Wednesday, December 14, 2016

When Problems Seem Bigger Than They Are

Do you ever make problems bigger than they actually are? Over thinking, trying to anticipate all the scenarios? Making things worse by not letting things just play out?  Do you ever give time to pass and then see that things can and do work out?

Jack has said lots of times that if he could buy a big box of patience, the big box would be mine. I jump into all the dilemmas that abound at Christmas time trying to solve problems that really are not even mine to solve. I want to jump right in and fix things. Jack waits to see how things settle. He tells me I get too spun up and if I just waited for things to settle instead of trying to fix things, he would have peace in that valley of his. 

So I told him I was getting ready to spin out of control on a particular matter and out came his infamous line: 

"Let me know when it starts because I know how and when and where to stop it."

When he said that, I just plain stop and try my hardest to lean right in to what he wants from me. I feel his peace and often no bottom is spanked. 

Isn't that the coolest photograph? No whale of a problem here! 



  1. Meredith,
    There's no molehill I can't make into a mountain. Logic just leaves my brain but Harry has an 'app' to restore my sanity.
    Love the photo!
    Rosie xx

  2. I can very easily do this, it's just too easy. I hate to say that at times I often think the worst possible situation is happening when it's not remotely near. It drives my guy crazy and if that dose of cool rationale doesn't work then something else always does! Good for you for leaning in, it makes the world of difference. 😊

  3. Hi Meredith! :) Good for you for leaning in to your Jack, and keeping the valley nice and smooth! Excellent!

    I'm a worrier by nature, and this is the kind of thing that will get me into trouble... Rob sure does know how to put a stop to my spinning during those times. I love it, and can't stand it all at the same time!

    One thing that I've learned is that, in these kinds of times, if I am very worried about something, I need to seek Rob out and share it with him. 90% of the time, he will help me to see things logically, and it does take a load off. The thing is, I often forget to go to him early enough, and end up OTK! So... WIP!

    Neat whale photo! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  4. Mere,,,sweet,,,merry christmas.


  5. I like to think I take things in stride but according to my dearly beloved, it's only in my head.

  6. Yes. I do it often. My hubby hasn't figured out how to slow it down though.

  7. Love the picture, Mere! Happy you remembered to lean in and hope you continue to do so. I don't usually worry about things that haven't happened but I do have a tendency to dwell on things that have already happened...Matthew used to take care of that! LOL

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  8. Hi Meredith, love the pic and yes! I am the absolute queen of over thinking and creating problems that may not, and often don't eventuate. Gotta love Jack's solution :)


  9. Hi Meredith, don't tell me ttwd is finally working and you leaned in before the spanking, lol. It must be Christmas!
    love Jan, xx

  10. Hi Meredith, cool whale picture. Glad you leaned in without getting a spanking. I'm a worrier and often get myself into big trouble.

    Hugs Lindy xx

  11. Good line, Jack. That reminds me of the other one you're infamous for: "Lean in, or lean over." Good choice, Meredith. Way to go!

  12. LOL Meredith. This is so very me and is also exactly what lands me into hot water. Loved Jacks resonate back as well. Sounds like something my big guy would say...

  13. LOL Meredith. This is so very me and is also exactly what lands me into hot water. Loved Jacks response back as well. Sounds like something my big guy would say...

  14. yep...I am a worrier...I get all anxious about changes, conflicts, etc. and then I find calm and am fine...just need get get to that space faster sometimes... :-) Catching up reading...feels nice Hugs