Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sharing My Secret

I am at the age when sleep, while not overrated, is often hard to come by. I do get sleepy especially when it gets dark at 4:30pm. I am not fond of winter and even purchased a "happy" light to get me through these wintery days. We do have a few sun breaks planned, but the weather here can be bleak and dreary. Funny, today the weather is crystal clear, cold and brilliant with sunshine.

Beginning last Sunday evening, we are doing something most effective at bedtime and I thought I would pass my findings along to you, my ttwd readers. These are busy, hectic times and although I get sleepy, my mind is aflame with many different things: lists, things to do, how things are going. I simply cannot turn off my brain and settle down to sleep. Jack tries sleeping next to this twirling mess of tossing and turning and becomes irritated with me.  I have tried numerous sleep aids, over-the-counter- variety and sometimes they work and sometimes, I just get wired from taking them. Ugh! So I toss and turn and keep my husband awake. No position works; I use a white noise app which does the trick sometimes, but when I am still awake as it clicks off, I go right back to tossing and turning. I have my phone on do-not-disturb and all is set to rights. 

I do all the right things. I go to bed at the same time or close to it every night. I prepare for bed getting all the things done that are required of my body before I settle down. I do some reading from a non-device like a magazine or a book, an actual book! The room is softly lighted and the white noise is playing lapping waves. No TV in our bedroom. Jack usually stays up later than I do and he always comes to tuck me in. He loves me and caresses me and then it is time for lights out. However, many times when the lights go out, my mind is kicking into high gear and no amount of drug, meditation, white noise or what have you is going to settle things down. 

Enter my secret which I happily pass right along to you. Jack came into the bedroom Sunday night ready for bed. Some nights we do go to bed together! He was tired and he wanted his valley peaceful. There would be no tossing or turning tonight. He pulled me out of bed and put me over the bed, bared my bottom and gave me a giant, long good girl spanking. Then he helped put things back into place and tucked me into bed. He climbed into the other side, kissed me, pulled me close and said good night. I stayed only a minute as his body is a huge furnace, too warm to stay in a cuddly position. I moved away and then, wow, like magic, I fell asleep and felt like I had slept with the angels in the morning. The sweetest of sleeps!  In the morning, in his arms, he asked how I slept. I told him my sleeping with the angels story and he just nodded and gave me a cheesy smile.

We have continued that nocturnal pattern for four nights now and I have a feeling that it will continue. It works or at least, it works right now. No sleeping aids, no tossing and turning. Just one bright red stinging bottom on cool, clean sheets and I am out for the count.

All my ttwd friends, give this a try. It works and nothing is sweeter than a good girl spanking to send you off to dreamland next to your peace loving man. Let me know if this ever works for you. It is my special secret for sure. 

Thanks, L.


  1. Hi, M,
    I'm giggling. That sounds quite heavenly indeed. I do hope you are able to continue this new routine. Especially if you are able to get the rest you need.


  2. LoL Meredith, I too struggle with both getting to sleep and staying asleep, love this! Glad you found a cure, and such a delicious one at that :)


  3. I love your secret "spanky sleeping aide" Meredith! :) So glad that you both have had great results so far. Nothing like some nice, loving spanky business to go with being tucked in at night! I hope that it continues to help moving forward. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  4. Oh yes, this works wonderfully! Unfortunately with older kids in the house, who are still wide awake at night when we go to bed it's hard to have the privacy for such things. *sigh*

  5. I can just see the infomercial now...:-)
    Very low-cost!!
    Seriously sounds like something to try, sleepless or not.
    Best wishes on this continuing to work, M. Always love L's pictures.

  6. Brilliant, Mere. I like your secret.

    "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream -
    Ah, There is Jack's Solution"

    Wishing you sweet dreams,

  7. I absolutely agree with you...'nothing is sweeter than a good girl spanking' and I will definitely pass this on to my HOH and suggest a little experimentation from this end. Thank you for sharing your secret. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the same results! GREAT thinking on Jacks part!!

  8. LOL Mere...I can remember sleeping well after a bum warming. Hope it continues to work for you. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  9. Meredith I agree a GG spanking just before going to sleep works wonders. Best sleep ever.
    Hope it continues for you. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

    Hugs Lindy xx

  10. Hi Meredith, Oh I like the sound of this, I am a terrible sleeper.
    love Jan, xx

  11. I will join many of you in the "terrible sleeper" club. Thinking this may be an interesting sleep aide...:)

  12. No troubles sleeping for this gal but loved your story. And yes... always loving long GG spankings at bedtime guarantees me the most delicious restful sleep of all!!!

  13. sounds like a perfect way to go to sleep :-)