my door and took my hand. Then things got interesting. He put me over the seat of the car and bared me. The open car doors gave us privacy, but we saw no one. He spanked me in the great outdoors on that warm spring day and it was delicious. An outside good girl in the middle of all those vineyards! You can read about it here.

The California fires were horrific. The photos are hard to believe. We have given money over and over again to the Red Cross for the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and the fires of California. We hope with all our hearts that normal returns soon for everyone. We missed our annual visit to those beautiful vineyards. 

We did our road trip much differently taking in Yosemite and deciding not to even approach cities north of the Golden Gate. Back on the interstate, we saw the big sign. State route 128 was among many road closures listed on the big electric reader board. I hope our favorite little road and the surrounding vineyards recover and soon. 

May the vineyards recover and the people of Napa and Sonoma keep the faith and build for the future. We will be back, Route 128! 


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Something To Think About!

My dear friend Laurel send this to me and I asked her if I could share it with all of you.  She said yes and here we are. Think about all the kindnesses you do and the impact those gestures have on those you meet. Spreading kindness has a huge influence on others. Just thought I would share with all of you. 


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Keeping The Love And Intimacy

I am a "high brow" reader along with being a blog reader, but this author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, was never a favorite of mine. However, I do love this quote and have had it in my quote collection for a long time. I kept that collection using pen, paper and an actual notebook until I transferred the whole collection to my laptop files. 

This quote is really important. How do you keep the intimacy alive? I know nine ttwd women and five of the husbands. All have been married a long time. So how is the intimacy kept alive? The women of ttwd who connect with this blog all do the very same thing........... spanking! That little activity results in a rekindling of intimacy that recall the early days of marriage all these years later.

Over four years ago, I was grabbing at straws wondering how in the world we were going to do early retirement when we had lived our last working years more like brother and sister........ loving one another, but where was the intimacy? I did not want the control, but really had no idea how to solve this. A mundane marriage was not what I wanted and neither did Jack. I was headed into depression and I googled "spanking" just like all of you once did. 

I presented ttwd and my husband wasted no time saying yes. If it were possible to look down on your marriage from afar, evaluating the happiness, the intimacy, the love-making as the years continue to add up, what would you see? Jack and I see a completely different marriage, rekindled intimacy and roles that support our strong marriage. We learned new things and new ways of connecting with one another. We tried on those new roles of his leadership and my submission. Sometimes it was not easy. You can go back through this blog and read about it, but now we reap the benefits of how well it works. 

I want to share what I know now over four years in. I crave his dominance. I love leaning in and relish the feeling I am cherished and protected. I do not have the control and am involved in all the big decisions always. Quite simply, he spoils me and I look for ways to spoil him. I love the raised eyebrows, being pulled close so he can whisper in a hoarse voice what he wants, being told a spanking is coming, the playfulness and the laughter. His words can correct the situation in a heartbeat when intimacy and privacy are not ours. This Hoh of mine single-handedly keeps our passion alive and well, with his words, passion and yes, spanking. I love when he tells me how things will be and if understanding is not forthcoming, the next talk is over the bed. The power of his words calm me and his touch, as he pulls me close, soothes my emotions. His quiet leadership and his acceptance of my submission make us stronger. He insists on playing our life forward and my leaning into his leadership. In return, he treats me with love and respect. I can see his quiet dominance, the way he walks taller and the way he smiles at me knowing that he has taken care of things. It is hot and sexy. I can feel our marriage thriving in that very moment. 

All of this is just so intimate. I am thriving, happy and madly in love with this guy I have known since I was 17. I am forever grateful that Jack said yes and even though it is not always easy, ttwd is here to stay. 

Special thanks to my dear friend. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

"Freshly Spanked" Revisited

Blog readers are wonderful. So are bloggers who read blogs, but this post is dedicated to a reader who is like a very good friend. We have not met yet, but we surely will someday. She wrote to me having just returned from a big trip. She wrote that it is a heady experience to be mistress of her own ship. She was at the helm making all the decisions for a time without her husband. She relished all of it. 

Then her email went right to the matter at hand. She told me that she and her husband were a lot alike Jack and me. Returning from trips, getting back on track, usually necessitated a trip all its own over his knee. She wrote that her husband liked her freshly spanked, just the way Jack liked his wife. She told me that a post from 2014 is one that both she and her husband enjoyed. You can find it right here.  She told me that she can just about count on that happening and fast too when they return home either individually or together.  

I do resign myself to that way as well. If we are in a no-spanking zone like staying with friends or hotels or if one of us is away, the time we are back in one another's arms is called the "freshly spanked" period. It does smooth things out and it does get we wives back on track. 

So share your opinion with this "freshly spanked" philosophy.  Is this the way it works around your house?


Saturday, September 30, 2017

M Is For Meredith's Meme

Here's hoping Ella forgives me for participating when she knows my true feelings about memes.

This meme was stolen outright from PK who stole it from Amy and the list goes on. I feel like I am the last to the party, the meme party. 

I often think these memes give too much away. Some of my answers will be guarded and I encourage readers who want to play along to choose a couple of the choices and give us your answers. I always like to encourage my readers to participate. 

Marriages: just one with my high school sweetheart! 

Proposals: just one on Christmas Eve! 

Divorces:  No!There were four weddings in our family the summer we married and we are the only ones still married! 

Surgeries: three

Tatoos: none

Piercings: just my ears....... one hole in each ear lobe. 



Shot a gun: yes and I loved it; own zero guns

Quit a job: I had a "hobby job" working at a bookstore. I enjoyed the job for about half an hour and then worked there for about two years before I said good-bye.  

Been on TV: I was interviewed for about 40 minutes and that interview was spliced, diced and played all week long in short clips. 

Fallen in love: Oh, my, yes! 

Driven cross country: Twice........ west to east and then six years later east to west....... what a beautiful country! 

Hit a deer: Jack was driving and it happened very fast on the very evening that Princess Diana died

Watched a birth: Puppies and kittens

Ridden in an ambulance: No, thank the Lord. 

Sung karaoke: Yes, on a cruise ship, I believe!

Ice skated: Yes, with a little skirt and all! 

Been surfing: No

Seen the ocean: Both the Atlantic and the Pacific!

Ridden a horse: Yes, in Montana! 

Almost died: Not yet

Been punched: No

Punched back: No

Are you in love: YES!

Great meme....... and stealing never felt so good! Readers, choose a couple choices and let us hear your answers.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Who Really Carries The Responsibility?

I have done a lot of thinking about something that should be really obvious. Who carries the responsibility of keeping a ttwd marriage on an even keel? 

I work each day to keep things smooth. I know it is my emotions, those high and lows that cause problems. I know I distance when I feel unheard. I know the distancing can continue when I am upset.  One word answers are a telltale sign. I know I go on and on when I still want to be heard. I know that flipping out causes problems. My submission is great except when it isn't.

When things are smooth, my world is humming right along. I share my perspectives and opinions. We listen to one another and enjoy the conversation.  However, when things are rocky, who was responsible for upsetting the ttwd applecart? 

So being a brave ttwd wife, I asked Jack what he thought about all this......... who is responsible for upsetting the smoothness? Who rocks the ttwd boat? Without the slightest hesitation, he replied that it would be me. We agreed on the things we wanted. He hasn't changed a thing about what he likes, wants and enjoys. The smoothness is up to me. I do the distancing, flipping out, the emotional highs and lows, the lack of submission, the inability to let things go and the list goes on. 

Jack does say that things have so improved and things are usually smooth. He says he is always ready for the bumps and emotional turbulence that comes along. His words work so well to calm his wife and so does some time over the bed if his words are not working. The sexual fireworks we enjoy are wonderful after so long a marriage. That is why he says we will never give this up. He says once a ttwd husband finds out how ttwd works, not one of them would ever give this up. 

So there you have it. You now have Jack's point of view. Interview your husband and tell us what he says. Who carries the responsibility of keeping things smooth in your ttwd marriage? 


Monday, September 25, 2017

Please tell me.................

I know that everyone reading this blog is a busy person. Right? I thank you for reading New Twist and I really sincerely thank those who take the time to comment. So here is what I want to know. Do you come back and read my replies to comments? I know I have just started that.  If you do not, that is fine. If you do come back to read my replies, that is fine too. I just want to know. If you would be so kind as to write a comment sharing which way you do it, I would appreciate it very much. A simple yes or no would do it! 

We are all busy people and I want to use my time well in the same way you do. 


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tolstoy And Me!

This guy is Russian writer Tolstoy. I have never read a Tolstoy book, but I have received the Tolstoy-Like Award!!! 

I love to write. I write a lot of emails, letters and blog posts. When I received an email from Grammarly,  I downloaded this free service which corrects spelling and punctuation errors.  I find it very helpful. Each week I receive a "report card" assessing my writing. This service is like a backup plan checking my writing mechanics as I write. So I found it very funny when Grammarly notified me that I have been awarded the Tolstoy-Like Achievement Award! In citing the award, Grammarly noted that in just seven weeks of active writing, I had written the equivalent of  War and Peace .............  "an outstanding 587,287 words".  Grammarly continued sharing that I was more productive than 96% of Grammarly users. The vocabulary used was better and more advanced than 98% of Grammarly users.  Little does Grammarly know the subject of my writing.  Blog post drafts are ready and waiting. I have been writing posts and answering emails and Grammarly seems to be right over my shoulder watching! Thought you would enjoy hearing about my War and Peace award and no bottom was spanked in the receiving of this award.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Going On and On and On and On and On............

I do not know of very many ttwd wives who have not been right there in that exact same spot I was in.  After more than four years of living a ttwd marriage, you would think I knew better. Right? Some things are just too important to let go. You have been heard and decisions are made, but then you want to make your point again, and again and again. 

I was nagging. I went on and on and on about something Jack was well aware of and had already made his decision. However, I could not and would not let it go. It was too important. I cared too much. Jack told me several times to cool it. I ignored him and continue to harp on my opinion and my point of view again and again. He said enough and had me in my sitting spot in a heartbeat. 

Now things get dicey. Things can go one of two ways when we are right here. If attitude is everything, I blew it big time. Jack had me upstairs in that same heartbeat. He spanked and told me there is no going on and on. So believe me, I was one sore wife after that spanking. Again, these do not happen often. I need to remember that going on and on leads to some very unpleasant soreness. 

So I want to know if going on and on and on is acceptable at your house? I have a feeling it is not. LOL  It certainly is not acceptable here. 

Thanks, L. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

From Jack To His Meredith

Jack sent this to me with a little advice. He said this is what husbands everywhere want.  A little goes a long way in the sassy or naughty department. Right? What is your hoh's motto at your house?

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Funny Thing About Laundry Wars

This post is lovingly dedicated to Ella. She is a great Shakespeare scholar and she loves to quote the Bard and his famous lines and words. 

Do you ever have things really backfire? Have you ever been hoisted up your own petard? Ella will appreciate that question. It is from Shakespeare and refers to getting caught in your own mess!  Laundry wars have backfired big time here and the good news is that it was hilarious. Now if I can just write how it happened.........

Long ago, we both recognized that retirement, early retirement, would create its own mess. We live in a little house. We are neat, tidy people. We have streamlined housekeeping. We work together to do the jobs that need doing. All good! All good until the time Jack took over the laundry without my consent. He began doing my laundry mixing delicate lingerie and using bleach in ways only a man can do. Plus he was doing laundry at night. I found him folding laundry at 10:00 PM. The washer and dryer are at work when we are going to bed. No, not every night, but often enough to create a combat laundry environment.

So I brainstormed. Here was a wonderful guy "helping", but I did not like it. I purchased new laundry hampers. His/hers and Ours.......... three small hampers and we have been humming right along now for about a month. Laundry is done by both of us and this new system seemed to be working. 

Yesterday I did a batch of my laundry which included my bathrobe, lingerie and things that required special attention. Somehow in the hubbub of a busy day, I completely forgot to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer and drying rack. I remembered when I was getting ready for bed. Standing in the closet, nude and reaching for my robe, I remembered the washing that was still in the washer. 

Oh, brother! Now what? I had to go the laundry room and get to work. I did not want Jack to hear me doing the laundry as it was after 10 PM. This was what he always did. I silently slipped out of the bedroom sans clothes and made it to the laundry room right around the corner from the bedroom. I thought I was completely undetected and began the task of moving laundry from washer to dryer and rack ............ silently! I thought I had closed the door and turned around to see Jack standing there laughing and saying, "What have we here, Meredith? Are you doing laundry late at night? Come here to me".  I start laughing and crumbled onto his arms, wishing I had my robe on, but my robe was a wet clump in the dryer. He told me that he had seen me streak from the bedroom to the laundry room as he stood in the kitchen and knew exactly what I was up to. Late night laundry! When things backfire, I get caught in my own petard. 

There were lots of spanks as I hurry back to the bedroom. Lots of laughing, and lots of touching. This new way to do laundry seems to be working well. Being hoisted in my own petard seemed to work out this time. 

Have you ever gotten hoisted in your own petard? Please share.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Confident Sensuality........... Me?????

Earlier this summer, I wrote about visiting a dear ttwd friend. Jack and I had a wonderful time. While visiting, we talked .......... a lot! We talked about many things including our favorite books. She asked if I had read this book, Remarkable Creatures. I said no, but I had read The Girl With The Pearl Earring by the same author. She insisted that I take this book home. She said it was one of her favorite books and she highly recommended it. I tucked it into my carry-on and began reading it while awaiting my flight. 

I have seen the cover of this book many times both in bookstores and book reviews I read. I have been intrigued with the drawing of the two women at the water's edge. What are they talking about? What are they looking for? 

The power of their friendship is strong. These two women form a solid remarkable friendship. The story is told in first person as each of the two women tell the story. Main character Elizabeth introduces readers to new characters by discussing the dominant trait of each character. She tells us that her dominant trait is her eyes always focusing on the unusual. She connects each character with what she sees as their dominant traits. So interesting!

If I were a character in her book, what would she say was my dominant trait? What would she say was yours? Is it your smile, your handshake, your shyness, your thoughtfulness, your kindness? 

I think I lead with my sincerity and generosity....... but really .... my most dominant trait really must be first observed by others. Right? 
You really need to ask someone close to you what they see as your dominant trait. 

Jack was quick to share what he thought was my most dominant trait. He said I lead with my confident sensuality!!!!!!! What?????
I told him that he needed to explain what he meant. Here is what he said. 

Mere, your confidence is a part of you that you display well. Your sensuality has to do with how you present yourself ........... the way you dress, how you put yourself together, your makeup, your confidence and comfort with the body you have, and the way you express yourself in speaking to the world. 

Believe me, all of this was way too hard for me to digest. I was dumbfounded and speechless! When I look in the mirror, I do not see confident sensuality. I see flaws ....... the muffin top, the inability to use eyeliner without making a mess, wearing my exercise clothes too long into the day, and the list goes on. I must clean up well. Jack sees me and he likes the way I am always striving for improvement. I just do not see it. I am my worst critic. 

Now it is your turn. Ask others or decide for yourself what is your dominant trait. Is it your hair or the way you handle yourself in a tense situation? Is it your voice or your self-expression? Is it your generosity or your stubbornness? This is an interesting question to think about. We do not share our photos here on these ttwd blogs, but we can share the traits we have. Think about your dominant traits and share in the comments. We all look forward to reading one another's comments. 


Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Importance of Coffee / This Is Us

After a morning snuggle, this is the way we begin each and every morning. Sharing, talking, enjoying our coffee and listening to music, not the news, is a wonderful way to start the day. You can call it a ritual that serves us well. This summer we often had our morning coffee outside in the garden. 

Jack sent me both of these photos and suggested that my readers might enjoy them as well. How about coffee from the coffee cart that rolls right up to your door? Any takers? Yes, please!


Monday, September 4, 2017

The Tale of Two Brains

By now, you probably have seen this video. It is all over the internet. Every time I watch the video, I laugh just as I did the first time. Watch the video and then please continue reading the rest of the post. This video is so accurate. Do you agree? 

Case in point, we have a very private garden patio.......... two big sun umbrellas for shade, a table and set of chairs at one end of the garden patio and two matching chaises on the other end of the patio. Lush greenery and a flower garden surround us. On the side of the house is our veggie garden of just cultivated pots of cherry tomatoes, and such. By two in the afternoon, it is heaven. Shade and cooling breezes keep us happy. Our music can be heard or the silence can be enjoyed. Birds are everywhere. When I go out to enjoy the garden, I bring a basket full of things to do: journal, ipad, sketch pad, pencil pouch,  phone, current magazines, a few candies, my reading cheater glasses, some sun block and some lip gloss and the rest of essentials. Jack brings absolutely nothing to his chaise. I am busy using all of those things and he is staring off into the blue sky, and watching the quaking aspen trees fluttering in the breeze. He is doing nothing at all. He is using his "nothing box".

So according to the video, a man has a "nothing box". A man uses this box a lot. Does your man have a "nothing box"? Do you agree with the video that men and women have very different brains and use them in very different ways? 


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Oh, My

Look at her clenched fists. Look at his strong, muscular arms holding her tight and still. He is calming her down. He has had enough and she is very aware of what will happen next. I have a feeling that the spanking that follows will be a doozy. What do you think? 

When we have been at this very point, I have a feeling this is what we look like as well. Jack calms me and he sometimes holds me in just this way. I struggle to calm down clenching my fists in just that way. Then I listen. Jack explains his point of view, his decision, his way. I begin to relax knowing he is right. I nod and breathe. I lean in at that point. His arms loosen and he feels my body relax. His hand goes up to the back of my neck and he gently brings me over his knee. The spanking isn't a big one, but one that lets us both know how things work around here. He brings me up and holds me as I rub my red bottom. He has me and we return to each other and the things that need doing. This so works for us. There is no distancing. There is no arguing, no yelling and pulling away. There are peace, love and a sore bottom. I would not want it any other way and neither would he. 

Have you ever been in this kind of an embrace? Do tell.


Friday, September 1, 2017

New Day Here!

I am doing the next round of posts with something I have not done before with any consistency.  I am going to try my best to reply to comments made on each post. I am still emailing to those who write. So let's get started. 


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Post # 400

Four hundred is a mighty big number. I never thought I would be around blogland this long. I keep writing for several reasons. I am a wordsmith. I really enjoy both the writing and the blogging. I also have made friends here that mean the world to me. I think this blog might help others in keeping the wonders of marriage alive and fresh. Now that is an interesting way to say what ttwd can do for you and your marriage. 

One of these days, when the rain and cold come, I am going to make myself a big London Fog or have Jack make me a big Cosmo and start at post # 1 reading our journey from the very beginning. 

So we are celebrating this event and ask you to join in too.

Without you, I would not still be blogging. I would have stopped long ago. Thank you for your continued support here. 

Thanks, L. for the perfect photo. When she sent this photo, she said there was real symbolism here. The hearts were Jack and me. The candles were all of you. What do you think? 

Please share a post that really spoke to you.


Sunday, August 27, 2017

PK's Bacon Melts My Heart

Have you read PK's post? Her post is just plain sweet and poignant. At the heart of the post is a simple piece of bacon cooked by Nick. Sadly one piece of bacon! So PK's sweet husband shares the piece of bacon with PK. True love demonstrated because love is in the doing......... always! Nick shared what he had. I found the post heartwarming and spooky.

Yes, spooky because what Nick did was so much like what Jack does. He shares the last of something with me. He puts me first always. He does many little things that just are so thoughtful. I have not put gas in my car since his deployment days. He takes care of me. Sometimes it bugs me......... at dinner he insists I serve myself first. When I say "no, you get to go first tonight, he reaches down and slaps my bottom to get me moving on taking the first portion.

I have called my husband Jack for longer than this blog is old. He has his name long before the name Meredith was chosen. My guy is a "jack of all trades". He can do many things: carpentry, cooking, quieting a crying grandchild, cutting my hair when we were impoverished young marrieds, leading his military people, sheltering me from the wolf at the door, planning big vacations coordinating planes, trains and cars, hotels, and the list goes on. 

Jack and Nick have not met, but I think they would really like one another. They seem to be cut from the same cloth as my Grandmother would say. They take care of the women their love. What better trait is there! 

We still tussle with laundry........ Before our early retirement, that was my domain. Now Laundry Wars continue meaning that he starts the washing at odd times and folds laundry in the quiet of an evening. Who would have thought laundry is a source of agitation here at our house? Grrrrrr! Please do not tell me to just let him do it. I take care of my lingerie and clothes. He mixes it all up and disasters have happened. We bought Muji laundry containers that separate things. It seems to help as I declare my laundry rights. We are actually trying His and Her laundry for awhile. LOL! 

What does your sweet guy do to put you first in his love? 

When men take care of the women they love, it melts my heart even more than the smell of bacon. However, I do love bacon! 

Thanks, PK

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Real Doozy!

When the sun and the moon align and the tides go a little crazy, strange things happen even in our own kitchen. Monday, August 21st was a mind blowing day. 

We were not in the pathway of totality, but in our neck of the woods, we watched the eclipse to the tune of 92% coverage of the sun by the moon. Totally amazing! So is what happened later that evening. Not only was the solar system and the tides wild that day, so was the situation in the kitchen at our house. 

First I want to write about Jack. My Jack is a very calm guy, hard to get worked up, and slow to anger. However, I knew things were askew when things went ttwd-wise so downhill. 

We were in the kitchen making dinner together. We were talking about many things and I was dressed commando in a sundress. I honestly do not know or remember what I was talking about. Without any warning and completely unexpected, Jack gave me a huge swat and bent me over the counter, pulling up that sundress and continuing that spanking. Finally, he let me up and I was sputtering and rubbing, teary and wild eyed. He told me to never talk like that ......... no more sarcasm, no more disrespect. He pulled me close and my arms went around him. I was stunned, a deer in the headlight feeling and I had no idea I was even close to making him so upset. We completed dinner prep in silence. We ate in silence. He then said we would do the washing up together and then we would be talking, and if necessary, going up to our room for more spanking with the paddle. Yikes! 

Once in my sitting spot, facing Jack, I burst into tears. I told him I did not even know what I said. He said my tone, sarcasm and attitude were not acceptable. I could only nod trying to stop crying. He went on to say that he should have marched me upstairs, but decided in the heat of the moment, to just take care of things right there. I was to watch how I spoke to him. Did I understand? 

Truly, the suddenness of this spanking blindsided me like no other spanking ever. Somehow I must have become disrespectful without even being aware of it. We went on to have a great evening and when he tucked me into bed, I again apologized. He told me that he was pleased I have received the message. I took a deep breath as he turned off the light. 

In our four years of ttwd, I have not been spanked like that. This was a first! He got my attention and how. My mild mannered husband joined the sun, the moon and the tides in doing something different and unusual and I am the better for it. 


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ella's Meme........... Finally!

Ella found this photo and it is a good one. Have you tried cleaning naked? Read her post about eye-catching dusting.

I first met Ella when she sent me an email simply saying hello. We began an exchange of emails that to this day, I treasure. When she was ready, I announced her blog debut and now all of you know her as an excellent blogger. Her posts are funny, sincere and honest. Her literary knowledge is awesome. Ella is one of my beach sisters and she will always be a good friend.

So right away, Ella wanted me to write a joint meme. I pushed back saying that too many private details are given out to the world and I felt uncomfortable about sharing so many specific details. She told me she understood. So recently she wrote a meme and said that maybe even Meredith would agree to doing this one. I said yes. So here goes!  


1. Name a tender sound that can almost make you cry.

I love Remember When by Alan Jackson, Hold On My Heart by Phil Collins, and Make Someone Happy by Jimmy Durante. I know all the words to all three songs.


2. What is your favorite color of lipstick? What about nail polish? 

With blue eyes, coral lipstick makes my eyes pop. I adore Essie's shade Mademoiselle nail polish. It is the lightest of pink and I wear it all the time. 


3.  Name a children's nursery rhyme or song that you loved and to which you remember all the words. 

Shine on Harvest Moon is a song my mother taught me when I was small. Jack and I always sing it whenever we see a big, orange moon rising. Loud and proud, we sing away. 


4.  What outfit would you put on in the morning if you wanted to feel happy and well dressed?

I love to wear tights, a short pencil skirt, a dressy jacket and a lacy top. Put me in some low heels and I am ready to set the world on fire. 


5.  If you had enough money to buy just one, what would it be ...... a cottage by the ocean or a cabin in the mountains?

In a heartbeat without any hesitation, we would have that cottage by the sea. No discussion required at all. 


6.  If you are old enough, which one of the Beatles did you have a "thing" for? 

I was madly and deeply in love with Paul. I was just a very young tweenager.  I daydreamed about him constantly. We would marry and I would move to England. Hours of time spent day dreaming about that young man. 


7.  Name a smell that you love. 

A fragrance I love it is the same as Ella's........ Bath by Bobbi Brown!

I love the smell of my Jack, arms around his neck and my nose buried in his shirt. 

The smell of coffee is the best. I love my coffee. 


8.  How often do you defuzz your legs?

I run that razor over my legs almost daily. Interesting question! 


9.  How and why did you choose your blog name? 

No kidding......... naming a blog isn't easy. You might have your heart set on a name only to find it is taken. It is hard to do. The name Meredith is a favorite of mine. It is a strong name. The blog name came about by trial and error and eventually, you hit upon something that works and simply accept it. 


10. What do you eat for breakfast? 

Always plain yogurt with fresh fruit and a little honey is my breakfast. Coffee with milk and ....... a little sugar.....


11.  How many siblings and what is the birth order? 

I am the oldest and the number of siblings is more than one. 


12.  What is your favorite salad dressing? 

I love oil and lemon with lemon zest. Salad dressing has lots of calories. A little goes a long way. 


13.  If you could sit next to anyone on a long plane ride, who would it be?

Aside from Jack, I would love to sit next to President Obama and the longer the ride, the better. I revere that man and what he did governing our country. 


14. Have you ever gone shopping to cheer yourself up?

Duh! Of course, I have! And it works every single time. 


15.  If there is one thing that can make you loose your temper, share.

Rude people can really set me off.


16.  Tell us about the best photo you have ever had taken. 

There is a certain blogger in blogland who is an excellent photographer. Katie and I frequently visit one another. Jack and I needed to go to a special event while she was visiting and she insisted we go. Before we left, she took the best photos of our lives. I will be forever grateful for her camera magic. 


17.  Have you ever been skinny dipping and where did that happen?

Let's just say yes, I have been skinny dipping on three continents location-wise. It is a really fun thing to do when you know you are safe. 


18.  What do I like and not like on my pizza?

Good cheese and Italian sausage are excellent. I love veggies on pizza too. Hold the anchovies.


Readers, choose one of Ella's questions and give us your answer. 

Now that wasn't too bad. I was selective where I needed to be and now I feel Ella nodding with approval. Maybe I am ready to do a joint meme with you, Ella. Thank you for writing such a good meme.